Do cats have CBD receptors?

CBD oil for cats

As the cat ages, a lot of them tend to develop chronic pains, arthritis and at times even cancer. And these health issues are not limited to old age only. A lot of young cats also suffer from anxiety, epilepsy, and aggression as well. While doctors do prescribe some medicines for treating the condition, it can get very expensive. Also, they do come with their side effects as well. This does lead to the cat owners thinking if this is a better option for treatment or not. This is also where CBD as an alternative medicine provides a solution. But do cats have CBD receptors? Well, here we have all of the information that you need and a lot more so read on:


How can medical marijuana help with improving the cat’s health?

Cannabis also famous by the name medical marijuana is still a controversial topic for a lot of people. But with time several people have come to a realization on the way it can be used for treating numerous health conditions. This includes some severe diseases like certain pain disorders, epilepsy, glaucoma, and many others. Cannabis can also be used for treating pets as well. It includes cats and can be used for similar conditions like inflammation and pain, seizures, cancer and any kind of behavioral issue.


Health benefits of CBD in cats:

There are several known compounds that are found in cannabis. Some of the important ones are CBD and THC. Usually, THC is the component that gives a feeling of being high in drug users. This is also helpful for controlling pain and stimulation of appetite. But when we talk about CBD there is no psychoactive property present in it. This gives relief from anxiety, seizures, and inflammation. So CBD can help cats with:


  • Controlling chronic pains that have been associated with pancreatitis, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease.
  • This works as a neuroprotective agent, therefore this means that it will be reducing the seizures and the intensity that they come with.
  • It decreases nausea and stimulates the appetite.
  • CBD can reduce the symptoms associated with cancer.
  • It also helps with decreasing the severity of dementia.
  • For asthmatic cats, it brings a reduction in the bronchial spasm.
  • When the anxiety is lowered, this will be correcting or bring modification in the behavior problems.
  • It supports immunity and fights against conditions like that of food allergies and diseases that are immune-mediated.

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Do cats have CBD receptors?

CBD receptors have been found in almost all of the tissues present in the brain and body. The receptors ate the main part of the mammalian endocannabinoid system. This also includes the brain with the peripheral and central nervous systems. These receptors also respond to components that have been found in cannabis. This acts separately but in a holistic manner with all of the receptors in the system. And because these receptors are large in numbers, cannabis can surely help.


Do cats have CBD receptors: What do the veterinarians have to say?

Some of the most famous veterinarians that manufacture cannabis supplements for pets have some interesting information. They have found surprising side benefits of CBD in cats. When the older cats that had joint pain and history of FIC were administered with CBD, for two months had all symptoms of FIC resolved. This can be because of the stress levels in cats and the better mobility that CBD provided. Or maybe CBD also had some direct inflammatory action on the bladder of the cats. Specifically, some of the recent research also reports that cannabis also metabolites work perfectly for enhancing the health of the urinary tract. This makes the cat a lot comfortable and also heir life quality improves at varied levels. Although the professionals always advise the cat owners for consulting an integrative or holistic vet before you decide on giving cannabis products to the cats.


Cannabis Products for Cats:

There are cannabis supplements for pets that are also at the time referred to as hemp supplements as well. These are available in the forms of tinctures, capsules and have been formulated for enhancing the medical advantages of cannabis and there is no feeling of being high. Although one needs to keep in mind that all of the products are not the same. Some of the CBD products for pets have a sedative effect as per the concentration of CBD and THC present. Also, this is another vital reason that you need to talk to the vet before you start giving your cat CBD product.


How does CBD work for Cats?

CBD products are usually not made for the specific treatment of a health condition. These rather work perfectly when they have been given simultaneously with some other treatments. So when a pet is given cannabis it can help with lessening the dependency on medications.

For example, chemotherapy drugs also have some significant side effects as well. The use of cannabis can reduce it immensely.
There are not many side effects that have been associated with CBD but it has to be taken in proper doses. One of the most common amongst them is having slight lethargy that can last from 2 to 3 days. Also, products containing the use of whole plat can lead to softer and frequent stools in cats that have sensitive bowel systems. Very rarely there can be skin itchiness observed and it is advised that in such a situation the products are discontinued.

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Key Note:

Please remember that the present laws are not allowing vets for prescribing medical marijuana to the animals. If you are a cat owner one can buy and also administer it in forms of tinctures and capsules. In reality, the only manner in which cannabis should be given to the cats is in supplement form that is specifically made for them. Never expose your pets to the plants smoke or try to feed them. This can easily result in high toxicity and overdose.


What is the CBD benefit for healthy cats?

