Palmetto Harmony Review

Palmetto Harmony Review

A lot of companies are offering CBD products presently in the market. But one of them that
stands out is Palmetto Honey. The story behind the company is emotional as it all started with a mother that just wanted to make the struggle of her daughter struggling with a dreadful disease slightly easier.

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This way taken by the family and brand gives us information on how CBD is helpful in some of the disorders like insomnia, pain, arthritis, anxiety, and headache. Another great think about the company product is that they have organic formulations. There are absolutely no products that can be dangerous to health. Do you want to get more information on Palmetto Honey? Just keep on reading:

Palmetto Harmony: The Brand

It all started in the year 2015 when the company founder Janel Ralph had started to look
for some alternative ways by which she was able to help her daughter that had been suffering from seizures. They also named the company by her daughter’s name and the state in which the family lives.

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Janel had also created the CBD product line that used hemp that was Kentucky grown and had been made of the best quality oil. From the first day, they had been testing all of the products through third-party labs and another reason was that Janet had been looking forward to medicine alternatives that were not just natural but also organic.

Presently the company is being known for the most reliable provider of CBD in the industry. They also have special farms where the hemp is grown and the reason being they don’t trust anybody else for the processing. The company says that its products are free from any kind of synthetic flavors, GMO and pesticides. Also, they were able to prove the product strength because of the amazing results that were observed for Janel’s daughter. The seizures had become 90 percent lower than what had been observed earlier.

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Products by Palmetto Honey:

The CBD product line by Palmetto Harmony is huge enough that it can meet the requirements of the different clients. The company also tests every item for being sure that these are completely free from pesticides, microbes or any kind of heavy metal. Also, they make sure that the product has correct consistency when it comes to hemp flower. You can easily take a look at the variety of products that you can buy on their website, this includes:

1. CBD oil
2. Topical creams
3. Pet products
4. Pills
5. Vape juices
6. Transdermal patches

CBD oil by Palmetto Harmony

The company manufactures CBD oil that doesn’t contain any chemicals and GMOs. This is what makes it the perfect choice for fighting against insomnia, anxiety, joint pain, etc. These oils are available in30 ml, 100 ml, 32 oz packaging and you can buy as per your requirement. The variants when it comes to strength are 600 mg to 2000 mg. These are also affordable options and the cost starts at $ 80. For consumption, you just have to take a few drops and place it under the tongue. Wait for about 20 seconds before you

Topical creams by Palmetto Honey:

The company offers customers three different kinds of organic creams. All of these are available in a 100 mg jar. And are:
1. Holy Cannacense
2. Cannacense
3. Psorian Cream.
The other key ingredients in the cream are hemp oil, shea butter, and natural ingredients. So in case, you have been searching for something that can help you with getting relief from the pain one can apply this to the affected area with inflammation on the skin. Do keep in mind that these creams have to be stored at not more than 75 degrees as the additional heat can change the product quality and specific property.

CBD capsules

In a situation where you don’t like the taste of the oil, you can try the capsule. They provide bottles that come in small and big sizes and have 30 and 60 capsules respectively. You can also buy spectrum suppositories from the company that has 10 mg of hemp in it.

Pet products by Palmetto Honey

The company also has some very interesting products for pets and this is a piece of great news for all pet owners. You will be able to make the life of your pets better with a small quantity of CBD in their diet. The company has a 15 to 30 ml bottle that consists of products, especially for animal health.

Transdermal patches by Palmetto Honey

This is one of the unique products that the company makes and you will not be able to find it from all CBD brands. This works amazingly if you are looking forward to a quick relied and needs to be placed directly on the affected area. The effect can last for about 12 hours and this is an amazing alternative to some of the popular pills, oils and creams. The product also has menthol, camphor, hemp extract and methyl silicate as its active ingredients. This makes them effective. The company also does not use any kind of chemicals when they make these products. Therefore all of the customers can be assured that they have an organic formula in their hand.

Highlights of Palmetto Harmony

The company has a lot of advantages that will help occupy the lead position
in the industry. Some of these includes:

1. The brand makes use of the highest quality of the hemp and only a small extract amount is added. This is why there are no psychedelic effects that you will observe while consuming the product.
2. All of the products they manufacture go through third-party testing. This guarantees that the products are safe for usage and are of the right consistency for the customer.
3. There are absolutely no harmful chemicals in the products and they are also free from pesticides, GMO and heavy metals.
4. The company can present customers with a wide range of products. And you get to choose the specific products that will be fitting your requirements and needs. They also make special products for animals and pets which is great.
5. You can also get a free consultation from them.

Palmetto Harmony: What we didn’t like:

Although there are numerous advantages that the company has to offer there are still some areas that it needs to work on. One of the important one being the product pricing. This point can be neglected as well, as they are also offering the highest quality products as well. But then there is a chance that people will consider a product of low cost as CBD products at times need to be used for the long term.

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Also, the company offers just a few kinds of product categories. You will be able to choose the different size bottles, but when it comes to flavor variety they need to come up with better alternatives. This holds specifically true for people that don’t like the hemp flavor.

Final Thoughts on Palmetto Harmony:

The brand has such an incredible story behind it. The CBD effects have been now known for easing out anxiety, headaches, pains, depression and so many health disorders. You need to keep in mind that the source of CBD has to be a well-regulated one and Palmetto Harmony is one such brand. The company’s aim for being able to provide natural treatment is very impressive. And we highly recommend you to give this one a try.


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