Cartridges Vs Wax pen | Everything You Need To Know

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Cannabis concentrate cartridges and Cannabis Wax pen are almost similar.

Cartridges you buy come along pre-filled THC or CBD, and you can even refill it again if needed. While a wax comes doesn’t come with any sort of pre-filled CBD if you want to smoke concentrate through a wax pen then you need to fill it manually. The wax pen comes with the battery and an atomizer.

In the past few years, the concentration became a very huge part of the Cannabis market, literally, there is a huge competition between the concentrate brand. Vendors have a different specialty in extracting the different types of concentrates and Cannabis strain to use.

There are a lot of products to smoke concentrate and they all have their different potency and purpose. That’s why wax pens smell little bit . In older days it was quite difficult to smoke concentrate but now you have cartridges and wax pen.

Cannabis concentrate cartridges

Cartridges are the most popular method of smoking concentrate because it is very convenient, effective, and simple to use. It is also budget-friendly because whenever you want you can refill your cartridge. It’s very convenient to carry it with you because of its minimalist design, and also they don’t produce observable smoke or odor.

There are some drawbacks to smoking concentrate through cartridge as well. You should always use a preloaded cartridge instead of filling concentrate yourself because excessive of anything can be harmful so it’s better to ensure the dosage. It’s not necessary but in some cases, you can also see the battery issue which can be disturbing are you can go for a disposable cartridge which is meant to be used till the cartridge is empty because it is designed such way that once the cartridge is empty it won’t work anymore so that you can dispose of is after usage. It is so convenient that there are higher chances a consumer can smoke the concentrate much faster than normal.

Cannabis Wax Pens

It is almost very similar to cannabis concentrate cartridges there are some minor difference such as you will need a coil to smoke through wax pen,unlike a cartridge you need to buy a wax pen and concentrate separately, for smoking concentrate from a wax pen you need to pack a dab manually into the penand in a single packing it can provide a couple of puffs then you need to repeat the procedure. Unlike cartridges, wax pen allows you to smoke pure concentrate, there will be a positive sign for sure that with the time you’ll have the better knowledge of what sort of and how much concentrate your are smoking. Purchasing a wax pen is the one time investment. 

There are some drawbacks of using wax pen such as It produce a lot of smoke so it is preferable for those who like smoke shatter.It is not as convenient as cartridge because the packing a dab is a noticeable process and there are very few chances of wasting the product while packing a dab for wax pen. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Can you smoke weed after it is vaporized?

Yes you can smoke weed after it is vaporized but you will be able to feel the degraded quality of the concentrate there will be change in the smell, the flavor of the bud and the high as well. If your vape is  light to dark brown that mean there is some quantity of THC and other cannabinoidsare still available, which are enough to produce high.

  • How do you know that weed is done after vaporizing?

For that you need to pay attention to vaporized weed if its color has turned to dark brown from Green, it has lost its potential effect and most of the cannabinoids has been already activated. But if your vape has turned to black color that mean it has vaporized for too long or at too high temperature.

  • How long does it take for you to feel the effects of your vape?

It depends on different factors such as what sort of vape you are smoking, it can take 10 to 15 minutes for feeling the full effect of vape. Cannabis can effect every one’s body differently so you can’t predict the exact time but yes you will be able to feel the initial effects in the first few minutes of vaping.

  • Is Vaping healthier than smoking?

No it’s not healthy at all but you can say that vaping is safe than smoking. As per some studies vaping can also cause you severe diseases same is smoking. Biggest traditional cigarettes and electronics both contain harmful chemicals which can lead you to hazardous diseases.


Cannabis wax pen and Cannabis cartridges both are effective and best in their own way it’s totally your choice that what you prefer they both have their own advantages and disadvantages.


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