The ABC of Marijuana Drug Testing

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Have you ever been tested for the presence of marijuana? If not, chances are you’ll be sometime in the future. That’s why it’s essential to learn a few simple facts about marijuana drug testing, especially if you like to smoke a blunt from time to time.

Before you do such things, you should learn the ABC of marijuana drug testing, and then ask for someone’s urine.

Types of Marijuana Testing

There are a few ways to check if you’ve smoked some weed recently. Urine mentioned above is one of them. The others are blood testing, hair follicle testing, and saliva testing. Some of them may not be so easy to fake, so let’s find out more about each one.

First of all, urine. It’s the most common way of drug testing in the USA. From an estimated 55 million tests that are conducted every year. Approximately 90 percent of them are urine tests. And while it can’t detect the presence of any illicit drugs, including marijuana, it can identify the presence of non-psychoactive drug metabolites. 

In simpler words, urine tests can detect if you’ve consumed weed at an unspecified point of time. Cannabis metabolites may remain in your urine for a few days. If you use marijuana regularly, it can stay there for up to two or even three weeks. Fortunately, you can fake it easily by diluting it with water or asking your friends to lend you some urine.

The second type of testing is blood. Now, unlike urine tests, blood tests do detect the presence of illicit drugs. But don’t worry too much, THC stays in your blood just for a couple of hours, up to 24 hours if you’re a regular user. 

Because of such a narrow window, blood tests are usually conducted post-accident. Only then can they detect whether someone has been using cannabis. So if you’re afraid of your behavior after marijuana, it’s best to smoke it after you finish working. 

Now the third type of testing- hair follicle. It detects the presence of drug metabolites that have diffused from the blood. This kind of testing causes a lot of controversies because its results depend on age and race. For example, grey hair uptakes fewer metabolites than the hair of different color. The same goes for race. The tests are more sensible for people of minorities and darker-colored hair.

This kind of testing is also unreliable since occasional cannabis consumption can go undetected. It’s proven that exposing your hair to high humidity breaks down marijuana metabolites immediately. So wash your hair before the test, and the result will likely be negative.

The last type mentioned before is saliva testing. It works similarly to blood testing. It can detect the presence of drugs but not their metabolites. THC is very hard to get detected during this test because only a tiny amount of cannabis is excreted into saliva. 

Saliva tests can detect the presence of THC only after one or two hours from consumption. Often, they can’t detect the presence at all. Again, it’s highly recommended not to smoke before you start work. If an accident occurs, drug testing may be on the cards.

How to Beat the Test

There are a few ways how you can flush marijuana from your system. Keep in mind that it takes different amounts of time to get rid of cannabis stored in your body. It depends on factors such as the shape you’re in, your age, and how often you take cannabis. Every person’s metabolism is different, so it’s hard to determine the accurate time frame.

The first detoxification method is old-fashioned water drinking. It’s an excellent method to dilute your urine, but it’s not perfect. Now, you don’t have to drink gallons of water for a whole week to dilute it. All you need to do is consume more water on the day before testing, and the day of the test. 

If you decide to dilute your urine by drinking more water, it’s essential to make sure the lab won’t detect it. That’s why you have to make it have its nice, yellow color. You can achieve that by supplements like Vitamins B12 and B2. If you take them a couple of hours before the test, you’ll make your urine look natural.

If you want to take more serious steps, you should invest in one of those detox kits. They’re packed with supplements, drinks, and other various products that’ll help your system get rid of marijuana much faster. You can find them all around the internet on different marijuana-related websites. 

There are, of course, other methods on how you can beat drug tests. As mentioned before, you can ask your friends for a little help or buy fake urine on the internet. This method is highly recommended for heavy users, who can’t get rid of cannabis from their system as fast as occasional marijuana consumers. 


As you can see, there are many types of drug tests, but the most common one is urine. Fortunately for marijuana users, it’s also the easiest test to beat. You can choose from a wide range of options to clean your system from cannabis. You can use water and vitamins to dilute your urine and make it look natural or use the special detox kit.

If you don’t want to want to overextend yourself or don’t have enough time, you can buy synthetic urine on the internet or ask your friend for help. But before you walk out of your buddies’ house with a cup full of urine, think carefully of all the options you have.


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