How to Choose the Best Vaping Pen for Her?

Best Vaping Oil For Her

Are you a girl who is planning to invest in a vape pen for the first time? Is the abundance of products and complex technicality of it leaving you baffled? If the answer to either question is yes, you are in the right place. Buying a vaping pen can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to the world of vaping. Not only does it involve a good amount of investment, but it can also directly impact your health. Here is your guide to pick the right vaping device for yourself.


What is a vaping pen?

Before we delve into discussing how you can pick a vape pen for yourself, let us see what a vape pen is. With the advent of technology, traditional cigarettes transformed into e-cigarettes, which lead to a radical and holistic lifestyle change among smokers. While there are tonnes of different products, the vape pen is the latest addition to the block.

A vape pen, doing justice to its name, is sleek like a pen and can fit the personality of every girl. It comprises of a tank to hold the material, a battery, and safety features that shut off the device automatically after a few seconds. Some devices even have a USB port that allows you to charge it as you go. They ideally use 80 watts of power and can hold up to 12 mg of vaping liquid.

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How to choose the right vape?

The market today is brimming with vaping devices. You can get anything from the conventional e-cigarette to the latest vape pens, as fits your need. All the ladies who are planning on buying a vaping device, here are a few points that you must keep in mind:

Finalize your budget: The very first thing you must keep in mind before you hit the market is finalizing a budget. It should ideally be the first step because you don’t want to find the best vape and then not be able to afford it.

Takeaway: If you don’t want to get disappointed, make your budget depending upon your finances. Keep in mind that you will not just be buying a vape pen, but you will also need to buy the battery, vaping material, and cleaning supplies. So, it would be wiser to keep a budget for them as well.

Consider the functionality: Being a girl do you want something that fits your personality? You can either invest in something easy or for a fancier one that comes with many features Depending upon your prior experience and expertise level, you can decide your functionality.

Takeaway: Before you start looking at the various devices, decide what you want it to do. If you are new to it, a simple vape pen with minimal components will be well suited. But, a more advanced vape will let you assemble it yourself with a removable coil and battery, and even allow you to use herb instead of liquid.

Get one with lasting battery life: Battery life of your cbd vape pen is pivotal to your entire vaping experience. Depending upon your pattern of usage and expectation from the device, you can choose the one with appropriate battery life.

Takeaway: The rule of thumb says that you should always go for the device with longer battery life. If you want to use it frequently and want it to produce more flavor and vapor, you will need to get a device with built-in batteries that you can recharge.

Choose the right size: What if the vape is a heavy one that neither fits in your handbag nor does it let you use it discreetly in public? The size of the vaping device is an essential consideration if you wish to keep it with you when you are on the go.

Takeaway: If you want the pen to be discreet and use it solely for wax or oil, then a smaller pen would suit you. But, for the ones who wish to smoke the bud of the cannabis plant would need a relatively bigger vape. The good news is that now you don’t even have to step out of your home, you can get quality vaping products.

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Keep the heating method in mind: The heating method determines your vaping experience and how it affects your health. There are three methods used in vape pens to heat the material to produce vapor. Convection method heats the vape liquid without a heat source being in direct contact with it. On the other hand, the conduction method does the exact opposite. Lastly, the induction technology used in vape pens uses magnetic fields to produce vapor.

Takeaway: Conduction is the very first heating technology to be used in vape and is also the fastest in producing vapour. However, technological advancements gave rise to convection and induction methods that are known to reduce the chance of combustion and protect you from toxic smoke.

What not to buy?
Now that you have the parameters to decide the right cbd vape pen, here are a few things that you must avoid:

  • There are plenty of cheap and sub-standard products available on the market. It is better to steer clear of cheap vape pens if you don’t want to end up paying more.
  • Avoid buying a vape made with low-quality material. If the vape is of Teflon, you might want to skip it.
  • Do not buy without asking for a composition test of the device to ensure the quality. If you can get your hands on a test by an independent source, you can rely on the results.

Final thoughts
Vaping can be a lot of fun, but only if you invest in the right device. If you are buying a vape kit for the first time, keep these points in mind, and you can find yourself a suitable one. Now, you can get premium vapes and THC delivery right at your doorstep with online services.


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