Is CBD harmful for dogs?

Is CBd harmful for dogs

Is CBD harmful for dogs?

CBD benefits for dogs had always been the subject of scrutiny. There are some dog owners that say CBD helps the dogs in a number of medical conditions. Others become suspicious about the product just by hearing that the product is extracted from the marijuana plant. But is CBD harmful for dogs?

As in a number of states, Marijuana has been legalized, there have been accidents observed where pets were given an overdose of marijuana. Of course, it is a sensible use for pet owners and is understandable. But proper knowledge has to be spread amongst people about CBD.

As CBD never produces any high that is accompanied by other products made from marijuana. CBD can also not be responsible for overdoses.

So it is clear now that CBD is completely safe for dogs, the dog owners have another question in mind, as to how is it beneficial for their dogs. Even if CBD doesn’t have the same negative effects in pets, pet owners should ask whether it’s actually helpful for their furry family members.

If you are wondering whether CBD oil may be the way to your pet’s relief, here are a few things to know about the product.

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Top things that you didn’t know about CBD for dogs:

There have been some useful findings of the CBD oil benefits for dogs that need care. In an adult, Staffordshire Terrier had a mammary tumor of 6 cm and also metastasis that is said to be disappeared with the use of CBD within 3 months and wasn’t seen again.

Then there was another example seen in which a Jack Russell Terrier was suffering from heart murmur that was severe and very painful arthritis. After a month of treatment, his murmur showed improvements and arthritis pain had almost been cured.

So there has been good results observed and the researches also have gone their focus towards this magical herb. Till now the findings had been very positive and just like CBD had benefitted humans, they will have similar health benefiting effect on dogs as well.

Here are some facts about CBD that you might have not known earlier:

1. CBD is not a Psychoactive compound:

CBD is a chemical compound that is found in the cannabis plant. There is also another compound found in the plant called cannabis. This specific compound also has psychoactive properties that one might relate marijuana with. Most of the products that you find in the market that say CBD oil usually doesn’t contain THC.

Also, it mostly comes from hemp and not marijuana. So the short answer is that you or your dog went get a high from the CBD oil. The dog will experience a relaxed mode with zero intoxicating effects.

2. CBD oil has anxiety reduction effects:

Have you observed if your dog has separation anxiety or phobias related to noise? There are extensive studies being performed for the anxiety and stress issues in the body. Some of the researches also show that:

  1. It has an effect of reducing the anxiety that occurs due to public speaking.
  2. It has a similar effect of anxiety reduction in people suffering from disorders related to anxiety or healthy people.
  3. It is also helpful in panic attacks or any kind of post-traumatic disorders.

3. CBD helps with fighting cancer:

Some of the research shows that CBD oils also have anti-tumor effects. There are some cases observed that has shown to stop the cancer cells from growth and increase in the tumor cells death.

4. CBD can be used for treating epilepsy and seizures:

There are estimates that say around 5 percent of dogs to suffer from seizures. Most of the dogs that suffer from such condition are given some medicines that contain potassium bromide and Phenobarbital. Although these drugs do help for controlling seizures, these are very harmful to the vital organs of the dog.

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CBD has shown great results with drug-resistant epilepsy. One of the studies also showed that patients had shown a good and definitive improvement with consumption in 4 to 5 months. The frequency of these seizures also got reduced to up to 84 percent in children that were resistant to normal drugs used for epilepsy.

Is CBD harmful for dogs? : FAQ’s

• Is cannabis good for my dog?

CBD products are completely safe for your dog’s consumption and they have nontoxic effects. It will work as a pain reliever and a relaxing stimulant. As it doesn’t contain CBD it is a safe supplement for your pet dog.

• Is CBD oil bad for dogs?

No, CBD oil consists of completely natural ingredients and is not bad for dogs. The medical cannabis products like CBD oil is taken from the marijuana plant and this does not mean that it has THC content in it.

  • How does one know that CBD product they are using is organic?

In case the CBD you are using for your dog isn’t organic, it will be filled with substances like fungicides, pesticides, and other solvents as well.

• Will CBD give my dog a Buzz?

As mentioned earlier products containing CBD don’t have a psychoactive effect. This means that it does not have THC that gives a high feeling. So CBD will not give your dog a buzz and will benefit his overall health or pain relief.


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