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The brand Functional remedies have been manufacturing CBD products for promoting wellness, health, and athleticism. Today we have a detailed Functional Remedies review to give you an idea on if the quality of the product.

Functional Remedies Review: Summary

The company has been making varied premium quality CBD products. Some of the most
popular ones include CBD capsule, CBD oil, and topical creams. These products are not very different from what we see from other brands in the market. But the parent company of Functional remedies is CBDRX and is well known for working towards the sustainable and
scientific development of CBD products.

Not just this but they are also able to control the four Colorado facilities for accommodating proper research. This means they have enough resources for sustainable farming, high tech procedures and the own genetic strain for the highly potent CBD hemp. They have been working in the field for 25 years now and have gained a great reputation for expertise in developing CBD products.

Functional Remedies Review: Important Points You Should Know

Hemp source:
The company had recently updated their lab as well as a production facility to Louisville,
Colorado. They have been sourcing their hemp from the one farm that is in the state and have complete control when it comes to seed quality to the bottling procedure.

Taste of the products:
The hemp oil from Functional remedies is light in consistency. Therefore, it does not linger in the mouth for much time. The oil has an earthy, natural flavor.

Online Shopping Experience:
The official website offers the user ease in use. The product descriptions are a bit too long but offer detailed information. The company also has reward programs that will help you to save money. So make sure that you gain as many points as you can with every purchase. Then you can also get an additional off of 15 percent if you refer them to your friend.

Functional Remedies Review: Product Range

The company offers varied products that contain CBD for offering targeted relief from different health issues. You might be looking for a topical cream or CBD oil, the company caters to the requirement of a large section of people. Although, a lot of people might feel that they are not having a huge selection of products and the range is limited. But they also have another line called Edosport that offers quality products to athletes or for people that are physically very active. But for normal people differentiating between sports and regular products can be tricky apart from the packaging.

Here are some of the popular products from the brand:

  • Hemp Tincture by Functional Remedies

The product has gained high popularity amongst the regular customers of the company. The hemp tincture is made from the whole plant for infusing MCT oil. This results in a product with maximum absorption capacity.

The product is great for people that require an immediate mind and body balance. You can add this to any beverage or take it orally. The product is available in three different variants of 1000 mg, 500 mg, and 250 mg. Each dose offers full-spectrum hemp oil and also the hemp phytonutrients. You can get 40 droppers from each bottle. The tincture can be delivered in all U.S. states.

  • Hemp Salve

The hemp salve by Functional remedies is made of organic coconut oil and other certified
organic oils. There is also vitamin E, organic beeswax, black pepper in it. This makes sure that it has a soothing effect and is highly effective cream.

This is also the perfect product for including hemp oil in your daily skincare. The product also gives relief from pain and a speedy recovery. This hemp salve is available in only one size of 1/2ounce. You will get 500 mg of hemp oil and the cost of the product is $ 59.99. You get the product directly shipped from Colorado and it must arrive from 6 to about 10 days.

  • Hemp Capsules

If you don’t like the taste of hemp oil, you can take these hemp capsules. These are easy to use and swallow. The capsule is best for people to include in daily routine for maintaining overall health and leads to the best health result. The hemp capsule is available in strengths of 10 mg, 25 mg, and the highest of 50 mg. Each of these will give you hemp phyto-nutrient and each bottle contains 30 capsules. You can get great discounts if you subscribe to them.

Functional Remedies review: Endosport range

This is another range offered by the company especially or athletes and is called as Endosport:

Endosport Hemp Oil Tincture:

The hemp oil is perfect for people that lead an active life. This will be nourishing the vital
endocannabinoid system of the body. The hemp tincture makes use of the whole plant and
infuses MCT oil to get maximum benefits of the product with high absorption. This is also a
great product as it offers instant results.

Endosport Hemp Salve:

This specific product is trending and has some amazing reviews by customers that are dealing with physical discomfort. The product is potent and this makes it an effective topical. It also offers great relief from constant muscle or joint pain.

