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In the CBD industry, American Shaman is considered one of the leaders. The brand has been well known for providing efficient and completely safe CBD products. They have an amazing research team that is able to give information on the CBD products that are organic, legal and gluten-free as well.
The main objective of the company is offering complete benefits of CBD. They also want to help people from all over the world with their issues regarding anxiety, stress and some other common health problems. The product range by the brand is good and they produce different products for animals as well. Our review will be giving you a clear picture of the brand so that you can make an informed choice.

The complete story of American Shaman:

The company has been specialized in producing hemp oil that helps with stress relief making sure there are no side effects. They produce CBD oil that is rich in cannabidiol through the process of CO2 extraction.

Additionally, the company also works in sync with philanthropic activities that make the entire process sustainable. The brand claims of highest quality CBD oil use and maintaining all of the industry standards. As per the company only after the approval of government agencies do they move ahead with the CBD extraction. As the American Shaman products are legal in all of the state’s adults can get them without a prescription as well. The company also makes it simple for people with recovery from many of the general health issues.

Product range by American Shaman:

Use of the quality industrial hemp assists the company for producing products that cater to the need of different people. There is a variety of forms that you can take a look at for meeting your personal needs. Here are some of the popular ones:

Vape Gear:

On the company’s online store you can take a look at cloud tinctures, Vape system, and cartridges. You can purchase the cartridge, battery but also the compact cartridges that are disposable. This is filled with CBD oil and you do have the choice of purchasing large bottles.
The quantity goes up to 30 ml. The flavors they offer are also diverse and you can surely find something as per your taste. Flavors are Natural, Tropical punch and Pina Colada.

CBD Tinctures:

One of the most famous products by American Shaman is the Hemp oil tinctures. These come in different flavors but a lot of people prefer the natural one. They also provide CBD oil analogs,that tincture with water solubility. As per the brand, both of them work effectively, but the latter one has a faster impact.

CBD edibles:

Another amazing addition to its product range in the wellness category is the edibles in the product line. For example, instead of using the CBD oil directly you can go for the bear gummies as a dietary supplement. The taste is really good and you can use it with complete ease. The other edibles by them include popcorn, brownies and also honey. The honey especially has all of the goodness of essential fatty acids with vitamins. Overall we can say that the edibles that the company provides are stress relieving and have good taste.

CBD topical by American Shaman:

The products that they have designed for skincare has concentrated terpene that is hemp oil enriched. They have a hydrating lotion that gets absorbed instantly and offers skin revitalization.
The prices are just about $ 10 which is amazing and highly affordable. For any area on the body that you feel pain in, you just need to apply over it. This is a good product for people that suffer from chronic pains. Then there are other topical that includes serums, under-eye creams that can help with any kind of discolorations. As per the reviews by other people, it works perfectly well.

CBD products for pets:

American Shaman also makes use of the pet safe formulation for specific pets. You can find these products for animals like dogs, horses, and cats. The dog treats made especially for dogs offers an experience that helps them for reducing discomfort. This is immensely helpful at the time of stress and anxiety issues. For the animals, they have canine CBD oil tincture. This provides ease of use as the flavors have cheese and beef. Also, they mention specific serving size so there is no probability of overdosage.

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Things we loved about American Shaman:

Here we have details on the best things about the brand and the products
they provide. This is our experience regarding the company:

  • Pricing is fair:
    There are several reasons as to the price range they provide being fair. Firstly all of the products that you find on their website come under a affordable price range. Some of the CBD products range from $ 90 to $100.
    But many edible and topical products will just cost you from $ 10 to $ 30. The high-quality CBD oil that they have is of about $ 60 but it is going to last for a long time. Offering a money-back guarantee also says a lot about their reliability.
  • The products are organic:
    As per the details that you see on their website, one can be sure that they make use of non-GMO hemp. Therefore the main ingredients are organic and you know that you are getting pure products free from harmful chemicals.
  • They ask for feedback:
    When required, their company asks the customer for their honest experience and product review. They make sure that they are responsive to people that have bad or good reviews on the official website. Additionally, they also remain active on social media platforms. You can go through some of their blogs and articles that are very engaging and informative.
  • There is something for everyone:
    The company also makes sure that people that want CBD for various reasons can find them easily. You have tasty options in the form of edibles, oils, and creams. Also, the different flavors are a bonus as per the preference. You will surely be able to reach your specific health goals with their product range.
  • They have an amazing care program:
    The company wants to make the products reasonable in prices for people in need. They have a financial assistance program that mainly focuses on helping people suffering from chronic disease and disability. So you can enjoy the healing properties of CBD oil. In case you are looking forward to such discounts, you can request them. They prove they work for charity and it is a good thing.
  • They use Nanotechnology:
    For breaking the CBD down they use nanotechnology. As per the company, this makes the products effective and gives rapid absorption properties.
  • What we didn’t like:
    We feel that there should be slightly more transparency when it comes toproduct quality. For example, they can provide information on the legal address or employee reference on their website. Also, there are no reports on the third party lab result. A lot of people might have doubts on product quality as they import hemp paste that is refined for oil. This is an indicator the American Shaman might not be in touch with specific manufactures at all times.

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Final Verdict:

Overall we can say that the company has been able to maintain an amazing reputation. The product range they provide is great as well. They manufacture CBD oil that is organic and priced reasonably. For producing high quality and rapidly absorbing products they use nanotechnology. So for meeting the demands of the consumer they are working with modern technology. They will be way more reliable if they provide their party lab results on their official website. This will make them more transparent and win the trust of many more users.


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