Can We Mix Cannabis and Kratom: Everything You Need to Know?

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Cannabis is one of the popular recreational drugs that is administered through smoking.
However, many people do not its chemical contents can offer many potential benefits to the human mind and body.

On the other hand, kratom isn’t that popular among the masses. People have recently started recognizing its benefits in dealing with anxiety, pain, and several other problems associated with the mental state and body.

Both the products can be found separately in the market. However, have you ever thought
of combining the two herbs?

With the help of extensive research surrounding mixing marijuana and kratom, we are going to mention our results in this article. Get to learn about the two herbs and how they will interact in the human body.

Combination Effects of Cannabis and Kratom

You can find kratom in the powdered form in the market. There are many popular strains,
all of which offer distinct benefits. The white Vein and Maeng Da kratom are pretty popular
among users for improving concentration. To know more about this strain check Maeng Da
at Kratomcrazy.

Marijuana, also referred to as cannabis or weed, is a popular recreational drug. It offers a feeling of calmness, which is pretty soothing to people who have trouble coping with anxiety and depression.

You can combine both the ingredients pretty easily to get similar results. When you mix
both, the effects are going to be safe and enhanced.

I. Medical Effects of Cannabis and Kratom Mix
The effects of mixing kratom and cannabis would be for the body and mind. Users have reported a variety of benefits. Research is still ongoing; however, some of the medical
benefits reported by users are mentioned below –

• Pain Relief
When the effects of kratom and weed are combined, the effects are incredible. The
chemicals present in both substances could help in treating a variety of pain conditions such as MS, fibromyalgia, back pain, IBS, joint pain, and endometriosis in a few cases.
Kratom has many alkaloids, such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, that blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain, which ultimately doesn’t let the patient suffer.
Kratom is also found in Similarly, marijuana also contains alkaloids, like CBD, CBG, and THC. All of them enhance the body’s ability to tolerate pain. Hence, kratom reduces pain sensitivity, while cannabis increases the tolerance to pain.

• Opiate Withdrawal
Kratom is popularly used for alleviating the symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal.
However, the combination of cannabis and kratom could be far more effective. There hasn’t been any published research on the potential benefits of mixing kratom and cannabis in easing opiate withdrawal symptoms. However, anecdotal reports suggest that the mixture is pretty effective. Adverse consequences are negligible. More research in the area is necessary to come up with anything conclusive.

II. Psychological Effects of Cannabis and Kratom Mix
The psychological benefits of using kratom and cannabis together are incredible. They are
known for offering antidepressant properties such as stress relief, reduction in anxiety level, increasing the quality of sleep, and providing relief from various psychotic disorders.
However, more research is necessary for this area to report anything conclusive.

How to Mix Cannabis and KratomIt is essential to be careful while mixing cannabis and kratom, especially because the potential risks associated with kratom aren’t fully known. Start with low doses, and you can gradually increase it.

Certain kratom strains are known to be more powerful than the rest. Hence, you should
keep that in mind when you decide on our kratom dosage. Generally, people administer kratom in the form of a drink, such as smoothies and tea. After an hour or so, they smoke cannabis for combining their effects.

The results are known to be pretty intense and positive. However, there is a risk of
hyperactive and nausea, especially when you aren’t very careful with the kratom dosage.
The Legality of Cannabis and Kratom Cannabis is quite popular among the masses. However, kratom has only come into the limelight recently. When it comes to legal status, both aren’t quite equal. Kratom is legal in many places, but some countries have banned it because of the similarity it shared with other opiates. The leaves of kratom also contain a high concentration of active chemicals, which could be harmful in situations when caution is not maintained.

When kratom is taken in high doses, it could lead to health issues or addictions.
It is much difficult to get your hands on cannabis. In most countries, marijuana is illegal.
Only a few states in the USA consider it to be legal. However, it is much easier to get hands on cannabis with a medical prescription.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, you can take cannabis and kratom together to enhance the benefits both the
herbs have to offer. Cannabis and kratom are both remarkable herbs with enormous potential. However, it is paramount to be very careful about the dosage.
If you plan on combining both the herbs, it is essential to consult a medical professional to
be safe. Both of the herbs are extremely powerful. The benefits of combining them can be
pretty incredible; however, it is still a grey area. Much more research is necessary to
conclude anything. It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe if you are planning to mix
the two herbs.


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