What are the Hemp Oil Side Effects on the body?

What are the Hemp Oil Side Effects on the body?

With the immense versatility it provides and the health benefits, Hemp oil has gained its popularity over the years. But in this article, we shall be discussing the Hemp oil side effects in detail. Both men and women looking for making changes to have a healthier lifestyle, tend to reach out for the product. Hemp is a completely natural ingredient that is great for supporting overall health. This is achieved as the product is loaded with amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals. In case you are residing in the UK then the product is completely legal and easy to find. You can purchase it online and consume it. Although in some parts of the world there are still issues with legality and availability like in the US. This can be a bit confusing but a little online research will help you to understand the federal laws of your state and if you can buy it.

A small background about Hemp oil:

Hemp oil is made from the stalks and seeds of the hemp plant. Even after the resource that it comes from the product has no or very little psychoactive element that we know as THC. This means that when you consume it, there won’t be a feeling of high that you’ll experience. For example, hemp can contain 0.3 to 1.5 percent THC. But when compared to marijuana that can have anywhere between 5 to 20 percent this is nothing. The main components of hemp oil are omega fatty acids that can be compared to olive oil and fish oil that we normally consume. So most of the time’s hemp oil works as a health supplement.

Hemp oil side effects: Overview:

Even after the concerns related to the safety of the hemp oil usage, it cannot be denied that several people are using hemp oil and CBD products. And these numbers are on an exponential rise for a reason. The health benefits are way more than the side effects that are minor when we compare to other medications. It is natural and the side effects that we mentioned are not necessarily something that everyone will face. Also, there is an almost nil probability of overdosage. So if you are purchasing any hemp oil product online, make sure that it comes from a good reliable company and contains pure, quality ingredients. This will make sure that you don’t face any side effects at all.

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The Potential Hemp Oil Side Effects:

Although hemp oil is considered safe to use, there can be some small hemp oil side effects that you need to be careful about. Here they are:

  • Mouth dryness:

This is a very normal situation observed by people that consume CBD or other forms of cannabinoids. It is also seen in both cases of hemp oil consumption be it direct consuming or while smoking. Your mouth might feel extremely dry, but you can solve this issue easily, by drinking more water. This will hydrate your body and its recommended that you do this before consuming help oil so that the situation can be avoided completely.

Why does this happen?
This mainly occurs as when an individual consumes hemp oil that does contain CBD the receptors present in salivary glands are inhibited. This action comes with the endocannabinoid system of the body. Some of the recent studies that were done recently, showed that the submandibular gland that mainly produces saliva has cannabinoid receptors on them. Anandamide is an endocannabinoid that leads to dry mouth interacts with the receptors. Eventually inhibits the production of saliva through blocking signals of the nervous system that produces saliva.

  • Slight drowsiness:

Mainly CBD oil does not produce any of the drowsiness feelings. However, the effect of hemp oil can vary from one individual to another. Most of the time hemp oil has an effect of getting you a lot more energetic and awake. But there are specific cases where this reaction can be the opposite. Especially with a higher dosage, some people can experience drowsy feelings after they have consumed hemp oil.

In case you have observed such a symptom, it’s highly recommended that you DON’T operate any kind of heavy machine or drive. This is for your safety and the people around you. Another good advice will be to reduce the dosage and see if this makes a difference.

  • Lightheadedness or Dizziness:

This is amongst the very rare and temporary hemp oil side effects. The dizziness that you feel is also very easy for managing. You can drink coffee for helping the body to instantly regain the lost balance. Having a cup of coffee or tea at times can work wonders for your situation. But there is one key factor here that you should keep in mind. That is, drinking lots of water and staying hydrated all the time. It’s vital as caffeine tends to lower the water in the body.

  • Low blood pressure:

This is a symptom that is experienced by people that also have dizziness. There are pieces of evidence that say CBD oil helps with the treatment of heart disease or diabetes as it lowers the blood pressure. But this specific quality can negatively impact the people that have normal levels of blood pressure in the body. Some studies show the high hemp oil or CBD can slightly drop the blood pressure.

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What should one do?

It is highly recommended that if you are on medication to lower blood pressure or already suffer from low BP refrain from consuming hemp oil products. It is also recommended that you do consult your doctor before considering hemp oil for any use. This allows your doctor to guide you better for your specific case. Alternatively, if you are already in this situation having coffee does help.