Even the healthiest of cats can have numerous advantages for the general health that CBD offers. It improves the appetite. This happens as it activates brain receptors for regulating hunger. Therefore, finicky cats are encouraged to have more food with ease. CBD might also help with maintaining the softness and shine of the cat’s coat as well. Also on a day to day basis, the CBD products help with easing out the symptoms related to anxiety.


How can you buy CBD oil safely for cats?

As CBD oil is new in the industry this cannot be regulated by the FDA. And usually pet products also generally are less regulated. So this means that the CBD products that the cat owners purchase should be safe. This is easier than it sounds as we have all of the information right here for you:


  • Make sure you are using CBD oil specially made for cats:
    The anatomy of cats and also the endocannabinoid system is way different than humans. Therefore you must give your cat CBD oil that has been designed for pets only. Cats have a higher sensitivity to HC over humans. Therefore the CBD products that are made for cats don’t contain THC at all. The ones that are made for humans do have a
    higher concentration of THC.
  • Make sure that the company uses lab testing by the third party:
    The companies that manufacture quality products also make sure that they are using third party tests for making sure that the CBD oil is safe for use. This also verifies the CBD and THC concentration that the specific product has. They are also going to share the CBD results on their official website. At times this detail might even be given in the packaging of the product. This lab testing is not just vital for the verification of the CBD concentration in the CBD oil for the cat. But it is also crucial for the cat’s health as these tests will also reveal any potential toxins as well.
  • Select the CBD oil that has been sourced from hemp only and not marijuana:
    Usually, the CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant and therefore this has been also made legal across the U.S.A. They have a high amount of CBD although this can also be extracted from marijuana as well. Marijuana works as a toxin for cats. This is because the amount of THC in it is very high. This is also the reason why the CBD oil for cats must always be extracted from hemp. This only contains the THC amount of 0.3 percent or less. This is also a good way of ensuring that the products are not just safe for cats but also legal.
  • Consult a veterinarian:
    As you are well aware of the medical history of your pet’s cat medical history you must get the best advice from your veterinarian. This will be providing you with the best dosage of CBD oil for your pet cat. This will also help you to understand the specific product that will be effective for managing a specific health condition. CBD can also interact with the other medicines, so in case your cat also has some other medicine make sure you let the vet know about it as well.
  • Go through the online reviews:
    The tips that we have given above is surely going to make CBD oil safe for the cats. Although there is some specific reason as to why people have a preference over a specific brand than others. One of them can be that the customer service of that company is better, secondly, they might have found a certain product to be more effective for their cat. So it was always great that one takes a look at the online review or observing the experience previous clients had. Also, make sure that you are also observing the reviews from cat owners that are dealing with a condition similar to that of your pet.
  • Can cats overdose with CBD oil?
    CBD is safe to use for cats and dogs both and at high doses as well. Although for ensuring that your cat has an enjoyable experience it is highly recommended that the dosage, to begin with, is lowest. Then gradually this can be increased also make sure that you are observing your cat for any kind of probable side effects. Although please keep in mind that all cannabinoids are not safe for cats. This includes THC and gives the feeling of being high. This is because it has psychoactive properties. CBD does not have any such effect, therefore, it provides all of the benefits.

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FAQ about CBD for cats:

Can CBD oil be toxic for cats?
No, as we said above, CBD oil is not going to be toxic for cats. When the cat is given CBD oil, they will be able to have all of the therapeutic advantages that CBD has and no feeling of high at all.

Is CBD going to make cat high?
CBD is very different from THC. There are no psychoactive properties present in CBD. Therefore CBD should not be giving your pet cat any high. Just make sure that the product has been made from industrial hemp. Industrial hemp consists of less than or equal to 0.3 percent of THC. And marijuana, on the other hand, may contain between five to forty percent of THC in it. Most of the CBD oil that has been sourced from the hemp, therefore it contains low amounts of THC and hence legal throughout the nation. But it is always best that you double-check for it from the buyers as well.

Is there any side effect of CBD?
The side effects of CBD are rare, in case any can be:
Appetite and weight changes.
Dry mouth.
In a situation that you observe any of these side effects in the cat, immediately stop giving them CBD oil. Then talk to a good veterinarian. They might recommend slowly reducing the CBD dosage and reintroduce it to the cat. They might also advise some other therapies as well. CBD can also interact with medications. This also affects kittens way differently than cats that are adults. So talk to your veterinarian before you give your cat or kitten CBD oil.

From where can we buy CBD oil specifically for cats?
CBD oil for cats is available online and also in a lot of local pet stores as well. Often it’s a good idea to find the best deals for CBD oil with online purchases when you buy the product from the company directly.

So this was our detailed article on “ Do cats have CBD receptors”. CBD can be highly beneficial for cats in the management of symptoms related to various diseases. There is a huge range of CBD products and edibles available especially for cats so make sure you check them out.


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