CBD and Diabetes

CBD for diabetes

A lot of people wonder about the connection between CBD and Diabetes. And if it will be of any help, well CBD oil is being used by a lot of people for Diabetes treatment. It is presently also being used for a wide range of other health conditions like anxiety and epilepsy. Also, the researches that have been done until now seem promising but still limited.

What is CBD?

CBD is the short form for cannabidiol. It is a compound that is found in cannabis sativa which is a plant. Another major component that is found is called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and is a component that gives the feeling of being high. Please remember that CBD won’t be giving any such psychoactive effect.

CBD and Diabetes: What does the study say?

A lot of research is being currently done for understanding if CBD oil can help in treating or lowering the risks involved with the development of type 1 and 2 diabetes. Some of the studies done on human and animals had observed CBD effect on insulin levels, inflammation, blood sugar levels and other complications involved with diabetes.

Read on for learning about the result of the studies that can give you an idea if you should use CBD for helping in the prevention of diabetes. Or at least alleviating some of the symptoms involved.

What is common between type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?

The type 1 and 2 Diabetes are different in the origin and also the treatment is given for it. But they are presented with one same issue: That is having high levels of glucose in the body. Our body makes use of insulin for the regulation of the blood sugar levels. So whatever we eat, the pancreas produces insulin and this works like a key that lets this glucose enter the cells, and use as energy.


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What is Type 1 Diabetes?

Around five percent of the people that suffer from diabetes have type 1. This happens when the body produces minimal or no insulin at all. It also means that the blood sugar rises and this starts injuring the blood vessels and the cells get deprived of the fuel needed.

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Most of the cases when it comes to diabetes are Type 2 patients. This is a condition that develops when the cells start losing their ability to respond to insulin. This is also termed as “insulin resistance”. Again this results in having high amounts of sugar in the blood. Insulin resistance tends to increase inflammation in the body.
The research is mixed when we talk about CBD having a positive effect on the complications andsymptoms involved with diabetes. Here are some important findings of CBD and its association with improving the following:

  • Prevention of Diabetes:

Presently there is no specific clinical trial for testing that the consumption of CBD oil will lower the risk of diabetes development in human beings. Although one of the studies published in the journal of Autoimmunity Trusted source had found that mice that were non-obese diabetic had lowered risk involved with diabetes development if they have been treated with CBD.

  • CBD has anti-inflammatory effects:

CBD has also been observed for the anti-inflammatory effects. One of the studies was seen for inflammation that was triggered due to high levels of glucose in the body. The research showed that CBD did have a positive impact on the number of markers related to inflammation. The studies also had suggested that CBD can be helpful for offsetting the damages diabetes might be having in the blood vessel walls.

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How can you take CBD oil?

CBD oil is made after extraction of CD from the cannabis plant. Then it is diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil. The strength of CBD oil differs with each product and the FDA doesn’t have much regulation on the CBD products.

So from the studies that have been done until now, CBD can be seen as the possible treatment for diabetes. This has shown some of the positive results on animal trials. More human research needs to be done. This will be allowing healthcare providers with a good understanding of CBD and diabetes connection.

CBD oil might improve symptoms related to Diabetes and its prevention:

Improvements with the use of CBD

Prevention of Diabetes.

Inflammation in the body.

Giving relief from pain.’

What is common between type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?

Conditions for which CBD is yet to be seen effective: 

HDL cholesterol level.

Blood glucose level.


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