Is HempWorx legit?

Is HempWorx legit?

Marijuana is currently seen as the recreational plant that is used for parties etc. But a lot of research is being done now as well, and it’s being used for medicinal purposes. The one specific component of Marijuana that is beneficial is called as CBD or Cannabidiol. The best part about CBD is that you can take so much of the health benefits from it without even getting high.

Because of this specific component, many governments across the different countries have been starting to legalize Marijuana for medical use. Because using Marijuana and other associated products are slowly gaining popularity, the companies have also been taking the benefit of these products and giving them out at sale prices.

What is the deal with HempWorx?

One of these companies is HempWorx. This is also the company that has been offering products consisting of CBD. The products that they have been selling are CBD hemp oil Herbal drops and an infused coffee amongst many others. Now this company is giving out the opportunity for others as well so that one can make money by selling products. One can easily gain profits with personal sales and on a commission basis as well. The money that you gain depends on a huge number of factors. Therefore it does get difficult on the amount that one can earn. But a lot of people do have a question in mind If this is a real deal or can one make money from this or will this be just a scam? We have all of the information that you need right here just for you!

HempWorx is legit for sure!

HempWorx is an amazing company that has been selling a huge variety of products that are also infused with the CBD hemp. The company has been in the business since 201 and also ships the products to about fifty states in the USA. For the promotion and selling of the products, the company also makes use of MLM methods. Being an affiliate, one can earn great profits and you can even sell as a team.
With all of this information, one can say that HempWorx does seem like a legit organization. The MLM opportunity also allows an individual for earning real cash by selling off their hemp-based supplement. Their compensation plan also seems to be focusing on product sales and this also shows that it’s not a pyramid scheme.

Are there any issues?

Although there are certain issues as well, with this opportunity one of them is that there seems to be a piece of slight misleading information on their website. This is especially the case for their claims of being the provider of the highest quality CBD oil. When it comes to making money with the specific opportunity, HemWorx also says that it’s completely hassling free and recession-proof.

Another problem is that the prices of their products seem to be a bit high in comparison to other companies as well. Keep reading on for further information:


Who can use HempWorx?

Hempworx has been designed for being used by mainly two kinds of people. The first one remains those that have been looking forward to purchasing the products and also the supplements containing CBD hemp. Then there is another kind of group that has been in search of business opportunities and this allows them to make money part-time. In case you had been searching for the CBD based products and the various supplements, HempWorx has got you covered. You just need to choose from a huge variety of the products available on the website consisting of CBD and make a purchase.
One can visit their official website and take a better look at the varied products and then go ahead for buying it. Although the reviews by customers do seem a bit mixed most people seem to be satisfied and happy with the purchase. But for becoming a member of their companies MLM program one has to invest and the membership is not free.


HempWorx is a hemp-based product company that gives you a commission-based money-making opportunity by selling its products. The more sales you make the more profits you earn.
Requirement for joninig HempWorx
You can become a part of HempWorx in 2 way

  1. Customer
  2. Affiliate

Firstly, as a customer with a simple registration and your details, one can order and buy its products.
Secondly, by joining as an affiliate for which 20 dollar registration fees are charged. Further, one needs to select a premium product package to start their business. The most basic and cheap package costs $69.On adding the registration fees a total cost of $89 is charged for the basic package.
Business Volume(BV) is the point one earn’s on buying the products. This BV helps in getting commissions and profits. A basic package gives 40 Business Volume (BV).

Where does money come from?

There are many ways in which money can be earned from HempWorx for which one need to attain various levels

  1. To earn qualification for the bonus in which one can earn up to 85 percent discount on company products and by further selling them on MRP earn a good commission one needs to have a monthly business volume of 40BV.
  2. Further one can earn commission through Binary Team in which one gets a commission on recruiting an affiliate under their team.
  3. To qualify for 20 percent commission, one needs to have 40 BV points per month and two personally recruited affiliates(downlines) having 90BV points per month each.
  4. In total the company has 8 ranks starting with Active which is initially the first rank and a profit of 25 percent can be earned at this level.
  5. Next rank is, Builder- Its qualification includes personal 40 BV, 3 immediate downlines with 40 BV each and 300 BV from downlines.
  6. Super Affiliate is the top rank and its qualification includes 90 personal BV with 1,000,000 downlines BV, 3 immediate downlines each with 90 BV and an enrolment tree volume of 50 percent (in total).
  7. Depending on rank high commissions can be earned .
  8. The entire compensation plan is available on the company’s website and can be consulted for further information.
  9. Simply, monthly business volumes from consumers can also earn a good commission without recruiting affiliates.
  10. A person can choose to be a Preferred customer and use products or work as an affiliate.
  11. An affiliate gets a 25 percent discount on all company products. On selling these products on Maximum retail price (MRP) the affiliate can easily earn a commission of 25 percent.

Challenges with HempWorx:

  1. It’s a Multi-Level Marketing company which unfortunately is very challenging as one needs to sell a percentage of products to generate income monthly.
  2. The probability of making huge money is confined to certain individuals only as it requires continuous selling of pricey products.
  3. Review by users of products indicate that better products are available in the market so one questions the need to buy such expensive products.
  4. It is presented as an easy job which requires minimum effort and is not affected by recession although it’s not true.

What we liked about HempWorx:

So now we are aware that you don’t have to think anymore about the question is HempWorx legit or not? Now we shall discuss if we have liked this opportunity they are providing or not:

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  • The very first thing that we loved about HmepWorx is that they have a compensation plan that is not revolving around the recruitment but also on the movement of the product. This is a huge thing as it also shows that the company has just not come up with the pyramid scheme or any kind of MLM scam either that mainly has its focus on recruitment of the new members. You will be able to have a decent income as long as you are making sales.
  • Another great thing is that people that use the products by HempWorx are usually happy with the products. Even though they are slightly expensive, most of the people do like using it.

What we disliked about HempWorx:

Some small things are not that great about HempWorx and surely they can improve on it as well.

  • The first thing is that the products are a bit expensive. Even though the quality is good, but still it doesn’t justify the high pricing.
  • A lot of people might find the compensation plans by HempWorx also slightly confusing and a bit difficult to understand. The general manner of making money is simple. But once you try understanding the bonus and commission they are offering it does get confusing.

Final words and Do we recommend HempWorx?

So by now you must have got the answer for is HempWorx legit? We do believe this is a great opportunity, but might not be the same for all people. Yes, HempWorx is a legit company. Their products are also well accepted by the customers. But when it comes to making an income, only a few people will be able to succeed with their MLM program and have a consistent income.


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