Complete Green Garden Gold Review

Complete Green Garden Gold Review

Like a lot of other brands manufacturing CBD products, Green Garden Gold also has so many CBD products like edibles, oils, tinctures, topicals and pet products available. For being amongst the top brands when it comes to CBD in the year 2019, a company needs to step up their game and must be transparent in the lab tests, manufacturing procedure, and pricing. Here we have for you the Green Garden Gold review and we shall look into all of the pros and cons when it comes to making a purchase from the specific brand online.

Green Garden review for 2019:

The company is very clear about the message it wants to put forward and we liked that. They believe in “total body wellness.” The range of products when it comes to the price point is from $24 to around $300. This shows that people with all budgets and tastes will be able to find something for themselves at this one online shop.

Everything that you need to know about the company:

The company has been established in the year 2014. The president and CEO of Green Garden Gold are Justin Barrick and are a Carrollton based company. All of the products by the company have been tested in the lab. Also, there is a certification available for analysis. This company has also been known for the production of the hemp oil of the highest quality. The main objective of the company is delivering hemp oil and CBD based product that’s best.

Some important features of Green Garden:

First of all, we liked the way they follow the best quality control. This is something that is observed in the top brands of the world. They show the source of full-spectrum hemp and here they use organically grown hemp from Colorado. Anyone can ask a company for showing third-party testing. And the results showcase that the products made are free from pesticides, mold, heavy metal and other types of contaminants.

What we liked about Green Garden Gold:

The brand a lot of times has great discounts on their site or veterans and this can be up to forty percent. These are also the people that need the CBD products the most and usually use it for years. The website makes these products affordable for them. Also as they have served our nation they certainly deserve these discounts.

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What is their best selling product? You’ll be surprised to know:

When you will browse through their best sellers list one thing you will surely be surprised about. They have their CBD capsule on the top of the list. As usually one aspect to see the tinctures and oils as the top seller but here the situation is a bit different. You can also take a look at the video that they have posted about their capsules and shall let you know a lot about the product.

  1. CBD Oil Capsules by Green Garden Gold:
    Well, it is available in 900 mg potency. This means that you get 30mg of CBD in each capsule.We also read the label well for further details. They say that the capsule contains a blend of 470 mg of hemp extract and the amount of CBD in it is 30 mg. This still makes up for about 500 mg. Therefore we needed to know about the advertised 900 mg in total. As this certainly can make the consumer confused. So keep following right here until we go on further with our research to get some answers.
  2. Yummy Gummies CBD Edibles:
    Another very popular product that they have is the Yummy Gummies CBD edibles. When it comes to edibles, certainly there is a lot of space for growth. People also like the marketing that is involved with gummies. These gummies for 2 packs cost $ 9.99. The packaging is great and one can take it with them while traveling as well. The amount for each package is 30mg so in total, you get 60 mg of the CBD in both.
  3. VG Blended CBD Oils:
    So after some unusual top-selling products, we finally come to the third top seller on the list which is their CBD oil. The oil is extracted with the process of CO2 extraction. The company says that it makes use of the USFDA certified organic hemp sourced from Colorado. The extract is then mixed with VG (vegetable glycerin) and some natural flavoring. One needs t use it by dropping under the tongue. And if you like you can also make use of CBD vape pen for quicker results. The product is available in four sizes and varied flavors like blueberry, strawberry and many more. There are some other brands that sell way stronger potency products. GreenGarden Gold reaches up to 4000 mg products. But then there are some of the biggest brands available that just sell to 300 mg products as well.

Special CBD pet products by Green Garden Gold:

Well, who doesn’t love dogs! And as we are pet lovers ourselves, one thing is for sure that this brand will be loved so much for the huge range of CBD offerings. These are specially made for pets like dogs and are of good quality. They call their pet section by the name “Doggy Be Good” and here we have the list of the best pet products that the brand has to offer.

  • The Joint formula for dogs:

These are the CBD capsule by the company for dogs. There are 60 capsules in the bottle. It doesn’t have any THC in it.

  • CBD oil:

This is also specially formulated for dogs. It needs to be placed with a dropper in the dog food and then slowly the entourage effect can be noticed as well.

  • Doggy is good CBD oil treats:

This is also a popular product from the pet range. These treats are made from whole wheat. And the CBD amount in each treat is about 2mg. When you buy one container there are 70 treats available which will last you over a month if you give two treats per day.

  • Gluten-Free CBD Treats:

This is also another great option for dog treats by the company. It also provides 2 mg of CBD per treat but is completely free of gluten. This is a peanut butter-based product that will surely be loved by your lovable pet.

Weight management product by Green Garden Gold:

This also is one of the categories that you might not find in all of the CBD brands and certainly makes people curious to see what they have to offer. Here is the list of products that they provide in the section. Most of these products have got great reviews so all hopes are up:

  • CBD Ketones:

This is a lactose-free and dairy-free product. And in case you are a vegan you can also opt for this product as it is vegan as well.

  • CBD MCT Powder:

The CBD MCT powder is a great option as it enhances the energy levels of the body. This occurs as the ketone level increases.

  • CBD Probiotic:

This is certainly a must-try product as it is unique. It is a CBD probiotic that aids in digestion which eventually also improves the overall immunity of the body.

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Some other product by the Green Garden Gold:

This is also worth a mention because the list of their product certainly doesn’t just end here. There are some others that one can take a look at on the company’s website. And there is so much to see:

  • CBD Muscle & Joint Rubs:

There is a hemp oil salve and also CBD gel available the works great for having pain relief.

  • Skin Products by Green Garden Gold:

When it comes to their skincare range there are mainly two products available. One of them is a night serum and the other one is the day serum. They have also been given names accordingly and are called Moonglow and Sunrise. One can use the hemp oil for the face and this is certain to offer being working as the skin improving cream. The ingredients in the serum include eucalyptus oil, squalane, and sunflower seed oil.

  • Real Terpenes + CBD

There are not many brands available that are providing terpenes on sale. But you can surely buy them from GreenGarden Gold. This terpene is made from cannabis and is going to offer an entourage effect. There are some varieties available like:

  1. Indica
  2. Sativa and,
  3. Hybrid.

All of these products have 500 mg of CBD present in them and the form is of pure CBD isolate.

  • Pure Isolate CBD:

So this is again one of the best quality products that you can buy from the brand. This is the crystalline form of CBD and it remains the purest form of CBD that you can buy. Do you want to know about the purity of the product? It’s 99.9 percent pure. It is available in three different collectible jar sizes. This can be consumed like any other edible and can also be used with the rig.

Return policy of Green Garden Gold:

The company has a good and flexible return policy. One can return the products within 30 days. You can read the complete return policy on their official website as well and take a look at the terms and conditions related.

Final Thoughts:

Without a doubt, Green Garden Gold is one of the most reputed companies for high-quality CBD products. The brand had been very consistent with the approach to offering a complete range of products. There are numerous health benefits of hemp products. If you are looking forward to products that just not have CBD products but the ones that also have cannabinoids, terpene and also another beneficial component of the hemp plant. Then their products are highly recommended by us. Another benefit is that when it comes to the variety of products available they excel. Undoubtedly they are a one-stop shop for all of the CBD products like capsules, creams, oils and so much more.



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