Suffering From Postpartum Depression? CBD Oil Can Help

Suffering From Postpartum Depression? CBD Oil Can Help

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a mental health condition that affects many pregnant women, new mothers, or those who have had a miscarriage. Its symptoms include sadness, irritability, mood swings, and trouble falling asleep, and loss of focus, among others. According to studies, over 600,000 individuals have either the traditional depression or a related mental disorder. PPD is a unique kind of depression that can result in adverse health symptoms. In rare chronic cases, it can lead to loneliness, pain, and extreme agony or even suicidal thoughts. As such, it is essential to seek professional help.

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How does CBD oil treat postpartum depression?

Over the last few years, cannabinoids from the marijuana plant have become popular in treating various mental health conditions, including anxiety, panic disorders, and depression. CBD oil, in particular, shows promise in relieving panic disorders and mental stress. If you are suffering from PPD, you can use CBD oil for the following medical benefits:

Treating anxiety and mood swings

The birth or loss of a newborn baby can result in various emotions ranging from joy and excitement to panic and fear. Anxiety, mood swings, and blues are characteristic symptoms of PPD. “Baby blues” and crying spells, for instance, begin two to three days after giving birth and can last up to several weeks. According to studies, the cannabinoids present in CBD-rich products can influence our body to react in different ways. When you ingest CBD, the active compounds attach to CB1 and CB2 receptors within the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). The human body produces natural cannabinoids that are part of the ECS complete with receptors and links to the nervous system. The ECS regulates various body functions, including mood, appetite, sleep, digestion, and metabolism, among others. CBD oil also increases the level of anandamide, which is a “joy” hormone that can elevate your moods and prevent negative energy.

Treating exhaustion and sleep disorders

Many postpartum moms experience sleep disorders and exhaustion, which comes naturally as a result of the overwhelming presence of a new baby. Taking good care of your baby can leave you exhausted and restless. You will also stay up most nights to tend and nurse them. CBD can soothe your nerves and sore muscle, aiding relaxation, and recovery. If you are experiencing loss of sleep, tiredness, or muscle spasms, upping your intake of CBD oil can help to relieve or eliminate these symptoms. In Canada, you can legally mail order marijuana products like CBD oil and concentrates to help you achieve better sleep quality. What’s more, unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive properties that get you high, so it is safe to use around your baby.

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Treating loss of appetite

Mood swings, exhaustion, and loss of sleep can culminate in adverse effects on your normal metabolism. Loss of appetite is quite common among postpartum moms, especially during the first few weeks after giving birth. Hormonal changes can also impact your craving for food. Reputable dispensaries offer numerous cannabis products, including edibles and gummies, baked marijuana goods, waxes, oils, and tinctures, among others. Using CBD oil in any form can enhance your metabolism and improve your gut health. It also increases your appetite for food.

Soothing pain, headaches, and inflammation

Pain is an inseparable aspect of childbirth. However, you can manage it by taking CBD oil to relieve postpartum pain, lower back pain, post-surgery, and injury pain, among others. CBD has a calming effect that will slow down your body functions, allowing your mind to relax. As such,
you can use CBD to treat headaches, migraines, sore muscles, and mild pain. It is also recommendable if you have overwhelming feelings or find it difficult to concentrate. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties and can help to eliminate free radicals and oxidants from your system. In Canada, marijuana products are legal, so you can find unique strains that are effective in relieving pain and exhaustion as well as providing a potent relaxing high.


There are several treatment options available for PPD, considering depression is a prevalent mental issue. However, most anti-depressants you come across have an extensive profile for adverse side effects. It is recommendable to choose therapies and natural remedies instead of NSAIDs and painkillers. CBD oil is a potent and effective remedy that can relieve pain and inflammation, and boost your moods. It also leaves you relaxed and well-rested. CBD oil products from reputable retailers are safe, easy to use, effective, and backed by real science.

What’s more, CBD oil delivers essential micronutrients that will improve your mental and cardiovascular health, digestion and metabolism, circulation, and immunity, among others. However, you still need to root out the cause of your depression. Resolving these issues can help you appreciate the benefits of CBD oil and improve your overall health.


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