10 Best Cigarette Rolling Papers You Should Be Rolling in 2021

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If you’re an avid smoker, you must be aware of the importance of high-quality rolling papers. They add so much to the smoking experience. Rolling cigarettes or cigars in quality rolling paper can make your high really long-lasting. Also, it helps users enjoy the richness of flavors and scents.

With so many options currently available on the market, it could be arduous for you to choose the right rolling paper brand for your everyday use. To make this task easier for you, we have created this listicle containing short reviews of the 10-best cigarette rolling papers you should be rolling in 2021:

1. OCB Premium King Size Slim Rolling Paper

OCB Premium King Size Slim Rolling Papers are flexible and thick. They are spacious enough to handle large filling. You can use these papers to roll both herbs and tobacco. What makes this product stand out is its ability to contain its shape.

Also, they do not produce toxic fumes or unpleasant odor. Rolling these papers is a breeze too. This product is easy to use and does not tear, just like other commercial alternatives available on the market.

2. Job Cigarette Rolling Papers

Job Cigarette Rolling Papers have been around since the mid-1800s. This product was
introduced by a French craftsman who wanted to make a booklet of cigarette papers.

There is a wide selection of Job rolling papers available for passionate smokers.
This product is specifically useful for beginners. The paper quality is excellent, and they do not release any toxic fumes and odors.

3. Juicy Jay’s Cigarette Papers

Juicy Jays is another popular rolling paper brand famous for its eccentric flavors and a wide
selection of paper choices. They are easy to use and boast superlative quality. This product is highly resistant to odor and sealed to preserve the taste and aroma.

4. Bob Marley Cigarette Rolling Papers

Bob Marley booklets are known for their decent packaging and affordable pricing. These papers are crafted from natural hemp, making them a good option for health-conscious users.
There are no harmful additives. These papers use organic acacia gum for sealing. Bob Marley papers are easy to roll, burn consistently, and provide maximum smoking satisfaction.

5. RAW Unrefined Classic Cigarette Rolling Papers

When it comes to rolling papers, the RAW brand doesn’t need any formal introduction. Easy to roll and smoke, these papers boast premium-quality paper that does not tear or affect the taste or scent.
Also, this product is safe and easy to use. There are no artificial additives, making them a
perfect choice for careful smokers.

6. Elements 11/4 Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Papers

If you’re looking for rolling papers that burn slowly, contain their shape, and do not release toxic fumes, then you should aim for Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers.
There are no additives, and this product uses natural sugar gum as a sealing agent. The
packaging comes with a magnetic closure that ensures the rolling papers inside stay in their best shape.

7. Natural Mystic Organic Pre-rolled Cones

Natural Mystic might not be as popular as other famous brands, but the hemp-crafted papers the Texas-based company produces are of excellent quality.
The good thing about Natural Mystic products is that they are vegan and GMO-free. So if you’re concerned about your health, you can count on Natural Mystic rolling papers for your everyday use.

8. Smoking Master 11/4

Smoking Master is an Elite rolling paper brand producing high-quality rolling papers since the late 1800s. Smoking Master products are known for their environmental and social benefits.

These papers come with 100% natural vegetable gum that ensures perfect sealing and
maximum taste and aroma.

9. Zig-Zag Unbleached King Slim

The legendary Zig-Zag brand is known worldwide for its unbleached slim rolling papers. These papers are made up of natural flax fiber that doesn’t release toxic fumes and unpleasant odor.
These chemical-free rolling papers are the smoker’s dream come true. These papers are easy to roll and can be used to fill tobacco and herbs. The paper quality is thin but strong enough to keep content without tear or damage.

10. King Palm Pre-rolled Cones

King Palm pre-rolled cones are crafted from Cordia palm leaves that guarantees slow-burning and maximum flavor and aroma.

The cones do not contain tobacco. Also, they’re chemical-free and organic. The rolls already come rolled, making it a breeze for beginner smokers to fill their favorite filling and enjoy.

Over to You…

There you have it – 10 Best Cigarette Rolling Papers You Should Be Rolling in 2021.
Whether you want to wrap tobacco or any of your favorite herbs, a premium-quality rolling paper is a MUST. The options we have listed above are all premium-quality and tried-and-tested. Remember, choosing the right product can make or break your smoking experience.


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