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Functional Remedies Review: Lab Testing

While we were looking at the official website of the company, we were able to see the individual lab results under the heading “Educate Yourself”. You will be able to see the complete analysis and certificate. The customer can also put the batch number and see the lab results as well. In case this function isn’t working, you can also ask them for the analysis through chat. They will send you the test result through email.


  1. The company has a farm-to-bottle procedure, this means that they have complete control over quality and throughout the manufacturing process.
  2. They have years of expertise in the subject.
  3. The company follows sustainable farming.
  4. They used the lipid infusion process.


  1. Too much information on the website makes it difficult for the customer to find specific or direct answers.

Pricing Of Functional Remedies Products:

The price of the company products is dependent on the CBD concentration in that specific
product. Some of the items can cost you as low as $ 29.99 like their tincture of 250mg. Then there are other potent products like the 50 mg CBD capsule that can go up to $ 149.99.

Shipping Policies of Functional Remedies:

The company presently just ships to customers in the U.S.A. If you place an order over $ 99 then you can avail free shipping. Otherwise, you will have to pay $ 6.95 as the shipping
charges. If you want the product to be delivered faster you can also opt for next day shipping through FedEx. Although for this service you will have to pay additional charges.

Return Policy of Functional Remedies:

All customers might not be satisfied with the products, therefore the company also has an easy money-back guarantee system that we liked. They let the customer test the product for a 30-day trial and in case they don’t like it they can request a refund. You need to read their terms and condition for this.

Functional Remedies Review: The Overall Health Benefits:

There are several reasons why the brand was able to gain immense popularity, but the main reason being the health benefits. The main reason for this can be the quality CBD that is used in their products. Some of these can be discussed right here:

  • It Can Help Lower Anxiety-Several types of research have been done that show that CBD can help with people suffering from anxiety issues. These results have mainly been observed in animal studies but some indicate the impact on humans as well.
  • CBD Products Can Provide Pain Relief-People that suffer from chronic pain can get great relief from CBD products. Research also indicates that CBD can also work towards the inflammation, migraines, arthritis as well as chronic pains because of muscle pull. One can read customer reviews all across the internet regarding their personal experiences.

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Functional Remedies Review: Important Takeaways

1. The founder of the company is Tim Gordon. He is also the man that had opened the first
cannabis dispensary in Colorado.
2. The brand only makes use of a natural process that’s called lipid infusion.
3. They are well known for the CBD oil and have gained high popularity for offering benefits
of pain relief.
4. The company does a lab test for potency and purity.
5. They also offer a good scholarship program. That is helpful for students post-secondary      with the education fees.

Why You Should Go With Functional Remedies Products?

The company has been able to produce high-quality hemp products that are loved by most
customers. The man behind the brand Tim Gordon has over 25 years of experience in the field. Additionally, the company gets the hemp from Colorado that is considered of the highest quality. You need to keep in mind that not all companies do that. They also conduct the third party lab test for ensuring that all of the products are completely free from heavy metal or other toxic substances. Then they also have a different line of products for athletes and that is commendable.

Functional Remedies Review: Overall Thoughts

The company is immensely careful about the language that they use for describing each of their products. They let you know the complete phytocannabinoids in each of the products over labeling the potency of CBD products. For some customers, this can be confusing but this mainly means that they are using whole-plant extracts and are not just focused on the CBD content. This full-spectrum oil idea emphasis is refreshing to see. This is all that most of the other brands have to talk about. The lipid infusion procedure also makes sure that you get a product that can deliver benefits that are 400 percent better than other companies.

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Final Verdict:

Now we have concluded our Functional Remedies review. As we have observed the company is well trusted by the existing customer and does offer quality products. The complete test certificates on the website tell about the transparency they have. This also makes sure that the products manufactured by the company are safe and potent to use.


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