CBD for dog cancer: How can it help?

CBD for dog cancer: How can it help?

Certainly one of the most difficult things in your life can be saying goodbye to your loved pet too soon. Here we discuss is CBD for dog cancer of any help. Most of the dog owners treat their pets just like their children, but in our minds, we all are aware that a dog’s age is of around 12 years in case they remain in good health.

It’s unfortunate that after taking really good care of our pets we still are not able to protect them at times with some serious diseases. This includes cancer and arthritis. What’s more difficult is that cancer in dogs is detected at stages when it has started to spread in other organs causing extreme pain and discomfort.

But with time and development of CBD based medicines like hemp seed oil, medical cannabis we can say that CBD for dog cancer is being taken now for treating animals like dogs from giving relief from extreme pain, seizures that come with the disease as well

The science behind how CBD for dog cancer works:

The research and the benefits of CBD oil are being proven only in recent times. But the health benefits of cannabis has been known for years and this includes cannabis and hemp oil. Extracts from the plant had been used for thousands of years for treating much illness successfully. The oil is known to be incredibly powerful and many states in the USA have legalized it as well. Still, a lot of research is being done for proving the efficacy of CBD for being able to fight cancer cells as well.

People on hearing cannabis usually relate it to something that gives a “High”. But this is why people must get aware of the way CBD oil works. The very first thing is that understand that CBD oil is manufactured in a manner that it removes all of the psychoactive effects that are produced by THC chemical. Therefore there is nothing to stress about when you give CBD product to your pet dog. Please keep in mind that cannabinoid is an important component that is needed for allowing the CBD oil to be working to the full potential. The products that are based on CBD it balances the THC out, this makes sure that there is no “Stoned” or “High ” effect. Here is a detailed CBD Dosage Chart For Dogs.

Is CBD for dog cancer latest treatment?

One of the things that you should remember is that although there are a good number of researches that have been done that show the way CBD works for cancer symptoms on the human body. There are evidence-based studies already that shows it can kill the cancerous and tumor cells in animals.

In Spanish research published in 2009, showed how THC (One of the components in CBD oil) was able to eliminate successfully brain cancer in the mouse. It works in enhancing apoptosis which is self-death by cancer cells. This results in the shrinking of these cells and hence the tumor growth is halted. It works similarly in human beings. Although, in a specific trial only CBD had been administered and it shows a similar effect on treating cancer.

CBD also has the capacity of stopping metastasis. This is the time when cancer has spread in the bloodstream and usually means that the final cancer stage is near. Presently there is no clinical research on the exact manner by which CBD for dog cancer works. But there are many compelling pieces of evidence and several testimonials by the pet owners that had used CBD oil for indicating that it actually works better than the traditional pharmaceutical medicines and treatments.

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How is CBD oil beneficial for dogs suffering from cancer?

Here we have for your details on the various benefits of CBD for dog cancer. And the reasons why you should make a decision on giving your pet dog that might be suffering from the disease.

1. It improves appetite:

As dogs are not able to let us know if they are hungry, when they are not feeling well they avoid having food. This situation can be normal for a day or two. But in cancer dogs usually, don’t feel hungry at all. This lowers their immunity as well. CBD for dog cancer will enhance the appetite thus helping them to have a normal diet.

2. CBD oil can help in giving relief from pain and inflammation:

The two side effect or treatments involved with Cancer in dogs are inflammation and pain in the body. It is also sometimes amongst their symptom for the disease as well. The management of this pain is a great way of treating cancer in dogs. The bad news is that a lot of prescription medications also have a side effect. Opioid medicines have a risk of increasing tolerance and have the potential for overdose. Some other medicines are given for inflammation also have significant side effects that are seen in dogs. The side effects can include liver and kidney damage, GI issues and also death. Some of the researchers have indicated that the severity of the side effect increases as the dog is older or has low immunity levels.

The capacity of CBD for reducing the inflammation and pain has been documented. Additionally, it might increase the mechanism of other pain medicines that are being given. This helps the vets for prescribing less number of drugs and there is no compromise with the health of the patient.

Also, the researches have indicated the stronger safety profile for the use of CBD for dog cancer and in humans. There are fewer side effects that have been seen when compared to other drugs that are prescribed commonly by veterinarians.

