CBD Distillery Review

CBD Distillery Review

CBD distillery had been formed by natives of Colorado that had come together in the year 2016. The main aim was making CBD available for everyone and at affordable prices. Today we have for you detailed CBDistillery Review.

The company is passionate about making innovative products, but they also want to de-stigmatize CBD use by providing correct information and facts. For keeping the promotions transparent and maintaining the brand image they are a member of NHA that provides lab results from ProVerde labs for all of the products. Apart from CBD oil, CBDistillery also offers capsules that are easy to take and also gummies, soft-gels, isolate powders, vape oils and topical. Their pet products are also highly popular.

Here we have complete CBDistillery Review for you that is going to make you understand if its different from other brands and if the products they offer you are the best for you.

Here we have complete CBDistillery Review for you that is going to make you understand if its different from other brands and if the products they offer you are the best for you.

CBDistillery Review: Product line

Here are the details for the huge product line that the company has to offer

  • CBD tinctures:

The company offers CBD tinctures that vary in the potencies from 250 mg to 5000 mg and you can start with the lowest potency if you are new to CBD.  There is also an option for choosing THC free oil and full-spectrum oil as well.

  • CBD Pet Tincture:

This is a full-spectrum CBD oil that can be used for pets and has 150mg potency in one bottle.

  • Pure CBD isolate (99 % pure and is Crystalline and formulated powder):

These are specially formulated powders that are produced by the company for CBD consumption. A great way of using these is as an ingredient for normal recipes that you make in your kitchen.

  • CBD topical:

CBD Distillery provides salve, lip balms, and skin creams. These are amazing to use topically and for a specific skin condition that you need relief from.

  • CBD gummies:

This is an edible option that can be used by anyone that is looking forward to a simple manner of consuming CBD for the health benefits.

  • CBD soft gel capsule and CBD pill:

These are easy to eat capsules and are available as a soft gel ( made of gelatin) and vegetarian pill form as well. One can use any of these as per their preference.

  • CBD Vape oil:

CBDistillery also has cartridges and pens as well. You need to keep in mind that these products are available only for customers that are over the age of 21. As from the above description, it is clear that the company has been trying hard for attracting clients that have been using CBD for long or in case they have just started.

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The company provides CBD products that are obtained from 2 different processes.

  • There is CO2 extraction in the first place, then there is the isolated procedure for eliminating each trace of materials that are plant-based except CBD.
  • A lot of users full spectrum CBD variants and they can opt for CBD isolate that is attractive for people that are looking ahead for a THC free product.
  • CBDistillery users can also use their topical products for their skincare routine for improving sleep and offering pain relief benefits.

CBDistillery Review: Sourcing and materials:

The company makes CBD products from organic, non-GMO hemp that has been grown in the farms of Colorado. The CBD oils that are full spectrum also have fatty acids like omega 3, amino acids, B complex vitamin.  There is some trace of THC but it is made sure that the levels remain 0.3% or less.

Additionally, for offering organic CBD the company also makes products that are vegetarian-friendly or vegan. The brand has been certified by U.S.Hemp authority which builds trust for quality product purchases.

CBDistillery Review: Third-party lab testing

For CBD consumers around the world, maintaining transparency is vital.  This is because consumers want to ensure that they have the best quality product. The company understands this fact and provides all of the information regarding their products for the clients.  The company gets its products tested by ProVerde labs and the report can be viewed on all product pages. Also, the company gives you a detailed list of the ingredients in each of their products.

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Appearance and flavors:

When it comes to product flavors and appearance there are a few factors responsible. For example, the CBD tincture by them has a translucent yellow color and flavor is distinctive of hemp. Although their isolate oils have a mild flavor and are colorless. This also is odorless. The isolate powder by the company also doesn’t have any flavor or color this makes it perfect to be used in any recipe as an ingredient.

In case you need to experience the effects of CBD without the flavor, you can make your choice of soft-gel capsule or pill form. For a sweeter experience, you can go for gummies as they provide a wonderful fruity taste and this includes the fruit juice and grape flavor.

Please understand that all of the product by the company has not been made for being ingested. The topical like creams have been made for getting absorbed in the skin. The salve by the company is advised for getting relief from slight aches and pain in any part of the body. Their lip balm protects the lips from harsh winters and keeps them moist.

CBD Distillery Review: Potency

CBDistillery offers different levels of CBD in the products that it has. This is an appreciated effort for consumers that are starting with CBD or the ones that have used it for a long time. For example, there 250mg bottle for tinctures that provide 8 mg of CBD in one serving and you can also buy the 2500 mg that offers 83 mg of CBD in every serving. A similar pattern can be observed in their gummies, oils and other products.

You need to keep in mind that large bottles of any of these products not just provide a higher CBD concentration, they also are made for saving money by the client. When you buy large CBD tincture, this will mean that you are spending lesser money on long term usage.

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How is the process of placing an order, shipping, and product packaging?

The best thing about CBDistillery is that it ships its products to clients all across the U.S.A.  Presently the company doesn’t ship internationally or the military address. Once the orders have completed processing, they are shipped within 2 days through DHL.  Afterward, they will be delivered to your address. The company also provides tracking details through email that will help you to get information on where your shipment has reached. You also get free shipping on orders over $ 75 and the package the product well so that it reaches you without any kind of damages.

CBDistillery Review: Pros and Cons:


  1. The company provides a huge variety of products.
  2. These are easily available online.
  3. Varied potencies in products, allowing a good option for both beginners and daily users.
  4. They maintain complete transparency on ingredients and lab testing reports are available.
  5. There are also products that have 0 percent THC in them for people that prefer such a choice.


  1. For specific orders on holidays, you might experience a slight shipping delay.
  2. They can work on the quality of droppers.

Bottom Line:

So this was our complete CBDistillery Review and we highly recommend products from the brand. The range of the products they provide is huge and you can find something that will be perfect for your requirements and usage. They maintain high-quality standards and hence the products they manufacture are highly effective and easy to use.

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