How to Differentiate Marijuana Sexes

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When you use regular marijuana seeds in your cannabis gardens, one of the most important things that you will need to do is learn how to differentiate marijuana sexes in your gardens! The risk of having male plants contaminate your gardens can pretty much leave you empty-handed come harvest time. Through the use of both feminized and autoflowering versions of marijuana strains, you can pretty much guarantee yourself a growing process that is free of this risk. However, there isn’t exactly much fun in that, right?

Using regular marijuana seeds will never go out of style. In my eyes, they still stand as the epitomical method of growing weed seeds free of any human interference and innovation! But with it, you will always have to face the possibility of having males along with the female marijuana plants. So what exactly is wrong with having males in your weed crops? And what should you do in order to distinguish them from one another?

Understanding the Uses of Male and Female Marijuana Plants

When you use regular marijuana seeds, your plants will have an equal chance of developing into either a male or female. While this is something that seed breeders and marijuana strain developers will cherish, casual ones who mainly target buds for consumption won’t appreciate it as much.

Male cannabis plants have the ability to develop seed-filled flowers and pollen sacs as their reproductive organs. While these flowers have a few numbers of THC-carrying trichomes, they are nowhere as potent and resinous as female cannabis buds.
As such, males are typically used exclusively for producing seeds and procreating weed strains for future use and development.

On the other hand, female cannabis plants are geared more towards producing marijuana buds that are used for consumption. All the smokers around the world will generally use female buds without them even knowing! The buds produced by females, also known as sinsemilla or seedless flowers, contain high doses of THC enough to induce the effects commonly associated with weed usage. This eventually led to the development of both feminized and autoflowering varieties of marijuana seeds. Typical growers and commercial distributors lean more towards this gender of cannabis plants due to the high demand in the markets.

The Importance of Segregating Male and Female Marijuana Plants

The procreation of cannabis will mainly start when the male plants are mature enough to secrete the pollen grains built up inside their pollen sacs. This process, which is called pollination, sends the pollen grains into the gardens via natural elements such as wind, water, moving leaves, animals, and all other kinds of carriers.

Female marijuana plants also contain what we know as pistils, their main reproductive organ. Once the pollen grains reach the pistils of females, this will subsequently lead to them producing seeds instead of sinsemilla! Seeds in marijuana plants are very undesirable as they tend to explode when they are combusted. They also burn quite easily, giving the flavor of the smoke a terrible bitter taste.

But the main distraction of having males pollinate all over the female plants is the fact that the females will lose their tendency to continuously produce consumable buds. As their ability to generate high-THC buds gets replaced with seed production instead, growers will have no more smokable buds at their disposal come harvest time.

Unless you plan on cross breeding strains together, this is a very unwelcome feature in any marijuana garden. This is why most (if not all) growers will much rather keep male plants away from their gardens and discard them as soon as they are capable of being distinguished. But wait, when exactly can they be distinguished from one another?

When to Separate Your Marijuana Plants:

There is a very distinct timeframe in which you are able to classify the genders of your cannabis plants without leaving them to mature. During the time that they are seeds, it is technically impossible to do so as each and every seed will look alike in most ways.

As for the seedling and early parts of the vegetative stages, they will still be too young to display any telltale signs of their genders. What you will have to do is wait for the cannabis plants to reach their pre-flowering stage, which takes place in the later parts (presumably the fourth week of the vegetative stage). This happens right before flowering and is the earliest and most ideal time possible to classify the sexes of your marijuana!

The pre-flowers of male and female marijuana plants will look distinctly different.
For males, the young pollen sacs will appear as small bunches of round pellets grouped together. Within these sacs, the grains of pollen start developing until they are ready for pollination. Females will also start producing young pistils, which are hair-like fibers that are attached to teardrop-shaped structures. Both these can be found in between the nodes of your plants.

Once you achieve spotting these pre-flowers, the only thing left for you to do is take away any male plants and discard them! Of course, you will have other options like boiling down the leaves and roots for cannabis tea.

Properly taking the time to observe the plants sprouted by your regular seeds will literally make or break your future yields! While marijuana plants are quite easy to maintain, there are some underlying factors that you might overlook, such as the gender of your plants.

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