Can CBD reverse brain damage that occurs due to birth injury?

CBD Reverse Brain Damage

When you first give a thought to it, Cannabis for a newborn baby seems a highly risky thing that shouldn’t be done. Although there is new research that is coming up that states about the benefits that cannabidiol provides in the treatment of infants that might have suffered from brain damage. This can be considered as the possibility for almost total recovery as well.

The research cannot be ignored and has a wider range potential as every year there is one in every one million children born that have brain injuries. The research had been launched in Spain. Here a clinical trial was done that examined the use of CBD for newborn babies that had suffered from HIE or Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. This is a kind of brain damage that happens when there is a lack of oxygen at the time a child is born.

This condition leads to low oxygen supply to the vital organs and brain. This also reduces the healthy blood flow. HIE can be considered as one of the fatal complications that can be due to birth injury. This has also been reported as one of the frequent causes of the death of infants in the US. Even after the babies survive most of them do have developmental and mental deficits that can be major.

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What are the present treatment methods for brain damage?

The thought and research for CBD reverse damage are comparatively new than the traditional medical treatments that had been given. For HIE specifically, hypothermia had been used. Here the medical team will reduce the body temperature of the baby to around 34 degrees Celsius. This has a protective effect on the brain tissue of the baby. This also reduces any kind of inflammation in the tissue of the brain while lowering down the free radicals that had been produced due to the dying brain tissue.

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In around 60 percent of the cases, it has been observed that hypothermia does prevent the
extreme damage to the brain and even death if it is administered in the six hours since birth. Other treatment methods include different medications for controlling seizures and support for breathing through ventilators. Then there are also treatments offered that help with blood pressure control.

CBD reverse brain damage: Are the results promising?

One of the associate professors in Pediatrics at the San Carlos Hospital, Madrid Dr. Jose
Antonio Martinez Orgado had extreme sympathy towards the parents that had lost their children to the injuries associated with HIE. The focus of the research had been on searching the c-operative treatment for pairing up with hypothermia that can help with saving more babies because of the brain damage.

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At the time of preclinical work, the signs had pointed towards CBD benefits time and again.
Regardless of the way that the team had approached the solution, it was seen that CBD was showing constantly best results. So, Dr.  Martinez-Orgado had undertaken the study of the effect of the compounds seen in animals with HIE produced in the lab.

CBD reverse brain damage: What was the study focused on?

The research had been mostly focused on CBD specifically rather than other cannabis forms
available. This was for one obvious reason that a non-intoxicating compound had been safer for the fragile brain of the newborn. During the preclinical study, the research showed that CBD:

1. Was able to reduce the inflammation in the brain.
2. It was able to reduce the oxidative stress to a minimum.
3. Was able to diminish toxicity.

By looking at the result in the three areas the researchers had concluded that CBD treatment could effectively reverse the injuries that are HIE related. The three factors that had been mentioned above were mainly destructive in newborn babies when compared to the levels similar in children that are older or adults.

And the thing that caught the attention of the researchers involved was that CBD could be used for all of these three at once. There were attempts made for other solutions that could address just one of these issues. And CBD had shown measurable success when it came to all of the three more like the manner in which Hypothermia treatment worked.

Even after the promising and wonderful results, the research is still facing a lot of opposition. As per Dr.  Martinez-Orgado, this can be due to the perception of looking at CBD has cannabis alone. The team had also been asked for providing more evidence for the safety and efficacy of CBD treatment for which the other treatments had not been looked at.

Can CBD reverse brain damage and be a game-changer?

There have been times when CBD is compared with THC. The research done by Dr. Martinez-Orgado was able to get little attention until their recent preclinical study had been published that got massive interest from people all over the world. In this study, the team had studied the effect of CBD with hypothermia treatment in HIE brain damage that occurred in piglets. The results that were observed had been extraordinary.

In that trial, the animals with brain damage had received three doses of CBD that was purified intravenously after they had been given hypothermia treatment. The results with this combined treatment showed a reduction in brain damage to about 100 percent.

When done alone, neither of the treatment was able to show such amazing results. So we know now the research also showed the effect of hypothermia and CBD together can be
revolutionary. Also, the research that had shown the effect of CBD and hypothermia treatment together is fascinating and the recent study has shown the way for clinical trials on humans that are taking place now in the hospitals of the United Kingdom and Spain.

The newborns that have brain damage and are a part of the clinical trial are being treated with hypothermia alone, hypothermia and placebo, or hypothermia with CBD.

Hurdles in the research continuation:

For complete safety, it’s a must that CBD is highly purified. A newborn baby is not able to tolerate even the smallest amount of other kinds of CBD compound when given intravenously.
The CBD purity also is needed as a moral responsibility as well for babies as the failure will
have an away higher impact than it had been done on animals. Additionally, there is also going to be some unpredictable factor that can be involved while treating the patients in real life as the preclinical trials are well controlled.

One of these important factors is the timing that’s related to injuries in HIE. The studies that have been done on animals had been controlled and the researchers were well aware of the exact time of oxygen deprivation. But when it comes to human beings, there is absolutely no way by which it can be known that the exact time of oxygen deprivation.

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Also, hypothermic treatment is successful only when it's done within the six hours from birth. Nevertheless, the research has shown some optimistic pairing of CBD and hypothermia that is sure to widen the opportunity for further successful therapy. One of the other preclinical studies that were done in mice also showed a meaningful and good effect of CBD even after it was administered to about 24 hours after the birth of the child.

What do you think about CBD treatment for reversing brain damage? Will you agree?

There is still a need of about 18 months before the researchers are able to offer meaningful data that comes for reversing the brain damage in the infants that suffer from HIE. It is also interesting to see that CBD study is now aiming at the most vulnerable beings and that is newborn babies.


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