How to Access CBD & Medical Marijuana In Australia?

How to Access CBD & Medical Marijuana In Australia?

Until now in the blogs that we have already discussed, we have learned so much about the uses and benefits of CBD. We also have gone through how cannabis affects our health. But now the question remains as to how to get your hands on Medical Marijuana in the Australia?

Honestly one of the simplest and economical ways to get access to THC or CBD products in the country is by growing it yourself. There are so many merchants online that sell seeds online and you can surely have a look at YouTube videos for details. In case you have little interest in gardening, cannabis is an affordable plant that you can grow. Although do it with caution as they can grow enormously if you plant them outside.

Here is all of the information that you need regarding how to access CBD & Medical Marijuana in Australia.

What is the difference between Marijuana and hemp?

Marijuana and hemp both are kinds of cannabis plants. But they have been regulated in different ways. You must be aware of the difference between the different types of cannabis plants and it is vital to understand if a CBD product is legal in your city.

The main point that differentiates between marijuana and hemp is the legal level of THC that is found in the plant. For a cannabis plant to be called hemp there must be less or equal to 0.3 percent of THC in it by dry weight. This is a very low THC level and will make sure that the hemp is not used for creating a high or is intoxicating in nature.

How to Access CBD & Medical Marijuana In Australia And Is It Legal?

Because of the association of CBD with the cannabis plant, there are a lot of customers out there that still question of CBD oil and products are legal in the city they live in. Here we simplify the answer for you. The recent legislation through the federal government in the Australia has changed.

Another fact is that hemp is legal and Marijuana is not legal in the Australia The CBD products that are produced from Marijuana and also contain THC levels that are still too high are considered to be illegal under regulations of CSA. Although you can find them on the medical dispensaries and other recreational states that have legalized marijuana.

So there is no question of CBD being legal or illegal but the source if CBD will determine if the product is legal federally or not. The CBD that is hemp derived is legal federally and the marijuana products having CBD in them are still illegal federally.

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What do you need to ask your doctor?

If you are going to take CBD products or medical marijuana or any specific ailment, you must talk about it with your doctor. They are aware of your medical history and a consultation will be beneficial before you start with your cannabis therapy.

You can also get medicinal cannabis on a doctor’s prescription that can be dispensed from a pharmacy that is licensed. As usual, it is an unregistered medicine, the doctor should be authorized at federal as well as state level.

Get educated and always know what you are saying:

Always keep in mind that you do have a voice. There is a probability that your doctor might not be aware of medical marijuana and the options for treatments that are currently available. They can therefore also be hesitant with its recommendation.

Then there are other doctors that are not in touch with the current researches that indicate towards a medical marijuana or cannabis plan for treatments. You should take the studies, documents and other data that you feel will support your situation. It is crucial to understand the facts well. And accordingly, get advises by the doctor if they think it will be the treatment choice that is best for you.

Know your rights regarding how to Access CBD & Medical Marijuana In Australia :

Being a patient you have the right to professional and unbiased medical guidance. We as patient keep asking the doctors about the varied treatment options available and therefore marijuana is not much different.

There can be some doctors that might have a negative approach for medical cannabis. It is vital that you are fully informed about the medical uses and benefits of CBD and medical marijuana. This will help in receiving better support.

There is also a probability of you getting in touch with medical practitioners that are very open to other forms of medicine that are herbal or say Chinese. But they still don’t consider cannabis and at times. The governing bodies have directed them unofficially to say no all the time when people want to talk about cannabis.

Main steps for medical cannabis and CBD:

  • First, you need to record data and information regarding all of the treatments that you have already tried. Then identify which of these had worked for your symptoms and which of them have not.
  • Now recognize the symptoms that you feel will be managed in a much better way with medical marijuana.
  • Describe your doctor about the symptoms in detail. Then consult how you are going to use medical marijuana. (In the form of tincture or Vaporisation)
  • In case you are presently using it, let them know about how you take it and the frequency.
  • Then ask for a recommendation by your doctor regarding the dosage and the delivery method that will be applicable for the treatment.

Have the support that you need:

You should also take a caregiver, friend or a family member with you. This will work as a support and will make it easier in case you are very nervous regarding the subject. In case your doctor is not aware of the medical cannabis you can also get advice from some others in your area.

CBD, Medical Marijuana and Cannabis faqs:

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  • Is CBD oil going to make me feel stoned or high?

The simple answer is No. The reason behind is that there are no psychoactive elements present. The other plant parts do contain some psychoactive elements that make people get the feeling of high. CBD does not.

  • What if the doctor says no?

There are many doctors that are still not familiar with the present researches that are supporting CBD or cannabis as a treatment. You should take the documentation and all of the data that you have found that will well support your case. This step is vital as the doctor will get a better understanding of why it can be the best treatment for you.

  • Is it safe to purchase CBD online and how to access CBD & Medical Marijuana in Australia?

Yes. CBD products can be purchased online safely. But of course quality comes first and this will completely depend on where you are buying the product from. Make sure that you are buying the product form a seller that is reputable. You can also read the reviews on the online store that are genuine for having a better idea.Also, see of the online store can show a third party testing for the product. This is crucial for ensuring that the CBD has the right cannabinoid amounts. It should also not have any kind of substance or heavy metals present. Just like any of the natural substances, CBD does get contaminated during production if it’s extracted poorly.

  • Don’t care about the legal aspect. I want to buy CBD oil Amazon. How do I know if it’s of good quality CBD?

We never recommend that you break the law. But we want you to do the proper research before you take this decision. When you select CBD products it is vital that you have the complete plant extract over the isolates or synthetic cannabis. Ang good source will tell you what the CBD source is and in case it does not say about full plant extract. We don’t recommend buying that.

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  • Why should I buy Full plant extract?

The CBD product with full plant extract also has all of the cannabinoids, and terpenes in them. This ensures that everything works in synchronization and you get the maximum benefits.

  • When treated with medical cannabis can I drive?

You should not operate any machinery or drive a car if you have been treated with medical marijuana. Additionally, THC concentrations that are measurable can get detected after many days in urine after your last dose. For about 90 percent of dosage to be excreted it can take around five days. It is a criminal offense if you drug drive. You must discuss the suggestions for legal and safe driving with your medical practitioner.

  • Is it true that CBD shows up in roadside swab tests or blood reports?

No. This test is only for THC that is active. None of the good quality CBD products contains enough amounts of THC that will give a positive report. For being certain always ask the supplier information regarding the THC percentage in the CBD oil.


So this was all about how to Access CBD & Medical Marijuana in Australia. In case you have any question, just ask us! We are here to answer all of your queries as we are all about providing the right information.


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