Should you try using CBD for arthritis symptoms?

Should you try using CBD for arthritis symptoms?

Should you try using CBD for arthritis symptoms?

There is no doubt as to why CBD oil is being seen as a solution for all health issues. It can help from extreme pains to treating anxiety and depression as well. But can use of CBD arthritis be helpful for easing out the pain? We have all the details for you right here:

What exactly is CBD?

There are mainly two types of cannabis sativa plant, marijuana, and hemp. It produces some chemical compounds that are called cannabinoids. CBD is the short form for Cannabidiol but the compound doesn’t give the patient a high. There is one other compound that is found in the same plant called THC.

This is the psychoactive part found in marijuana that can give you a feeling of being high. Most of the CBD products that are obtained from hemp must contain less than 0.3 percent of THC in them.

You might be actually very surprised to know that the body itself is able to make its own CBD that is called endocannabinoids. There are also cannabinoid receptors present that are mainly related to pain and inflammation.

The scientist had thought a long time ago that CBD products actually attach to these receptors. But it is suspected now that CBD actually helps the body to make use of its own endocannabinoids in an effective manner.

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Long History of CBD:

In the year June 2015, there was a story ran by National Geographic. It was about the way Siberian burial mounds back in the 3000 B.C. were found with charred seeds of cannabis. For thousands of years, cannabis was also used in Chinese medicine as well.

The article also consisted of data that explained the use of cannabis in America also went since the founding fathers. In fact, George Washington had hemp grown in his plantation estate in Mount Vernon.

Can CBD help with the arthritis symptoms?

Some of the initial studies show that CBD can also help with the pain of arthritis. In animal studies, it has been seen that CBD does help in giving relief from inflammation and arthritis pain. On the other side, the results that are seen in humans have shown mixed results.

For example one of the analyses done in the year 2016, OA, RA and fibromyalgia had found that CBD was able to improve the sleep and pain. But these studies need more proofs and have to be of a higher quality. MD and professor at the Michigan University Daniel Clauw and Ann Arbor recommend CBD to some of the patients.

He also says that one of the recent trials had indicated that CBD is an effective treatment of knee OA. It also seems to be safe. He adds that all of the potential side effects that have been related to cannabinoids is because of THC and not CBD.

How to use CBD for arthritis?

Here are some recommendations on the way you can try CBD:

  1. Start with a very low dose that you observe gives relief from pain.
  2. Use a CBD product around 5 to 10 mg daily twice. This can be increased gradually up to 100 mg every day. In case you see that this isn’t working either you can also use a low dose of THC.
  3. Make sure that you are using it only at night first. Then increase the dose if required.
  4. The effect of edible is usually longer than vaping CBD. So make sure you first figure out the CBD strain and the dosage that works for you specifically. Turmeric has been shown to help treat osteoarthritis, Turmeric may also be useful for prevention of symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
  5. In case your age is less than 25 years, use the CBD products with caution. Make sure that you are not using a product consist of THC for arthritis pain relief as it has a risk of getting addicted to.

Is CBD a legal product?

Although in most of the states use of CBD is completely legal. There are some other states laws that mainly regulate the possession of CBD widely. You need to also keep in mind that FD approved CBD medication is helpful for childhood epilepsy and legal. The Federal Drug Enforcement Administration considers CBD as illegal.

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Bioavailability for CBD arthritis:

In simple terms, bioavailability is the substance quantity that is available that is able to reach the target organ in an organism’s body. Basically, the amount of substance that can be used in an effective manner by the body is its bioavailability.

When we specifically talk about CBD, the bioavailability of CBD ranges between 35 to 45 percent. CBD vape has 40 percent bioavailability.

So is CBD helpful for arthritis?

Certainly, there have been patients that experienced relief from there extreme arthritis pain. And if you would like to give it a try, make sure that you consult your doctor first. Then but a CBD product of the right dosage that and is pure. This will make sure that you will get maximum benefits from CBD arthritis.

If you want to try CBD, discuss it with your doctor first and do your homework. Talk to a practitioner who is familiar with CBD oil and contact the manufacturer to see proof of a third-party analysis for purity and potency.


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