Complete Sunday Scaries Reviews

Complete Sunday Scaries Reviews

So while we were searching for the best CBD oil and products that we could find, we had come across the specific brand Sunday Scaries. Today we shall be giving detailed Sunday Scaries Reviews so that you have all of the information that you need before you go ahead with your purchase.

Sunday Scaries Reviews: The Brand

The co-founders of the company are Mike and Beau. They had started the hemp business after one of their friends had introduced CBD to them for helping them deal with the alleviated and overwhelming stress that they had been facing every day. They loved how the mood had been improved and the only issue that they had to handle was finding a CBD company that could be trusted with the product quality.

Therefore they eventually they had decided that they will be creating a very transparent organization that will be offering consistent dosing that will make the consumers work easier. Thus resulted in CBD oil and products that appeal to people from all walks of life, this can be people that are workaholics or may have anxiety issues or dealing with some kind of physical pain.

Sunday Scaries Reviews with the Product line:

Now coming to the main review, we have tested the product on different criteria’s and here are the details on what we found:

Source of the products:

All of the ingredients that are being used in the products manufactured by Sunday Scaries including tinctures, oil, and CBD gummies are directly sourced from the farms of America. The hemp plants that they grow works in sync with the Farm Bill of 2018 that is well regulated by the agriculture departments of the state.

Taste of the CBD products:

The gummies produced by the company are great in taste, they are the real deal and you should try them to know for yourself. The CBD oil that they have is not that known yet, but it also has flavors that are way better and less overwhelming than a lot of hemp oils that you will find in the market. They usually use other edible and natural oil with it so that the flavors are more palatable.

Sunday Scaries Reviews: Experience of shopping with them

The company website is user-friendly and has complete and detailed information on all of the products they have. It is amazing to see the photos of the products with the description provided. They don’t hide anything and you can go through the complete label with the ingredient list. The consumers additional have the choice for signing up with the monthly subscriptions for their favorite products from the brand. In this way, you can get the best deals and discounts and they offer free shipping on all of the orders which is cherry on the cake.

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Product Range by Sunday Scaries:

When it comes to the product line that they have to offer, honestly it’s not that huge. But this makes them way more approachable and also an easy-going brand for the user. This is especially a great way to shop for beginners and too many options do get overwhelming at times. You can choose the bundle options that have that make a good value for money deal. The additional products can be added this way like their CBD dog treat that you can’t otherwise order separately.

Sunday Scaries Reviews: Lab Testing

It does get a bit difficult for people to find the complete certificate analysis of the company online. One can browse through their page to the bottom to see Products tab. Under this, there is the option of Lab Results. You just need to click on it to see the Sunday Scaries lab report. This was updated last in the year 2018 September and provides information in the CBD extract.

How to use tincture by Sunday Scareis:

For the right usage, you have to first shake the bottle well. This will mix all of the ingredients. Then the dosage is going to depend on the kind of use and requirements. Initially, it is recommended that you go for one-third of a dropper. You can slowly increase after observing how the product has been working for you.

One bottle from the brand has 500 mg of CBD, so 30 mg in one full dropper. It is fastest observed when you keep it under your tongue for ten seconds. This will then get dissolved as you swallow it. You must start feeling the effects in the time duration of about half an hour. These effects can be calming, tiring or relief from the body pain that you were having.

Here you have to remember that every individual is different. A lot of people also reported that CBD tincture sometimes effects too quickly. Other’s observed that it takes more time for experiencing the desired results. You have the option to add it in the smoothies that you like, try it topically by mixing with lotion.


  • All of the products are of good quality.
  • They offer free shipping for orders.
  • If you are not satisfied you also get a guarantee of a 30-day money-back.


  • The product range that they have is small.
  • For each of the CBD products they have the potency is just one.

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Final Notes for the Sunday Scaries Reviews

The one thing that we loved about the brand was the transparency that has regarding their products. Also, they are very approachable and in case of any concerns you can write an email to them. CBD is currently one of the most popular supplements in the scene right now. They have been making sure that all of their products have consistency and quality maintained. If you are a beginner to CBD products than we will highly recommend that you start with the CBD edibles that Sunday Scaries have to offer like gummies.


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