How To Grow Weed : A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

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Are you trying to grow marijuana? So here we are with the basic information to grow marijuana, all you need is a guarded space with sufficient budget for required equipment such as indoor pots, grow tools, etc. Also if you are growing this weed for yourself then one should know how long does a weed high last ? Growing weed is quite easy.

Grow Tools

There is a small list of tools, which are must for growing weeds.

  • Grow Tent

If you have decided the place where you want to grow weeds the next step is to choose a tent in which you can grow Cannabis. There are a lot of options in the market some of them are highly equipped with all sort of required equipment, but you need to be sure that what you want to buy don’t waste extra bucks on such tents do your own research and find out that what sort of tent you need for the effective growth of your Cannabis.

  • Grow Light

You should choose a light which can cover your tents footprint. There are some options you can choose between.

  • HID ( High-Intensity Discharge )
  • HPS ( High-pressure Sodium )
  • MH ( Metal Halide )

You can also use LED or CFL if there are any sort of heating issues from the suggested bulbs. 

Also pay attention to a decent timer lighting so that you don’t need to switch on or switch it off manually. 

  • Exhaust fan and activated carbon filter

Exhaust fan and activated carbon filter are necessary to replace tent’s heat and odor with fresh air. You should also keep hygrometer to measure the temperature and humidity the tent. 

  • Cannabis seed

Not the most important thing to grow Cannabis are Marijuana / Cannabis seeds. 

  • Soil

You will require a good quality of loose and airy soil, also you need to pay attention to the pot you are using make sure that there is a hole at the bottom of the pot and place the saucer under the pot tocatch any overflow.

  • Nutrients

Watering your plants is a good idea but that is not enough you also need to provide the required nutrients to the plants.

Procedure to Grow Weeds

After rooting the clones or planting the seeds, now you have to make sure that your plant grow safely and effectively.

Set your reflector a bit lower so that your plants don’t have to stretch them to reach for light and keep adjusting your lighting system with the growth of the plants, make sure that your plants are getting 18 hours of light a day and give them a rest of 6 hours. Now in the vegetative state you will get to see the growing leaves and it also might grow the flowers if the plant you have is an auto flowering plant.

watering plants is good but you need to know that when to feed your plant and when to stop because if you’ll feedthe excessive nutrients to a plant it may cause the damage. If youstill don’t know that when to stop you can observe the leaves of a plant if the leaves tips are looking burnt that mean the nutrition is more than enough. Marijuanaroots support a wet/dry cycle, so it’s up to you that what sort of trick you choose to know that your plant need water or not, it’s better to stay away from the plant for sometimes.

Pruning for Higher Yields

You need to make sure that the branches don’t reach high to the light it can cause the damage to the plant, you can save your plant from this sort of damage by pruning the higher yields.  But pruning is also not a very safe idea because if your plants have begun flowering then it will be your loss. Instead cutting the branchesyou can bend them or tie them down so that they don’t reach to the light.

Flower Power

When you feel that your plant is now ready to begin floweringstage then you should change the lighting timer to 12 hour on and 12 hour off. 

Change your feeding orderaccording to the stage of your plant keep yourself ready for the flushing process. 

Harvesting, Drying and curing

Keep a close look on trichomes, they look a lot similar to Little grass mushroom, and when the glands go cloudy white you can harvest thembefore they go Amber(a little yellowish).

Now you are in post- harvest stage, you just have to trim and hang up the budsto make them dry this process may take a week or two weeks. Make sure that your buds are getting proper air  but that doesn’t mean that you have to blow a fan in front of them no you don’t have to do that. If you feel that your buds are drying to quickly in that case you can add a humidifier in the room where you are drying the buds.

now you have to put your birds in a jar make sure that you put it in the opaque and keep that in a cool dry place if you see  any condensation then start open your jar once or twice a day. Most probably after a month your buds are ready.


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