CBD oil for migraines

CBD oil side effects

CBD oil for migraines

As the laws of using medical marijuana starts to loosen up, and people are getting more aware of it. The focus is mainly on the use of CBD oil. It is a component of the marijuana plant. It is now gaining popularity for providing relief from the chronic pains and this also includes migraines. But how does CBD oil for migraines really work?
The CBD or cannabidiol is one of the substances that is found in the plant of cannabis. The part of the cannabis plant that gives a high or also called as THC. The CBD oil consists of a very small amount or zero amount of THC. This depends on the way CBD oil is being processed.

Characteristics of CBD oil for migraines:

  1. It has analgesic properties ( gives relief from pains)
  2. CBD has the antiemetic property (it prevents vomiting and nausea)
  3. Also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Because of the frequency and incapacitating effects that migraine headaches usually are accompanied with, a lot of clinical studies are also aimed for specifically finding an effective treatment that can minimize the migraine frequency. This will help patients all over the world to get rid of the pain.

What is migraine and how CBD can work as a treatment?

Currently, the medical experts consider migraine pains strong headaches that are the result of sensory nerves stimulation. This means that it is a response to the inflammatory agents that are releasing at the time of migraine. This also gives an explanation of how some strong compounds like CBD are able to be one of the most effective migraine treatments.

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Recently there has been a lot of attention that CBD has gained over the period of time. The main reason behind it is pain relieving properties. This has seen enhancement mainly due to the legalization in almost all states. Additionally, in the year 2018, the FDA had approved CBD for the first time as a medication for seizures called an Epidiolex oral solution.

What does the research say?

As per the study that was published in the Frontiers in Pharmacy, there are so many experts that talk so much about the CBD oil usage for migraines. Although this evidence is not enough to prove that CBD works as a treatment for migraine.

The scientists have an opinion that as CBD oil and the use of medicinal marijuana is legalized everywhere there will be a lot more of the research done. This might also prove in the long run the way CBD oil can be used consistently for the treatment of migraine.

According to lead study author, Pinja Leimuranta, because of the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsive effects there seem a promising indication that it can be used for both its short term and long term effects and treatment.

Although the researchers say that the study is not yet complete and it can help with providing some relief in symptoms that is migraine related.

CBD oil for migraines: Uses and Safety

The previous researches also show that CBD oil opposite to THC does not give a high or any kind of psychotropic effect. This makes it a lot safer for medical use. In some of the limited studies, CBD oil has shown to be working as an effective treatment for a number of disorders like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and also migraines. One of the recent studies also showed that cannabis is well tolerated in humans and is considered to be safe. The researchers that had conducted the studies have reported that the kind of cannabis that also consisted of THC had increased heart rate in patients. They also observed that when CBD oil that had no THC in it was given to the patients. There were absolutely no side effects observed.

Should you use CBD oil for migraines?

For anyone that is considering the CBD oil use for migraines must consult with their health care providers before you take it. It is also important that the company or sources that are providing you these products must be reputable. The reason is that the FDA has not yet approved CBD specifically for treating migraines. And its efficacy and safety are still considered to be controversial.

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The prescription drugs that contain CBD do not have any amount of THC in it. But when you shop these products in online stores there is a probability that the product might consist of THC amount in traces. Also make sure that before you decide on CBD consumption, you check if its legal in your area or not.


The effectiveness of CBD oil for migraines is varied. There is a high probability of getting relief with CBD oil of low doses in Migraine. When compared to people that took CBD in high dosage for CBD it seemed that headaches were triggered in a few subject studies. This shows that If you are thinking of taking CBD oil the dosage should be individualized. So that safe and effective results can be obtained.

There are also a lot of indications about the effective and proven solutions for people with the use of CBD. It shows people had got relief from migraine headaches.


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