Is Delta Botanicals Worth Buying?

Is Delta Botanicals Worth Buying?

So here we are with another review of the brand called Delta Botanicals. The company has
gained popularity and we have done our share of research for bringing all of the information that you need. This will help choose the specific CBD brand that will be the most beneficial for your requirements. So make sure that you read our entire blog before you decide on making the purchase. So here is the complete review:

Overview of Delta Botanicals:

The company has been the manufacturer of great CBD products and has been around for some time now. They have come up with several kinds of CBD products and their CBD E-liquid has gained much popularity. It is a vaping juice that can be purchased in numerous flavors. This gives an amazing range for the pickiest of the clients.

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The production facility that Delta Botanicals owns is modern. They are making sure that only the finely produced CBD products reach the clients with a quality that is consistent and very safe for use. The company claims that they have constant testing and say that all of the lab results as per the batch is available. Unfortunately, these could not be seen on the website but you can send them an email and get the required information.

Although the company is mainly known for its CBD vaping range, they also have two important CBD products that are available for purchase. The best part is that the products are available for the customer at a price that is reasonable and can be purchased by people in the US and also some of the EU countries wherever they have been made legal.

Highlights of Delta Botanicals and some interesting facts:

Similar to other CBD company review we have for you right here some of the Pros and cons. The company offers a range of flavors but there are some cons as well that you should be aware of. Here it is:

1. The company provides affordable products, so can be used easily for the long term.
2. The range of flavors available for vaping is huge, you won’t be bored or try another one.
3. The customer support is excellent.
4. You can get free shipping through USPS.
5. They also have a rewards program for loyal customers.

1. The lab test result is not disclosed by the company on the official website.
2. They don’t reveal the hemp source either

Most famous Delta Botanicals CBD products:

Delta Botanicals has a huge range of vaping products and its popular CBD baking/cooking oil is one of the unique products. Here we have a detailed list of the best-sellers by the company and the information that you need regarding the products.

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1. CBD Baking and Cooking Oil:

Delta Botanicals has come up with CBD oil that can be used in baking and cooking. This
also remains one of the most popular products that they have. The product is available
in 200 ml packaging. It has a good blend of coconut oil that contains hemp oil mixed with
higher CBD content. The company claims that each tablespoon of the CBD oil has
around 15 mg of CBD in the pure form. This makes it perfect for using it every day and
your meals.

2. CBD Gummies:

Now from the company, this is amongst the newest addition that they have made. The
CBD gummies are available on the website and each bottle has different gummies in
carried flavors. The flavors include apple, pineapple, strawberry, and lemon. The
gummies are also a great way of having your daily dosage of CBD. Each of the gummies
has 10 mg of CBD in them. These also have other ingredients like gelatin, cane sugar,
citric acid, natural colors and flavors with hemp and coconut oil.

3. Blue Label CBD E-Liquid :

The specific product has a low concentration of CBD as the vaping liquid that is sold by
the company. This is mainly made for the consumers that are new to vaping and the
world of CBD. The product has been packed well and is budget-friendly. It is available in
the packaging of a 30 ml bottle that contains CBD of 150mg. The product is available in
several different flavors like Vanilla cream, Neutral, Peppermint, Pineapple, citrus fruits,
and Mango. The product can be used for vaping or also can be placed under your
tongue for quicker absorption.

4. Green Label CBD E-Liquid:

This is another popular product that is more concentrated when compared to the Blue
version. The product has 300 mg of CBD in each bottle. It is available in size of 30 ml
and the base contains vegetable glycerin. This is a good choice if you are looking for
something affordable and also in case you want to have a higher dosage of CBD that
can be enjoyed for the entire day. Again the flavor variety here is great and contains Mango, Neutral, Pineapple, Citrus fruits and can also be used for vaping or consumed

5. Gold Label CBD E-Liquid:

The specific product from the company contains double the amount of CBD when compared to the Green label. This is a product that is highly concentrated and works as a potent liquid for vaping. It is not a product for you if you are a beginner to CBD and we recommend starting from the lowest concentration variant we mentioned above. This is specially made for people that are looking forward to getting hit through the high dosage of CBD. And as per the quality, we will have to say that this product is also priced fairly. Again the flavor range available is huge just like the other products that the company has to offer.

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6. Purple Label CBD E-Liquid:

This is even higher concentrated liquid and has 100 mg of CBD that is mixed with vegetable glycerin and comes in a bottle of 30 ml. This is easy to travel with and has been specifically made for people that are looking for immediate results that come with CBD. Again the product is available in some amazing flavors but as it contains a high amount of CBD we don’t recommend using it sublingually. And you should strictly use it for vaping only when you have had some prior experience of regular CBD usage.

7. CBD Vape Concentrate :

The CBD vape Concentrate has been made by the company and has 1250 mg of CBD in a
single bottle of 30 ml. This means that each of the vaping serving will be providing 42 mg of CBD. This is a premium product and the quality does justify the costs involved as well. Also, you need to keep in mind that the product has been made for mixing it as an additive with some other vaping liquid that you have. This can also be absorbed sublingually but as this is concentrated and very high dosage w need you to be very careful with this one.

Conclusion – Is Delta Botanicals Worth it?

Well, depending on the time we had spent on investigating the company and detailed research we conclude that the company is a good choice if you are looking forward to vaping juice choice and the CBD gummies are highly recommended for daily usage. The review rating by other customers has always been above average and hence we can say most of the customers are satisfied by the product in general. As they offer so many flavor options available, surely, you won’t be bored of it at all. Again we wished that they were providing detailed information on lab tests for each product on their website. But you can also write an email requesting the information that you might be searching for. All an all it’s a company that has some good potent CBD products that you can try and enjoy the amazing benefits.


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