3. Tumor growth is inhibited by CBD for dog cancer:

When people talk about CBD and its potential benefit in reducing the size of the tumor they are right. This is amongst the claim that seems to be too good to be true. But did you know that this is a well-researched topic? CBD has been shown to have an anti-tumor effect in a number of cancers that includes:

  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Colon cancer
  • Brain and spine tumor

The studies explain that addition to having the shrinking property of the tumor, CBD can also enhance the mechanism of the radiotherapy. This lowers the dosage of the treatment and the efficacy of treatment remains constant. As a result, it also reduces the harmful side effects of radiotherapy.

Another study also showed that mouse that had pancreatic cancer when treated with CBD with gemcitabine had thrice increased in survival rate. This is a comparison made with the survival rates when compared with gemcitabine alone. With time as more researches are being seen, it can be said that the endocannabinoid system of the body has closely related to cancer. And the dog’s body responds pretty quickly to CBD products.

4. Helps with sleeplessness and insomnia:

Some of the studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system does play a role in modulating sleep, but still details on the exact role are still being studied. The two key cannabinoid includes CBD and THC but both work in a completely different manner.
THC can be working as a sleeping agent and CBD as wake agent. This might not seem like something that will help the dog with a night of better sleep. But the researches show that when a better wake time is promoted in the day, the hemp oil will be assisting in the better sleep at night time.

For clearer though the research does come with mixed results. Clinical practices show that several vets had used CBD as part of cancer treatment on animals. This was done for finding out if nighttime, daytime or maybe both work best for helping the dogs for having a good sleep.

The two important herbs for cancer in dogs:

Cannabis oil:

Cannabis is being used as medicine for centuries now and the oil is powerful.  The Cannabis consists of cannabinoids but all of them are not psychoactive. This means that it is not going to affect mood. A compound like cannabidiol or CBD and its form has shown to have health benefits and this is observed without the use of THC as well that has psychoactive effects.

Cannabis oil is being used for thousands of years for pain relief and improving conditions related to heart, skin and eye health. Also, researches show that CBD for dog cancer can be effective both as prevention and treatment. The Spanish research that was published in the year 2009 has shown the way THC can cause the death of cancer cell in mice. THC had caused autophagy. This is also the mechanism where such cells are destroying themselves and the tumor shrinks in size. This benefit was also seen in humans that had used CBD without THC in them.

The main issue with cancer cells is that they never die by themselves:

Normal cells are programmed for death once they are damaged and old. Cancer cell, lose this ability and keep growing and dividing. Eventually, this starts to affect all organs of the body.

Multiple studies were done on THC and CBD oil has shown that causes apoptosis that is cell suicide of cancer cells and halting tumor growth. Cannabis also prevents metastasis which is spreading of cancer in different body organs through the bloodstream.

Finally, there are also studies where cannabis shows that both CBD and THC are able to prevent tumor development in the blood vessels. This is important as it blocks access to the nutrition of cancer cells and blocks them. Although there is still a need for long term benefits of CBD for dog cancer, there are still some compelling studies that can say it is the top herb for fighting cancer.

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There are a lot of manufacturers from where you can get CBD oil for dogs. It is now legal in most countries as well. Although it can get difficult to fond CBD products with a high amount of THC as there are strict regulations for that generally cannabis oil and CBD products are easy to use on pets and inexpensive. Make sure that you are following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Hemp seed oil:

Cannabis and hemp seed oil comes from the same cannabis plant. But hemp has been grown for years and us used in clothing. While the hemp seed oil is different. Hemp seed has a high amount of cannabinoids and low THC and this is where the main difference arises. Hemp oil also contains a good quantity of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. This will make sure that the dog experiences a reduction of inflammation and will have improved immunity. Of course, it also stops the process of metastasis.

This has been seen to reduce the growth of breast cancer, lung cancer, and brain cancer. There are a number of vital minerals like zinc and manganese. So adding this to your dog’s diet will be helpful.

Final Thoughts:

So this was a detailed article on CBD for dog cancer and the way it can help. The traditional treatments like chemotherapy might cause the dog to suffer from side effects. This also prevents comfort in the days of struggle with cancer. There are very few vets that might support CBD oil as the only method for cancer treatment. But most of the reputed clinics do agree that it complements really well to the existing treatments.

Make sure that you are using CBD products that are of good quality and specially manufactured for dogs. This should be pure and organic free from any other contaminants. This will help in extending your pets life and also give them relief from pain in the present times. Even if your dog does not have cancer right now, there are 50 percent chances of developing it. Giving CBD oil to your dog as a daily supplement will also prevent the possibility of cancer development.


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