6 of the Top Vaping Tips for Beginner and New Vapers

How to Vape CBD Oil

If you are thinking of starting vaping or you are new to it, you probably have many questions. And it is no wonder, there are unlimited things to learn when it comes to the vaping world. 

With hundreds of ejuices, mods, tanks, and vaping accessories, there are many to choose from. So don’t feel overwhelmed. While when you start vaping, it may disturb your routine, or you may find it scary at first, but later trying new tanks, ejuice, and mod flavors are total fun. But make sure vaping is definitely safer than smoking. 

So to help get started, we have prepared a list of ten top vaping for the beginner and new vapers. Through our many years of vaping experience, we have collected the best vaping tips that we have found. 

Now, we may not teach you everything; that is why we have collected the top ten most effective tips that will definitely help you with vaping and will make your vaping experience good. 

Ten of The Best Vaping Tips for Beginner and New Vapers 

What is Battery Safety 

Practicing good battery safety is crucial in order to keep your vaping journey a safe one. Remember one thing your vape battery is not like your other remote-control batteries because they are much more powerful cells that need to be handled more carefully. So make sure that the wrap of your vape is in pristine condition. If you notice any kind of scratch on the wrap of the battery, the safe and better thing to do is to re-wrap it. The best thing about changing wrap is they are cheap and easy to use. So always make sure your vape battery is in good condition before using it. 

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Also, when you are choosing a battery, pick those who come in the appropriate specs. Moreover, don’t always just read the numbers mentioned on the wrap. One more thing to do is use the battery case instead of throwing the batteries in bags or pockets when not using it. 

Check the Battery Connection 

Regular check your battery connection is the most important thing, and checking the connection of battery for e juice buildup is essential. And if you overlook this point, your vaping may end up degrading vaping performance. So in order to clean the battery connection, you need to unscrew your tank from mod. Then, take the cotton to wipe out any e juice that may get out of the tank. 

If the things Start to Taste Funky Change Your Coils 

You may already know this point, but many beginners and new don’t. The vape coil sits inside of the tank, and it is made up of the metal and vaporizes the eliquid. 

Some coils burn out within a week and some coils can also last as long as two or three weeks. It all depends on the type and brand of the coil that one is using. Also, it depends on the type of vape oil that you use. And if you want us to suggest you, then using CBD vape oil is better to keep the coil in better condition. 

Buy Ejuice From a Reputable Source 

With the vaping popularity, people are using it more. Vaping is not safe if you are not inhaling safely. This is where CBD vape oil is the best to choose from all other available options. Different CBD brands offer high-quality vape oil at affordable rates. 

Make sure to buy ejuice from any reliable source that is reputable. You might want to know why CBD vape oil is safe to use as compared to others. When you go for CBD oil, it contains less toxic substances and is made up of natural compounds. 

Use an External Battery Charger to Charge Vape Battery 

It is okay to charge your vape battery in your mod temporarily if you forget your external charger home. So make sure to have your external charger with you, and it is also good to use for a longer battery lifespan. 

Coil Priming 

Coil priming is certainly something you want to be doing. Always use e liquid to saturate your coil and let it soak in instead of filling the tank and screwing on your new coil. Take cotton to clean the coil, and this will allow the ejuice to absorb evenly and more deeply.


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