Can You Send CBD In the Mail?

CBD Hemp Oil

So much has changed over the past few months around the world, including how we purchase CBD. Instead of being able to physically buy it in person, many people stuck at home are looking for alternative ways to access CBD. Almost anything can be sent through the mail from medicine to toilet paper, but what about CBD? Check out these details before you try to mail a package to a friend.

The origins matter

The USPS declared in March of 2019 that yes, CBD can be legally sent through the USPS mail system. However, there are some details you need to pay attention to: specifically, how the CBD was derived. If you are mailing a package across state lines, the CBD needs to be derived from Hemp, not Cannabis. Since Hemp is a legal product in the United States, it can be shipped, but the THC percentage further complicates matters. In order to ship nationally, no more than 0.3% THC is permitted.

Choose Hemp, never Cannabis

Because CBD derived from Cannabis is not legal in all 50 states, there are major penalties for mailing it across state lines. If you end up mailing a package with Cannabis-derived CBD, the United States considers that to be drug trafficking, which is a definite downside to mailing it yourself. Jail time and legal fees are just the beginning of the consequences for sending drugs to a friend through USPS, so double and triple check your products. When in doubt, do your research or look for an alternative way to help your friend or family member find CBD products. 

You might not be able to send it, but a company can

As of 2019, it is completely legal to purchase CBD online from a number of retailers. The same rules come into play when buying online, though. Products ordered online must be derived from Hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC. If you want to purchase CBD derived from Cannabis, you must be in a state where it is legal to purchase, sell, and consume marijuana. There is also paperwork to consider stating the origin of the product and other factors if you plan on shipping it yourself. Online retailers will have those forms taken care of, so it is much less risky to have them take care of the shipping. Before you purchase CBD from an online retailer, though, make sure they follow United States shipping laws and are sending you a product that is as organic as possible to avoid any legal hassles. 

When it comes down to it, it is probably a good idea to stay away from mailing CBD yourself, even if the product meets the requirements to legally be sent through USPS. The benefits of CBD are extensive, so it is tempting to send it to others as well, but accidents happen. The consequences for making a simple shipping mistake can be life-changing. Instead of mailing it yourself, choose an online retailer; the extra fees for shipping and handling are worth it. To learn more about purchasing CBD online, visit


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