How to Test CBD Strength?

Cbd strength

It is disappointing to buy a product and consume it for some weeks and not get the expected results. Maybe the product was not as strong as the readings on the label. Typically, this is a situation that most CBD users find themselves in, mainly if you are new to using CBD oil. It leaves you struggling to find out how strong the CBD product is from the mg or percentage on the label.

The legalization of the hemp plant in the US and other countries like Canada has increased hemp-derived products. Also, the legalization of hemp has seen many genuine and scam online dispensaries sell CBD products, such as CBD oils, edibles, infusions, and tinctures.

Thus, you should buy CBD from a trusted dispensary that has been in business for some time. It is one of the many ways of helping you assess the strength of the CBD oil. Hence, it will solve the problem of distinguishing low-quality and high-quality products.

How essential is CBD strength testing?

Lack of regulatory oversight that makes sure that the CBD strength on the labels is in line with the strength inside the bottle is the main reason why you need CBD strength testing. Although some CBD products have an accurate amount of CBD, some claim to contain a specific percentage of CBD while they contain no CBD.

Consequently, this post equips you with the right knowledge you require to differentiate between inferior CBD oils and high-quality CBD products. You will be sure of the strength of the CBD product you will buy.

Certificate of CBD analysis

High-quality CBD manufacturers tend to send a sample of each batch of their CBD products to an autonomous third-party laboratory. The laboratory gives a certificate of analysis after performing a cannabinoid test to ascertain the exact amount of CBD and other cannabinoids present. Buying from CBD oil manufacturers that supply such a certification ensures that the strength of the CBD product is exactly the one on the label.

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Using a CBD oil home test kit

You can use a CBD testing kit; the alpha cat cannabinoid (CBD) analysis test, to know the strength of your CBD oil. It is a method that most people prefer because it is easy to test.

It is a kit that you can use while at home, and it allows you to test the potency of CBD as well as other cannabinoids in the CBD oil. The primary advantage of this kit is that you buy it once and after you are satisfied with the CBD content, you will have identified a reliable brand. Thus, you will buy your CBD products from a reliable manufacturer going forward.

The endocannabinoid system of every person works differently. Therefore, you may consume a CBD product with different CBD strength from what your friend, spouse, or another person consumes. Consult with your doctor so that you know the exact amount of CBD you can consume for better results.

Buy from a trusted CBD manufacturer

Buying your CBD product from a reputable manufacturer is always the first step to make sure that you are using a quality product that has accurate strength information. It is wise to choose a manufacturer that has been in the cannabis industry for some time, and of course, should have a reputation of being a high-quality supplier.

Check the cost of the CBD oil

You can also check if the CBD company displays its third-party certificates openly. It is crucial because it assures you that the strength of the CBD product is accurate.

Avoid companies that sell CBD products at low or bargain prices since a high-quality CBD product is relatively costly because of the high demand for CBD products than their supply. Such companies may be selling CBD products that have low CBD content. It is also common that these manufacturers do not display their third-party certifications. Thus, you will not know the amount of CBD you are consuming.

Know the mg of CBD in a bottle

Knowing the exact quantity of CBD present in a bottle helps you quantify the dosage of CBD you should take. A vital factor to consider while using mg to assess the potency of your CBD is the volume of your product’s container. For instance, a 10 ml bottle containing CBD oil has 1000mg of CBD on its label, and a 20 ml bottle may also have the same CBD amount (1000mg).

Therefore, every bottle has different CBD strengths because the 20 ml bottle is just half as strong as the other 10 ml bottle. It helps you buy the CBD product taking into consideration how strong you need it.
The percentage of CBD content can, as well, let you know the strength of CBD products. From the above example, the 10 ml bottle has a 10% CBD concentration, while the 20 ml bottle has 5% CBD concentration.
Besides, choose a CBD product that is a broad spectrum, not isolate. An isolate CBD product only has some cannabinoids from the hemp plant, and this reduces the quality and the effectiveness of the product. Thus, a CBD broad-spectrum product contains CBD content, and it is easy to know its potency per mg.

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Because of the many health benefits that come with CBD, you may want to try it. A study reveals that CBD use can help treat anxiety disorders. However, it is crucial to know the strength of CBD in the product as it helps you consume the right amount depending on your health issue.
Luckily, the various ways to test CBD strength available may guide you throughout your journey to finding the right CBD strength. Thus, you will not complain that CBD does not work and maybe, the CBD product you buy has low CBD content. Also, pretesting of CBD strength that happens at harvesting sites can help rationalize plants’ cultivation and eliminate inconsistencies in CBD strength at the source.


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