7 of The Top CBD Hemp Flower Strains to Try

7 of The Top CBD Hemp Flower Strains to Try

Whether you’re new to the whole cannabis scene, or are experienced in smoking marijuana but want to try out something different, then hemp flowers (particularly the CBD-rich ones) are a great place to start out. While you won’t really get high off of the stuff, there are plenty of other reasons why it’s worth smoking, and there are a lot of strains out there to get you started on your hemp smoking journey.


Starting off the list is one of the older strains in the hemp scene, Abacus. A result of breeding OG, Purple Urkle, and landrace hemp strains, this bad boy’s got some strong aromas and even stronger flavors. Its perfume-like odour is complemented with its flavor, making it a great starting hemp for newcomers. It’s also known to be a really tough hemp strain, as it’s resistant to both cold and heat, as well as pests, mildew, and mould. You won’t have to worry about this strain going bad after buying it anytime soon.


If flavour is the main thing you look for when smoking hemp, then Cobbler should be on your priority list. The strain is designed with terpene in mind and makes CBD hemp taste a lot better than your average hemp. It’s a mix of both Charlotte’s Cherries and Tangistan R4, making it have a short flowering time, so it’s great to grow on your own. Cobbler has an aroma that reminds you of oranges, and a taste that’s similar to both cherries and chocolates. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one.

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T1 Trump

Yes, this hemp was named after the 45th president of the United States, but whether you like him or not, this strain is definitely worth a try. It’s one of the most popular cultivars of the year. It’s also durable and can withstand both cold and hot weather. Planting one of these seeds yields you a lot thanks to the pretty large height it can reach. The CBD/THC ratio of 32:1 makes it one of the better CBD-high hemp strains out there. The fruity tastes combined with its vibrant colours make for a great smoke overall.

Charlotte’s Cherries

While it isn’t considered as an industrial hemp just yet, Charlotte’s Cherries is gaining more popularity as a strain. This sativa dominant hemp flower boasts CBD levels of over 15%, and is a cross between the popular Charlotte’s Web and Colorado Cherry. You can get a high from the stuff, but the low THC levels make it extremely mild at best. As its name suggests, Charlotte’s Cherries are known for its cherry-like fragrance, adopted from its parent strain, the Colorado Cherry. It’s not as sweet and fruity despite its aroma, though, and it doesn’t compare to the taste of many other hemp strains, so don’t be surprised when you taste a mild flavor for the first time.

Berry Blossom

There are plenty of Berry and Blossom strains out there, but Berry Blossom is on a league of its own in terms of taste and flavor. As the name suggests, this hemp is full of berry resemblance, from the aroma it gives off when smoked to the taste in your mouth. Its Cherry Kandahar and Chardonnay ancestry makes it one of the most flavourful CBD hemp strains out there. The 18.57% CBD is definitely a plus, being higher than many other CBD-high strains. Like a lot of the other fruity hemp strains on this list, Berry Blossom gives off a berry-like fragrance.

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Cherry Blossom

One of Berry Blossom’s close relatives is none other than Cherry Blossom. The similarities aren’t just in the name – it’s a backcross of Berry Blossom, meaning that they both share the same ancestry. It’s one of the newer strains out there and is preferred for its less volatile flower sizes, being mostly medium in size. It’s pretty tough too, being able to withstand different environments without the plant getting affected. Like Berry Blossom, Cherry Blossom is sought after for its sweet taste.

Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine is a cross between Charlotte’s Cherries and The Wife. Like many other hemp strains on this list, it’s reminiscent of fruit. What makes Cherry Wine a great strain, though, is that it is made from two CBD-high samples of its ancestors, with The Wife sporting a whopping 25% CBD. That’s what makes it such a great source of this cannabinoid. You’ll really notice the terpenes on this strain, and its undertones of cheese complement the cherry flavor that you can find in many “Cherry”-named hemp.

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So, depending on what you’re going for, be it the flavor of the hemp itself or the benefits you can get from it, you won’t be running out of hemp choices anytime soon.

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