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Is CBd harmful for dogs

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What you must know about CBD for dogs

You must have already heard until now about the numerous benefits of CBD for humans. But, did you know that CBD for dogs also has major positive effects on their health? There are different scenarios in which CBD oil for dogs will be beneficial.

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Some of the researches have shown that the number of cannabinoid receptors is higher in dog’s brains than in humans. By this one can understand that the effect of CBD will be even higher and felt in a broader way as they have higher sensitivity. The main aim is providing the right dosage.

What is the effect of CBD on dogs?

Although presently there are no formal studies yet done that can study the effects of CBD for dogs. The scientists are aware that the cannabinoids have an interaction with the endocannabinoid receptors that are located in Central nervous system and the Peripheral nervous system that helps in maintaining a balance within the body and keeping it in a state of good health.

What are the issues that can be treated with CBD for dogs?

There is no scientific data regarding the treatment of dogs with CBD, but there is evidence where the owners of the dogs have suggested that it has the ability to treat neuropathic pain and also helps in controlling seizures. Dr. Klein reports that CBD is also being used for the anti-inflammatory effects, benefits to the cardiac health, stimulation in appetite, anti-anxiety effects and also possible anti-cancerous benefits that are huge.

Presently a study is being sponsored by the AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) in the Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. The study is evaluating the usage of CBD in epileptic dogs that are treatment resistant. This gives a hope that there will be more scientific data collected that can help dogs fighting with this condition some relief from CBD.

The probable side effects of CBD for dogs:

Depending on how CBD normally works on humans, the potential side effects of CBD for dogs can be observed. As there is no current data that says about side effects of CBD for dogs:

  • Dryness in the mouth: Studies show that salvia production might get decreased with CBD use. This can lead to enhanced thirst in dogs.
  • Temporary blood pressure lowering: High CBD doses might lead to blood pressure drop for some time. There can be a feeling of lightheadedness for a while.
  • Drowsiness: Dog owners usually use CBD for dogs to treat anxiety issues. There is a calming effect but a high dose can cause a little lethargy.

CBD usage: Risks involved

Because there wasn’t much research done on the use of CBD for dogs, the risks and safety are not known. Any kind of medications might pose a risk in general on the dog’s health. It is highly recommended that the before starting to give anything new, consult the veterinarian doctor. Always begin with the lowest dosage and observe for any kind of side effects. In case there are no side effects observed you can go ahead.
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The right way to buy CBD products in the market:

In case you and your veterinarian doctor have decided that CBD for your dog will be a good way to go. You must make sure to keep some key factors in mind while buying CBD products. All of the CBD oils and edibles available in the market are not the same. Always go for products that are of good quality so that there is a higher probability of CBD working for dog’s health.

• Organic is the way to go:

If the CBD oil that you are buying is not organic, make sure that there are no kinds of solvents or pesticides in it.

• Don’t go for the cheapest CBD oil:

This one is obvious, as with the increase in purity as well as of the quality goes up the product will be on the expensive side. There can be added substances like heavy metals, herbicides or pesticides in cheap CBD product that can be toxic to the dog’s health.

• Analyze the labels well:

Whatever CBD product you are buying, have a look at the amount of CBD in that particular product. All of the important information should be mentioned by the manufacturer. Don’t buy products that also contain THC in it or have very low CBD amount as it won’t be beneficial.

• Buy CBD tincture:

There are options for buying CBD treats for your dog. But the best choice is a CBD tincture. This way the dosage can be adjusted easily as per the requirement.

Bottom Line:

Always start with low CBD dosage for your dog. The researches related to CBD benefits are in continuation and seem promising.


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