  • Weight and appetite changes:
    One of the clinical studies that were done on patients suffering from psychotic disorders and epilepsy had some interesting findings. In the research, the scientists found out that people did experience some kind of changes in appetite and weight. Although it can be said that when compared to other medicines CBD had lesser side effects. But there is more scope for research in this specific topic like hemp oil side effects on the hormone levels etc.
  • Impact on people having Movement disorder:
    A few possible risks of CBD or hemp oil do exist. This is specific for patients that are already suffering from certain health conditions. For instance, patients who suffer from movement disorders like Dystonia. One of the studies that had been published in the International Journal of Neuroscience in the year 2009. The patients had been treated with CBD oil with doses varying from 100 to 600 mg. This was done for 6 weeks. They were also having the standard medicines and improvement signs were noticed.However, they also experienced some of the common side effects that we had mentioned earlier in this article. If the dosage had been increased over 300 mg per day there was also an increase observed in resting tremor also known as hypokinesia. This study had revealed some of the dangers that CBD can cause in patients that have Parkinson’s disease.Although there was one other study that was published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology that had suggested that using CBD oil does improve the life quality of patients that suffered from Parkinson’s disease. So this proves that there is still a requirement of studies that has to be done for discovering facts on the area. So that specific negative impacts can be noticed.
  • Pharmaceutical drug interaction:If you have been on other pharmaceutical medicine for the ailment you currently have there is a need to be careful while having hemp oil. This is specifically on the drug metabolism that occurs in the liver. Certain enzymes get impede because of CBD in the liver like cytochrome P450 enzyme. And in the case where you are consuming high dosage of CBD, this can completely stop the activity of the P450 enzyme. This specific effect can be minor and usually a temporary issue. It is vital that you first consult your doctor before you start using hemp oil with other medicines that you have.
  • Hemp oil side effects related to FDA approved medicines for Epilepsy:
    It is well known that Epidiolex is one of the medicines that is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for mainly two kinds of Epilepsy. This is for patients over the age of 2 and mainly for Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. But while the clinical trials were being done the research also showed some of the adverse effects of the medicine like:

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  • Liver issues.
  • Symptoms that are related to Central nervous systems like lethargy and irritability.
  • Changed appetite.
  • Infections
  • Gut issues.
  • Skin rashes with increased sensitivity.
  • Breathing issues
  • Mood swings get worse.
  • Breathing problem.

Hemp oil side effects: When should you completely avoid CBD oil?

While hemp oil does have a lot of therapeutic benefits for the human mind and body, there are times when one should completely avoid its use or consumption:

  1. If you are pregnant:

There is certain evidence that shows the bad effects of hemp products on the baby. So if the mother consumes such a product during pregnancy or at the time of breastfeeding the child they will get impacted. Although, there are no studies on CBD in purest forms that contain THC of 0.3% or less. As per some of the researches, because cannabinoid receptors are well involved with a child’s brain development, it can interfere with the brain development of the fetus. However, some people believe that it promotes neurogenesis so it can promote better brain development. But this needs a lot more research and until then we recommend you to stay away from it if you are pregnant.

  1. Not for children under the age of 2:

As there is still no proper regulation and appropriate vigilance on the sale of hemp oil products, it’s not safe for administering in any form for babies or children under the age of 2. There is no surety on the tiniest traces of THC can have on the child. And there can be contaminants present that might put the child’s health at risk. Therefore, the best idea is not to use any of the CBD products so that no side effects are experienced.

  1. If you are raking antidepressant or antipsychotic drugs:

As we have mentioned earlier that there can be an interaction of CBD with other medicines. Therefore it will be safe to say that you avoid hemp oil usage in any form if you are specifically using medicines related to depression or anxiety.  Also if you are on any other medicine make sure that you consult with your doctor before you start using hemp oil. It is vital here that you also do your fair share of research and go through different studies so that you are completely sure about safety.

The Potential hemp oil side effects: Final words

Everything that we consume in our diet or use for managing the health does impose a certain degree of risk. Certainly, hemp oil is not an exception to this situation. But you need to keep one thing in mind that the negative side effects of using hemp oil are very rare. Usually, this is seen in extreme cases. Also when compared to other pharmaceutical side effects, these are minor. Till now, there has been no reported case that indicates hemp oil toxicity on ingestion. Again, be safe and only use quality hemp oil from a reputed brand or avoiding any of the side effects. So have you used hemp oil and experienced any of the side effects? If yes, then make sure to comment below as we are all here to learn and gain knowledge. And your thoughts can be helpful. Also, if you still have any doubts regarding hemp oil, we are more than happy to help you out.



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