CBD Oil For Seizures

Cbd Oil for seizures

Today we will learn about the use of CBD oil for seizures. Did you know that in the year 2018 on first November, the government had given an amazing decision for re-scheduling some of the products that were cannabis-based for the use in medicine? This change can be seen in a manner that the UK doctors will now be able to prescribe cannabis medicines to the people.
Keep in mind that this is done under certain health conditions. One of them being Epilepsy or seizures.

What is CBD oil and how is it made?

Well, CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant. Cannabis consists of many different components. The important ones amongst them are CBD and THC. Both of these compounds are found naturally in cannabis plant in their resin.

The THC is a psychoactive compound. This gives people a feeling of being high. In any CBD product, the allowed limit of THC content is 0.2 percent and not more. CBD is the main component of CBD oil and does not have any psychoactive effects. This is also the main component that can be used for treatment and pain management of various diseases. CBD oil for seizures has been used for years now and it provides all of the benefits that one associates with cannabis.

Medicinal cannabis: What is it?

The Government has already defined the products that are based on cannabis for the use of humans as medicine as:

It is the product that is or consist of cannabis, resin, CBD and its derivatives. These are produced for the use of humans medicinally and as a medicinal product.

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Is there any evidence?

There are some important reasons why the BPNA has only been recommending CBD oil and related products. This is because there are some reasons why the medicines developed with these products are effective for the reduction in some kinds of seizures. This has been observed in Lennox Gastaut and Dravet syndrome as well. There were controlled trials done that were double-blind and randomized tests. Here pure CBD was given to young people and children. All of them had the syndromes mentioned above.

The trial showed that there was a noticeable reduction in the seizures they had every month. This was found when compared to the placebo effect. Also, a great reduction in people that were taking CBD in comparison to placebo was noticed in older aged people. Then some label studies show that CBD might have anti-epileptic effect in people suffering from epilepsy generally.

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CBD oil for Seizures: Any case studies?

It is a well-known fact now that the medicines that are given to the patients suffering from epilepsy will not work for one out of three people. It is also concerning that the treatment is difficult and might increase risks associated with premature death.

Some of the anecdotal evidence also says that CBD oil can also help with controlling the seizure and potentially be able to save someone’s life. There are still studies that need to be done but few completed ones do suggest that cannabis oil to the present medicine has a positive impact. The evidence suggests that it can be effective for treating epilepsy in adolescents and children as well.

Recent news worth a mention:

Billy Caldwell is 12 years old and had been in the news for some important reasons. After he was prescribed with cannabis oil, he got confiscated at the airport by authorities. Her mother had been trying to get CBD oil from Canada to the UK where it’s not legal yet. But what’s important to learn here is that he had remained seizure-free for more than 250 days. But once the oil had been withdrawn the seizures were back again.

In one of the other cases, Alfie Dingle who was six had been suffering from epilepsy or severe kind. He was treated successfully with the CBD oil in Netherland. His mother has now been campaigning for allowing her son to get cannabis oil allowed in the UK as well.

Where to get CBD oil for seizures?

There are many online and offline stores where you can buy CBD oil and other products related. The huge range of products that you will find online provide quality CBD products. One this you need to keep in mind before you buy any of them is to see the authenticity of the products.

These need to be organic, chemical-free and consists of the right amount of dosage. The MHRA has been working well with the companies for ensuring that the products that are CBD based meet the safety, efficacy and quality standards. This will be in favor of public health.

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Is your child on THC containing product already?

Please remember that THC and CBD oil are different things and you need to read the labels carefully before using. As per the guidelines are given by BPNA, children that had been on products that were cannabis-based having high THC level should be stopped. They need to get transitioned to CBD based products only till the time stronger evidence prove the efficacy. Also, consult your medical practitioner so that the right dosage can be started.

How to get a prescription for medicinal cannabis?

The products that are based on cannabis can be used when it’s prescribed to you by a specialist. Your GP won’t be able to do so, but they can refer an individual to a specialist. They will be the ones that shall discuss the treatment choices that you have before you go for the CBD based product.

You will be given a written prescription only when other treatment options are tried already or were not suitable. Without a doubt, your specialist knows the best interest in your health. But you do have a choice to get a second opinion.

Final words:
There is no doubt that CBD Oil For Seizures can work as a great alternative to the current treatment that you might have considered. It is beneficial in controlling the symptoms associated so and can give relief in case you had been struggling with it for a long time.


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