CBD for Cats

CBD for cats

Can you use CBD oil for cats

There are so many misconceptions regarding usage of CBD oil for cats. But don’t worry we have everything that you need to know right here. arthritis is being used for a long time for enhancing the quality life of the cat and easing out any symptom that is related to numerous ailments.

So in a situation, if your cat is having some serious health issues then the first step that you must take is taking it to a vet and consults about giving CBD oil for cats to help them heal faster.

What is the right way of giving CBD oil for cats?

So every cat is different not only in their personality but also have a different physical requirement for medication and nutrition. So the way a cat reacts to a certain amount of CBD will be dependent on their specific requirements.

CBD is normally safe for cats and there is rarely any kind of side effects seen. However one must consult the veterinarian doctor before giving your pet any kind of medication or new treatment for safety assurance. They will be able to evaluate well if arthritis. The main safety factor that you should keep in mind before administration of CBD oil for cats is that the dosage should be right.

Adverse side effects are only seen when there is an incorrect dosage of CBD. This will not only keep your cat completely safe but visible health benefits for the pet would be observed.

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Here are some important conditions in which CBD oil for cats can help:

  • Bowel Disease with inflammation:

This is a really common disease that is observed in cats. CBD can be used with other therapy methods for providing relief in symptoms and also reducing inflammation.

  • Pancreatitis:

It is a common phenomenon where cats that suffer from IBD also have issues of pancreatitis. Digestive enzymes, low-fat diet, and CBD can be beneficial for controlling this condition.

  • Arthritis:

All the help that you can provide to the cats suffering from arthritis must be given. But because of the reason of not enough good pharmaceutical options, most of the times cannot be achieved. Another issue with cats is often they are a little repulsive and also often cannot travel as easily, therefore treatment for pains and aches becomes less likely. This is the time when CBD oil can be of immense help as it has anti-inflammatory properties.


This is a well-known usage of CBD oil for cats and humans both. There have been reports that said that better life quality and longer survival likelihood increases with CBD for animals and human beings as well. Although the exact manner in which this happens need more studies and researches to be done. It will be most likely a changed situation in the future.


Just similar to all of the diseases that have been enlisted above, asthma is also a very common inflammatory disease that is observed in cats. There are some cats that show very mild symptoms and require no medical assistance. But then there is a situation where the cats need a treatment lifelong with the help of inhalers. CBD can be very beneficial to cats in these situations as it will reduce the inflammation and there will be as a result less number of asthma attacks that they might suffer from.
It is also crucial that you don’t stop your medicines before consulting the veterinarian doctor. In case there is a permanent requirement for the cat to breathe through an inhaler, make sure you are not completely substituting it with CBD oil.

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What is the right dosage of CBD oil for cats :

Whenever you are introducing CBD oil in the routine of your cat, make sure that you start less dosage. There is absolutely no requirement of going ahead with extremely high CBD oil doses. The best manner to go about it is easing into it, as there will be benefits observed without any kind of side effects at all. The next question comes how one determines the correct dosage that must be given to the cat.
For this consultation with a veterinarian, the doctor is important. You will be provided with the best advice and on the CBD requirement for your specific pet. Generally, around 1mg to about 5mgs for every ten pounds that the cat weighs will be a good rule to follow. Make sure that you start with 1 mg and gradually go up to 5 mg regardless of the size of the cat. After this, steadily the dose can be further enhanced.


In case you are going for CBD oil for cats, this information must have helped you. There a lot of false information revolving around. There are good benefits of CBD oil for cats that one can look forward to with a good quality product.


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