How to Consume Hemp Flower: A Proper Guide


Hemp has seen a sudden rise in popularity, all thanks to CBD. This incredible ingredient is known for the many health benefits it has to offer. People have started incorporating it to produce a variety of CBD products.

It is not a surprise anymore that the demand for high CBD hemp flowers has significantly gone up. With the sudden demand, manufacturers are now making CBD products and hemp flowers available in the market.

You may have heard a lot of CBD products. However, many people aren’t quite aware of
hemp flower buds and how to use it.

With the benefits and flexibility offered by a hemp flower, it is only reasonable for people to be interested in it. Some users consider that a hemp flower provides the most enjoyable ways of consuming CBD. In addition, hemp flower also guarantees purity and consistent high quality.

You can consume hemp flower using many different ways. If you are looking for some
inspiration, we are here to offer you a few.

Different Ways to Use Hemp Flower

Even before you think about consuming hemp flower, it is essential to buy some from a
trusted store. Like mentioned earlier, it will help in ensuring quality and purity. We would
recommend you try IHF Hemp Flower to experience maximum benefits the bud has to offer.

Once you get your hands on some good stuff, you can consume them in any of the following ways –

1. Pre-Rolls/Joints

It is considered to be one of the most popular means of consuming hemp flower. Users love
a joint now and then. There are many tutorials online that can teach you ways of rolling the
perfect joint. If you have the time and patience to roll, you can go ahead and try it. It will
only take a few minutes.

However, if you want a better way, we have it for you. Look for hemp pre-rolls in the market to save half your effort.

2. Bong/Pipe

If you want to skip making a joint every time you want to experience the benefits of hemp
flower, we have a way for you. Invest your money in buying a bong or pipe. You could also
get both!

When you have any of these, you don’t have to roll a joint. You can also skip breaking the
flower too much to fit it in the bong or pipe.

The market has a variety of options in bongs and pipes that come in different shapes and
sizes. The larger models could end up being harsher to your throat. It is best to invest in a
sophisticated bong that can filter as well as cool the smoke before it reaches your lungs.

3. Dry Herb Vape

If you like vaping, you will find plenty of options on the market. Electronic vaporizers are
known to have small compartments where you can place the smokable hemp flower. The
device will then heat it at a specific temperature that allows the CBD and additional
compounds to transform into vapor.

A vaping device is useless without a battery. Hence, it is essential that you buy decent
batteries along with the device.

4. Extracts

You can make your own CBD oil with the help of a hemp flower. It is much simpler than you may realize. You have to start by decarboxylating the flower with heat. It helps in activating the CBD, which is necessary to experience its therapeutic benefits.

You have to grind the hemp flower lightly and spread it on a baking tray evenly. Now, you
need to bake it for 30 minutes at 215 Fahrenheit for activating the various cannabinoid

You have to combine one ounce of hemp flower with two cups of oil, such as olive or
coconut oil. Avoid using hemp seed oil because it will not be able to handle the heat well.

Now, you have to heat it for around six hours at low heat. If you are using a saucepan for
heating, add a few cups of water. It will not let the oil burn.

When the time is up, allow it to cool down. Strain all the plant material from the oil. You can store the oil in a glass jar or bottle to use it whenever you need.

Making an extract of your own is pretty cool, especially because you can use it for cooking.
It is also great for those who want to consume CBD at small doses.

5. Edibles

Hemp flower could be incorporated in your favourite recipes. Many people like to add it in
fatty recipes, such as brownies and cakes. It is because fat is optimally absorbed into the
body. You can add your CBD extract to replace oil or butter in your recipes as well.

If you are trying out a slow-cooking recipe, you will have to grind the flower and add it to
the dish. With a slow and long cooking method, the cannabinoids will activate appropriately.

Closing Thoughts

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of hemp flower, it is essential to buy it from a quality store. Once you have the right ingredient, you can try out any of these incredible methods to extract maximum benefits from the flower.


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