Cannabis for dogs: Is it healthy?

cannabis for dogs

Cannabis for dogs: Is it healthy?

In numerous cities across the country, CBD oil is gaining popularity for the people that are suffering from a number of ailments for relief. Now as more researches are coming forward. The vet’s and pet owners are believing that cannabis for dogs does provide benefits for dogs.

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Regardless if your dog is suffering from anxiety issues, cancer or seizures, Cannabis oil can work as an alternative treatment. It also helps with lowering the symptoms that give immense relief to the patient as well. Here we have all of the details that you need to know for understanding the benefits of cannabis for dogs.

What is meant by cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil comes from the marijuana plant. There are a number of ways by which cannabis oil can be extracted from the plant. This also includes the Co2 extraction as well. The flower of the marijuana plant contains trichomes. These have glands that contain the essential oil. When the glands are removed from the plant, these are formulated for finding the best ratio of CBD.

The Marijuana plant has more than 80 cannabinoids in them. This also includes THC and CBD that are psychoactive and medical component respectively. Some of the doctors believe that when the cannabinoids are used together it also works separately. Most of the hemp products consist of 0.3 % of THC that will not give you a high. The product ingredients that don’t contain THC at all, the dog will not get a sensation of high.

What are the benefits of cannabis for dogs?

There are various health conditions in dogs like nausea, seizures, stress, anxiety, back pain, and arthritis that can be benefitted with the use of cannabis for dogs. The relief arises for the dog because cannabinoids in marijuana interact with the endocannabinoid system. There are a number of receptors that are present throughout the body. CBD interacts with body receptors and lowers symptoms like nausea, pain, and anxiety.

Not similar to the traditional medicines that are given to dogs for pain, there are no life-threatening side effects of cannabis for dogs. It does not damage any of the vital organs of the dog like kidney, GI tract or liver. And there is never a time when your dog will be high or have sedated sensation.

Are there any potential risks with cannabis for dogs?

Just similar to any other medication the only time for some risks of cannabis for dogs is when the dosage is too high. In case you feel that your dog has been given an overdose of cannabis for dogs, make sure that it is immediately taken to the vet for treatment.

Although it is very rare that your pet is going to experience any kind of life-threatening disease with the use of medical cannabis. The key point to remember here is dosage and you must consult a vet so that the right dosage according to the purpose of use can be decided for your dog.

How Is Cannabis for dogs administered?
There are some topical treatments available that consists of cannabis oil. Most of the times cannabis are administered on dogs orally. T can also be used with traditional medications. But there are some medications that cannabis can interact with and for that a consultation with the vet is important.

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Also when the dosing is done in the proper manner, you will not have anything to worry about as your dog will not get high or show any other kinds of side effects. Also, a good quality product is important here and you must buy these products from a reputable company.

Where can you get cannabis for dogs?

Depending on the laws in your state, cannabis products can be purchased online and also in stores. Do your research and background check well before you buy these products.

It should be organic and free from any kind of other chemicals and pesticides or fungicides. As per the requirement of the pet after consultation with the doctor, you can but Cannabis products, treats and a variety of other products for your dog.

Bottom Line:

Certainly, there are a number of benefits of cannabis for dogs. But there is a need for more research work to be done on this topic. There is no fixed dosage yet specifically for dogs, therefore the probability of overdose is high. Make sure that you start with the lowest dosage and gradually increase it after consultation with the vet.

As far as the working time of cannabis for a dog goes, it is similar to any other herbal medicine. There might not be an immediate improvement seen but patience is the key here. It might take just a few hours until your dog will feel relief from symptoms. Gradually in a time of a few days, the inflammation and pain relief will be observed.


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