CBD for Sleep

CBD for sleep

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CBD for sleep

As higher number of people are starting to use CBD for sleep, there has to be closer look taken for the science that works behind the use of Cannabidiol as treatment for sleeplessness or insomnia.

Sleep is one of the most crucial times of the day when the human body is able to repair itself. But there are millions of people around the world that are struggling with insomnia in a day to day life. There are some prescription drugs available but they do come with their share of side effects and carry major risks involved as well. Having relief from it is a gruelling task for sure.

Although the initial researches show that CBD for sleep can be surely promising alternative to the conventional medications that is provided to the patients. Here is all of the details that you need for considering CBD for sleep.

What are the risks involved with the conventional treatments available?

Usually when a person is suffering from sleeplessness, the doctor prescribes them with hypnotic medications for the treatment. There are several potential side effects and risks involved with it. These side effects can include memory loss, addiction, sleep walking, abnormal sleep and even suicidal thoughts.  Also, with time these medications lose their effectiveness and can have different complications with the drug interactions, that is being taken for other health issues.

How can CBD help with the sleep:?

One of the ways by which CBD might be helping with getting a peaceful sleep is by easing out anxiety issues. In one of the study that was published in the June issue of The Permanente Journal the research showed the health record of 72 patients that were being treated with CBD for either poor sleep or anxiety.

With the three month long study, the anxiety levels were observed to be declining and this was observed even in people that had poor sleep. The people that were having sleep problems, results were not as clear cut but they did reports some improvement during the first month of use.

CBD oil for sleep: CBD might be able to increase melatonin

CBD might be able to stimulate the melatonin production by boosting the levels of tryptophan in the bloodstream. This is done by the reduction of tryptophan degeneration that is caused by mitogen this is the protein that tells the cells for division.  In a similar manner CBD also improves the serotonin production. The enhanced tryptophan is responsible for the availability of serotonin in brain.

Should you try CBD for sleep?

The experts usually suggests that you must give a try to some of the proven therapies first. If that doesn’t work out, you can start CBD with low dosage and see if it makes any difference. This also gives you the time to see if there are any side effects that you are experiencing.

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Some important facts about CBD for sleep:

Here are some important things that you must keep in mind while using CBD for sleep:

  • CBD might be able to work better for anxiety than on sleep:

There are certain evidences, that shows that CBD might be able to ease out your anxiety issues first, and this can help in providing you better sleep quality.

  • Using CBD for short term is the best:

The ability of CBD in improving the sleep can diminish when it is used for long term. So try not to use it for long term. In one of the studies by Shannon, it was observed that the people that saw an improvement during the first month of taking CBD. Slowly the results diminished in 2 to 3 months.

  • Higher doses might work better for some people:

There is not a lot of research that was being done on the dosing yet, but some of the suggestions say that the low doses might not work that great for improving sleep. One of the studies that were done in the year 2004, said that a low dose of about 15 mg did not help people to fall asleep and actually might have kept people wakeful for a long period of time.

But a larger dose of about 160 mg did work better than the one that was lower one. The patients of Shannon were given a dose of 25 mg.

  • Consider good quality products:

When you buy low quality CBD that has harmful substances and pesticides in them there is a chance that it will not work for you at all. Try buying a product free from other chemicals and organic for maximum benefits of the product.

  • Make sure you are safely using it:

As CBD can potentially interact with some of the other medications, it is important that you consult your doctor before you take it.

Bottom Line:

CBD for sleep can work when the right dosage is given and the points that are mentioned above are considered well.


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