PG vs VG: Which one is better?

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When we talk about e-juice, there two very common terms that one might hear. VG vs PG might be new to some people, but detailed information of these ingredients might be of immense help for enhancing your vaping experience. Here we have for you a simple guide that will be making
sure that you know everything about PG vs VG.

What is meant by PG and VG?

In simplest of terms:

  • PG and VG are both odorless liquids. These are combined with flavorings and nicotine for creating e-juice.Technically both PG and VG are belonging to the chemical class of alcohol. But these don’t have an intoxicating effect.
  • They are used in a lot of consumable products and are sugar alcohols.
  • They also produce vapors on being heated; this allows them for being heated.
  • There can be any medical issues caused by PG and VG and they are not oils.
  • The fluidity of both liquids are different and also taste-wise they are slightly different.
  • When they are vaped they provide different kinds of throat and mouth sensations.
  • Most of the e-liquid that you will be purchasing today, use these two liquids in combination although ratio might differ.
  • Certain vaping setups will work at specific levels of VG and PG.
  • Selection of the wrong PG or VG in the wrong ratios might put the people using it for the first time off. Therefore you need to make sure that you are choosing the right levels for your specific equipment.


Propylene Glycol is a by-product of petroleum. This fluid is lower in viscosity than VG. For vaping, it is used for giving a throat hit. Some of the users claim that it provides sensation similar to when tobacco is smoked. It is said to effectively carry out flavors over VG. This is commonly used as a suspension fluid for nicotine and concentrates.

How can it be used?

PG has been found in a lot of household items some of the other uses include:

  • Used in toothpaste.
  • Some of the medical products that are used orally, topically or injected.
  • Pet food.
  • A lot of beauty products like makeup, baby wipes, and shampoo.
  • Nicotine inhaling.

Is PG safe?

Some of the studies have shown that PG is safe for injecting orally. Also, the FDA has recognized it as generally safe for being used as a food additive. Although most of the studies suggest that it is safe for ingestion over consuming it in the oral forms.
There are some of the other limited studies that suggest that inhaling PG was not harmful. And this was a long term experiment held in the year 1947. Then in the year 2010, another study looked at PGEs said that the development of immunity and respiratory disorder risk was increased.

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However, the likely cause was glycol ethers, not PG. As per the evidence, it can be assumed that PG is safe for inhalation, but some good research is needed for confirming the thought.

What should you be careful about while Vaping PG?

One of the most common side effects, when you use e-liquid that has propylene glycol, is dry mouth, enhanced thirst, etc. It is recommended that you have more amounts of liquids in the beginning while you use an e cigarette. When you are properly hydrated, the symptoms might last anytime from some days to up to a week. This happens when the body gets used to PG.


Vegetable Glycerin is a natural chemical that comes from vegetable oil. This is safe for people that are vegetarians. It is usually used in some of the e-liquids for giving thick sensations for vapor. The taste of VG is sweeter over PG and also considerably thick in consistency. It offers a smoother hit than PG. Therefore this works perfectly for sub-ohm vaping. Although flavorings and nicotine are suspended commonly in PG, some of the vendors also provide 100 % VG mix.

What is VG used for?

  • This can also be found in a lot of medical, personal care and food products:
  • These can be used as a sugar replacement and sweetening agent.They are used in products like make-up, deodorant, aftershave, and bubble bath.
  • It is used in Pet food.
  • Also used in hand creams and soaps.
  • Some of the baked foods and has it as it enhances moisture content.
  • For providing gel consistency for jellies, medicinal cream, and capsule pills.
  • Dental care product and toothpaste.

Is VG safe?

FDA has described VG to be safe for use. This is also one of the most widely regarded products that have been known to man. The assessment profile of SIDS shows that it has very low toxicity or consumption. Also, it has a lower potential for irritating the skin and the eye. All of this with a lot of use of VG in medicines and food shows that it is very safe for human use. There are very limited studies for VG inhalation when compared to PG.
A study that was done in the year 2008 for the toxicity of inhalation of glycerol that is aerosolized showed very low risk for health. So, it can be safe to say that there is no serious health impact when VG is used for vaping. Of course, more studies are always welcomed.

What should you be careful of while using VG?

The higher VG thickness means that there is a reduction of life in atomization. This is in comparison to juices based on PG. Therefore VG liquids might clog the coil up faster. Similar to PG, some of the common side effects with this one are also sore throat, enhanced thirst, and dry mouth. One can overcome this with the use of higher amounts of water for keeping the body well hydrated.

What should be the ratio for VG and PG?

There is no simple answer to this question. It completely depends on the vaping experience that you might be looking forward for. A lot of people make use of different levels of PG and VG for varied uses.

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PG vs VG: Which one better?

In case you are wondering, which amongst the one will be a better choice? Well, most of the times you will be requiring both of these. Neither one of them can be called better than the other one. It also depends on the preference you have. A lot of people like vaping a 100 percent VG only or PG only liquid.


So this was the main comparison between PG vs VG for you. Hopefully, this was easy for understanding. It is always recommended that if you are a beginner you start with half and half ratio for PG and VG. Then slowly with time, you can go for ratios that are different to understand your preference. Just make sure that your setup is able to work with a different ratio.

There are also vapers that use varied VG and Pg ratios and contains enhanced flavors. So there are no definite rules, you just have to follow your taste buds and preference.


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