Can we use CBD Oil For Dystonia?

CBD Oil For Dystonia

Before we learn about CBD oil for Dystonia, let’s go through an experience someone recently had. Speaker, life coach and author Tom Seaman had described Dystonia as the feeling in which it seems like somebody is having a power drill into the skull, back, neck and shoulders. It also feels as if someone had tied the head around and to him, this was the situation he faced on days that were just unbearable.

Over 250000 people in the USA are suffering from Dystonia. This makes it the third common disorder related to movement after essential tremor and Parkinsons disease. Today we are discussing if CBD oil can be of any help in this regard.

A glance at CBD Oil for Dystonia:

  • What are the claims?
    CBD can help offer relief from the Dystonia symptoms. This can be pain or any type of muscle spasms. CBD oil can also help address the complications that are usually related to Dystonia. Commonly this includes anxiety or depression.
  • What do the studies and research say?
    Some of the researches show that CBD oil can be helpful or managing pains. Apart from this, it can also be helping in muscle spasticity, depression and anxiety. Some of the researches that were done earlier had shown that CBD can work as a neuroprotector. This means it has the potential to slow down the progress of some degenerative conditions that might result in Dystonia. That being said, not many trials on larger groups have been done yet that can specifically say how CBD works for Dystonia.
  • Let’s learn some facts:
    Till the comprehensive medical trials over CBD oil for Dystonia are completed, we need to depend on some of the earlier data for understanding its value. In the present times, some indicators suggest that CBD treatment for dystonia can have a positive impact and has some good potential as well.

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What is Dystonia?

For people that don’t know, Dystonia is a kind of movement disorder. This can cause the muscle for involuntary contraction and this might be resulting in the twisting repetitive motions. The disease can also be effecting just one part in the body, it is called Focal Dystonia for such cases. Then there is Segmental Dystonia that affects the adjacent body parts like the hand and the arms. Finally, the third one is called General Dystonia that can affect all of the body parts.

How severe can Dystonia be?

Well, when it comes to severity, the spasms in the disorder can largely vary from person to
person. Some people experience mild, while others have an extremely severe muscle spasm. A lot of times these can be very painful and puts a stop on the ability for finishing some of the everyday tasks.

What is the cause of Dystonia and is there a cure?

The cause of Dystonia is not known yet. But there are some specific forms that we are aware of and are inherited. Another important factor here is that Dystonia might just be a symptom of other underlying conditions like Huntingtons or Parkinsons disease. Then this can also occur because of illness, poison, injuries that occur at birth and some traumatic brain injuries.

Presently there is no cure for Dystonia. But some medicines can assist in improving the
symptoms that are related to the disease. In some of the cases, there can be a surgery needed. This is usually recommended for regulating or disabling some nerves. Also in specific brain regions, it can be providing some relief if they have been facing severe Dystonia.

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Symptoms of Dystonia:

Although the symptoms do vary from individual to individual, often:

1. It starts with one specific region. Most of the times it is observed that focal Dystonia
begins at about the age of 21. Usually starting with the neck, face or arm and then
remains focal or shifts to become segmental.
2. It can occur at the time of specific activity a simple example can be while handwriting.
3. This can get worse with fatigue, stress or anxiety.
4. With time passing by it keeps becoming severe.

Dystonia might be affecting a lot of areas in the body and includes the neck. This means that it can cause contractions that will be forcing the movement of hearing towards one side. This might result in extreme pain and a lot of discomforts. Some of the other areas that can get affected are eyelids. This can be resulting in spasms and rapid blinking, tongue or jaw that causes slurred speech and drooling. It can also make it difficult to swallow or chew. Not only this in some people this can affect the voice box and the vocal cord. Movement of the forearm and hands gets difficult for a lot of individuals.

How can CBD oil for dystonia be helpful?

CBD oil for Dystonia can be used in several ways. A lot of people use it just for the relaxing
properties that it offers. It has been mentioned above that the symptoms of the disease tend to get worse because of a lack of sleep, anxiety, and fatigue. Because CBD has been known for helping with almost all of these issues, people observe a decrease in the severity of the symptoms related with Dystonia.

Other people can also see that CBD oil for Dystonia might help give relief from the pain and also the depression that is usually related to the disease. That being said, these results can vary greatly. Some people have said they observed major improvements, others found slight changes or absolutely no improvement in the muscular symptoms they had.

Is there a potential downside to using CBD oil for Dystonia?

Generally, CBD oil is well tolerated and typically doesn’t have side effects. If at all, some can feel minor ones like appetite change, tiredness or diarrhea. A lot of medicines that are used for the treatment of symptoms related to Dystonia also has some serious side effects. We can say that CBD oil for Dystonia can be a good option to try.

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You also need to keep another important thing in mind. All of the CBD oil cannot be the same. So you must be reading labels and doing your research. The main reason for this is that there are different CBD products offered by multiple companies today. So you have to make a purchase that contains the only quality ingredient. There are some interesting ones that you can try and we have reviewed them on our website as well.

It is also vital that you are using some of the products as they have been directed and give
proper time to see the effects. However, let’s face it, that regardless of the attention you are paying to the product quality you go for, CBD oil for Dystonia might not be alleviating all symptoms or even improving it.

As far as any major risks are concerned there is some good news that we have for you. CBD is not related to potential abuse and does not lead to habit-forming as per the World Health Organization.

Is CBD oil for dystonia the right choice for me?

Depending on the research that we have done, CBD oil does seem to help with some of the
symptoms that are related to Dystonia. It also has the potential to address so many underlying conditions and complications that are generally observed with this specific disorder. The bottom line is that CBD oil for Dystonia can be an amazing choice for some people out there. More studies need to be added for exactly understanding how CBD can be helpful and its extent.

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Talk to your doctor:

So this was our detailed guide on CBD oil for Dystonia. As always before you make any
changes in your diet and supplementation you should first talk to your doctor. This is also
important in case you are on some medications. CBD oil might interact with it and cause some adverse effects. When you let your doctor be aware this can help with close monitoring and you will be gradually sure of the CBD oil benefits for you. If you have used CBD for Dystonia or had an experience with it, make sure to share it with us in the commend section below. This can also be helpful for a lot of people that are trying to get the solution for it.

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