HempMy Pet Review and Coupon Code – CBD OIL REVIEWZ

HempMy Pet Review and Coupon Code - CBD OIL REVIEWZ

So are you planning for trying to go for CBD for the probability of your pet is that you might have already heard about Hemp My Pet. But if you are still wondering if it is of any good we have right here for you the complete Hemp My Pet Reviews. Keep reading ahead for a detailed review of the product range the company offers.

Hemp My Pet Reviews: Features that make CBD dog treats and CBD oil from the brand the best choice

The company is very clear on the fact that it is investing in creating the best quality products that contain ingredients of human-grade. The company also assures that they are using hemp that is organically sourced and is Colorado grown. This makes sure that the products being manufactured are of high quality. The company has complete control over the ingredient sourcing that is used for making its products. Out of many CBD products coming from varied brands, this remains on the top of the list. They are a reliable company for your loved pets and a few reasons are supporting our thought:

1. They are certified organic:

In case you are looking for something that’s best for your pet than this is a brand that you shouldn’t skip. The products are manufactured by using a certified organic carrier oil and
have a top-shelf life. The hemp extracts that are being used are infused in all of their
products organically grown. These are also made from strain specific hemp. The best part
about this method is that this means that the product is GMO-free and contains absolutely
no chemicals. It also ensures that the final product manufactured is of the best quality.
Additionally, all of the other ingredients that they are using in their products come from the
trusted suppliers of the company.

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2. Hemp My Pet Reviews: Makes Products in little Batches

Creating products in mass brings down the costs to a large extent. But this also means that
product quality decreases. But Hemp My Pet is different here and makes all of the products in small batches. They mainly focus on the fact that each of the batches is good and the quality is maintained. There is consistency observed over the years and you are able to buy products that are freshly made almost all the time.

3. The company is tested by the third party:

As we have mentioned earlier, a brand needs to get third party testing done. Unfortunately, this is not the case with all companies out there. There is a lack of strict regulations that we observe in even some of the most established industries. This also plays to an extent with the trust of the consumer. They are searching for products that are safe to use for pets and made from quality ingredients. The good news is that the 3 party testing achieves these issues. Each of the batches from the company is tested independently. Some of the key features for which testing is done include safety, purity, and potency. This makes HempMy Pet a reliable brand for the user.

The tests reveal that their products don’t contain any kind of contaminants like solvents or heavy metals. Additionally, this test also ensures that each of the products coming from the brand is of the right potency. This makes sure that you are completely sure of what the pet is being given. All of the CBD brands usually don’t advertise if their product is tested by a 3rd party.

4. They offer Full-Spectrum products:

As we said above, that most people prefer products that are full spectrum over CBD isolates. Some of the owners might get worried about the slight amounts of THC in it, but you won be having any issues with your pets. The company claims on their official website that their product is non-psychoactive a hundred percent. For considering cannabis pant as hemp as per the US government, there is a requirement of it to be less than 0.3 percent of THC.

Any more of this amount is considered as marijuana or cannabis. Hence for selling legally the products need to be hemp-derived and should contain THC less than 0.3%. Also, the extract this company uses is diluted further and carrier oils are mixed with it.

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Overall you can be sure that these products won’t be getting your pets high. They will only be providing you the complete therapeutic potential that you can get from a hemp plant.

Hemp My Pet Reviews: Product range:

When you are searching for CBD products for pets, rarely do you find a brand with many
products. This is another reason we love this brand. Presently the company can provide you with a great variety of products. The bestseller from the brand is their CBD tinctures. This is similar to some of the CBD oils that you mostly glance at on the web. Right now they are offering 2 tinctures:

1. One that has 250 mg of the extracts from active hemp:
This product works amazingly for pets of small sizes by weight as they need a small

2. The second one is the 1000 mg hemp actives:
This CBD product is recommended for pets that are larger in size and weight. The
reason being the dosage is much higher in this one. The best part about both of these is that it contains pure CBD and dosage is easy. Therefore it can be used for pets under 10 pounds and one bottle can last to around 6 months.

3. Pet treats:

The company also offers god tasting pet treats. All of these are also made in small batches and contain natural ingredients only. The treats are available both for small and large dogs. They contain 2 mg and 5 mg of CBD in them respectively. Also, the treats are available in two flavors one is peanut butter and the other one is pumpkin. These are loved by pets as well.

4. Coconut oil:

Apart from the treats and tinctures, this is one product by the company that is very unique. The coconut oil from them comes in 500 mg and 1000 mg variety. With this product, all of the benefits of coconut oil and CBD can be obtained. This can be given to the pets on its own or if you prepare the meals, these can be used to cook with.

Hemp My Pet Reviews: What other owners have to say?

Apart from the variety of products they offer and the quality, the company is able to have a
strong customer base. Some several testimonials and reviews can be seen online and on their official website. Customers are using the products from the brand for helping the pets for managing inflammation to chronic pain, seizures or cancer.

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Hemp My Pet Reviews: Our verdict:

Without a doubt, the company is a great choice for your pets health needs. The company manufactures quality products and is transparent. All pet owners can rely on Hemp My Pet for the high-quality CBD they are looking for. It is highly recommended that you take a glance at their website and surely try the products and see how well it works for your pets.


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