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Hemp Lucid Review

The main objective of the company can be found in the name itself and we have a detailed Hemp Lucid Review for you. This is a brand that says it wants to offer “Lucid” or knowledge among people on CBD. This also means that they strive well for putting forward information that surrounds CBD benefits and also the immense value that natural hemp can offer.

What does the company say?

Hemp Lucid has been dedicated to creating whole hemp-derived products. This is because they have a belief that terpenes and cannabinoids increase CBD effectiveness. There are some products offered by the company that is free from THC for adding variety. Also, a piece of good news about the company is that they keep looking ahead to improving their range. They also make use of nano-technology for faster and way efficient CBD absorption. Additionally, this company is completely transparent and open for their hemp source and the testing procedure that they have.

Hemp Lucid Review: The product range

The company has a range of four CBD tinctures. Here we have the complete review:

  1. Whole Plant CBD Water Soluble:

This is without a doubt the bestseller CBD tincture form the company. The main reason behind this is that it has been developed through Nan technology. This ensures that the bioavailability of the product is enhanced. As per the company, the CBD particles in this way are too small and hence get dissolved in the bloodstream and here the body can use it efficiently and faster. The product is available in four sizes of 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 1500 mg. Of course, the price of the product does vary as per the strength but all an all its one of the most affordable products from the brand.

This product for its carrier oil uses vegetable glycerin that easily mixes with water. The company claims that the product starts working instantly. This can be used in cold cooing preparations or with a vaporizer. The dropper that comes with it can hold 1.5 ml of the product. Bu the company recommends taking 2/3rd of the amount in each dose.

  1. Whole Plant Hemp Extract:

This is also a tincture and one of the popular products from the brand. The difference is that this product makes use of MCT oil as its carrier oil. This extract is also available in different sizes like 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 1500 mg. This can be taken sublingually or again in salads and other cold preparations. Make sure that you don’t use it as a vaporizer as the product is not made for it.

The company says this is the most long-lasting product from them. This is also a great product for people that are looking for CBD effects for hours and don’t want to take an extra dose.

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  1. Hemp Seed Oil Tincture:

This specific tincture is made with a combination of hemp seed oil and CBD. The prices vary as per the size from $ 46.95 to $ 199.95 and the four sizes that its available in again ranges from 250 mg to 1500 mg which is a similar pattern seen in their other products. The great thing about this tincture is that it comes in a 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3.

This is perfect and highly recommended for maintaining overall health. There is potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium present as well. This product can be considered as both a tincture and a superfood. There are endless benefits of the product including healthy skin, digestion, and better complexion.

  1. Whole Plant CBD Drop/Vape:

Hemp Lucid says this is one of the super-fast ways for feeling the complete effects that one can get from the whole plant CBD. This product comes at a strength of 150 mg to 1500 mg. And one can begin with the 150 mg one as the product comes from $ 29.95 and then you way up from there.

The tincture also has vegetable glycerin that means that it is perfect or using with vaporizers. We all are well aware of the fact that CBD vaping offers the highest level when it comes to bioavailability over any other method of consumption. One of the surprising things about the brand is that they don’t sell cartridges or vaporizers.

Hemp Lucid Review: All the details:

There are some important points and information that you should know about for having the complete idea on Hemp Lucid Review:

  1. Source:

This is an important factor while judging the quality of CBD products. Hemp Lucid uses skilled extractors and growers for the CBD extract from industrial hemp. These plants are grown organically in certified organic farms of Colorado.

  1. Taste test:

There are three kinds of HempLucid CBD oil formulas available. The taste of each one of these slightly varies. The tincture from hemp seed oil has an earthy taste and the reason for this is that there are two kinds of hemp extract used in this one.  The mixture with CBD MCT has a low hemp flavor. The water-soluble CBD makes use of vegetable glycerin that has a sweet taste and is smooth for consuming.

  1. Website shopping experience:

Their website store has been created in a streamlined manner. This shows the consumers that all of the products at just one click.

  1. Product range:

There are several products that you can choose from the brand. This also includes THC free oil, edibles and topical. Their topical creams are amazing for athletes. The company also provides full-spectrum and whole plant CBD oil for cats, dogs and also CBD concentrates like vape drip oil, lip balms, and wax.

  1. Lab Testing:

The company tests its entire product range with ProVerde Laboratories. This is a well trusted and accredited company for their party test. They check the CBD products if there are any pesticides other harmful chemicals present. You can see certificates of analysis on the product description. The good things about the company are that they include the batch number on the packaging that makes it easy for the company to search for the specific certification.

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Hemp Lucid review- Pros and Cons:


  1. The website is well designed.
  2. There are varied carriers for CBD tinctures.
  3. There are products made especially for athletes.
  4. You get so many options for CBD and Full spectrum.


  1. The company doesn’t have any FAQ page or About Us page available.

Hemp lucid Review: Overall Thoughts:

There are some stand-out and unique points that Hemp Lucid offers. They have made the certifications available which makes them a reliable brand for god quality CBD products. They create products made from natural and real alternative with no artificial flavor or color. There are also carrier ingredient options in the CBD oil range and you can choose one that suits your requirements. These are affordable products and as per the range available with different strength products, a beginner to CBD can find a product suitable for them.

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