Ultimate Guide to Bringing E-Cigarettes and Vapes on Planes

Ultimate Guide To Bringing E-Cigarettes And Vapes On Planes

Vaping is a considerably popular alternative to smoking, but it’s reviews are mixed. Some people suggest that vaping is better than smoking for your health, while others say that it is a hazardous activity. 

Neither of the statements mentioned above is entirely false. Many studies have shown that vaping is remarkably safer than smoking because it does not produce any tar or smoke. On the other hand, you may see many news reports and social media posts telling how vapes and e-cigarettes are prone to exploding. As most vapes use lithium batteries, there is a possibility of combustion. 

Considering the risks, no matter how insubstantial they may be, airlines and airports have implemented certain restrictions on travelling with vapes. Taking a flight with your vape or e-cigarette is not illegal, but you will need to meet specific requirements to travel with your vaping supplies without any hurdles. 

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Therefore, if you are travelling, and you want to keep your vape with you, this is the best post for you. Stick around to learn from this extensive guide on how to take flights and travel with a vape pen.

Keep your vape in your carry-on bag:

Most airlines allow you to carry a vape. Still, it has to be kept in your carry-on bag. Because of the lithium batteries used in vapes, it can be considered as a hazard, and as adding batteries of any kind in your check-in luggage is prohibited, you will need to keep the vape on you or in your carry-on bag. 

Batteries aren’t allowed on your check-in luggage, because it is carried in the storage area of the plane. Affected by the increased cabin pressure in the aircraft, the lithium-ion batteries used in the vape are at a higher risk of exploding. 

So, remember to keep your vapes and e-cigarettes along with all the related supplies like extra batteries, vaping juice containers and coils in your carry-on bag.

You can’t use your vape or charge its batteries on the plane:

Most airlines will allow you to take your vapes and its supplies on the plane, but you should know that you won’t be allowed to use your vape during the flight. Though the risk related to exploding batteries is entirely inconsequential, the airlines need to put your safety and the safety of your fellow passengers on a higher priority. 

Furthermore, you can’t charge your batteries on the plane either. The policy banning the use of vapes and e-cigarettes on planes was implemented after an American Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing after a passenger e-cigarette erupted in flames. The competent crew of the aircraft effectively extinguished the fire, but as a result, if the event airlines made their policies about vapes strict.

Vaping on planes is not allowed, but you may be wondering if you can use your vape or e-cigarette in the airport. Well, the answer is still NO, like standard cigarettes, vapes are also prohibited in public areas of the airport, and if you are caught using your vape, you may have to give a hefty fine, or in the worst case, you could even get ejected from the airport. 

However, every airport has a smoking lounge, so if you feel like vaping, you can visit one of these lounges.

Store your vape juices properly:

Most airlines and the TSA have imposed policies that limit the amount of certain liquids you can carry in a flight. In the case of vape juice, the limit is 100 ml. This limit is implemented only for your carry-on bag; however, if you want to carry extra flavours of e-cigarette juice, you can always put them in your checked bag. 

Though vapes and batteries are restricted in carry-on bags, there is no limitation on placing liquids in your check-in bag. Just remember to use bottles smaller than 100ml and put them in Ziplock bags. It is also preferable that you don’t use glass bottles, because they can crack mid-flight and ruin your luggage. 

The type of juice you are using is also significant, because many states and airlines will allow nicotine-based liquids, but they will confiscate vape juices with Cannabis extracts. Some states haven’t legalized marijuana yet; therefore, you need to be more cautious if you are travelling with cannabis vape juices.

Do some research about the policies of the airline and your destination regarding vapes:

The TSA implements the policies that have been mentioned in this article in the United States. Though most countries have similar policies about e-cigarettes, you should do more research to learn about the specific policies of the places you are visiting. 

If you are flying within the US, you should have an idea of the state laws about vaping. Some states, including Michigan and New York, have placed bans on vaping, so being aware of their policies can help you avoid a lot of problems.

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When you are travelling internationally, you will have to go through terminal security agencies other than the TSA; therefore, learning about their laws and policies can be useful. For example, if you are travelling to countries in the EU, UK or Israel, you can’t bring an e-cigarette liquid that has nicotine density of 20 mg/ml.

Empty the tank of your vape:

No airline in the world will allow you to use your vape in the plane; therefore, there is no purpose in keeping the tank of the vape filled. As the cabin pressure in the plane increases, your vape can start to leak. It can damage the items in your carry-on bag like your passport and other documents.

Hence, if you don’t want to waste the vape liquid or damage your luggage, you should keep the vape empty. You should purchase some extra vape juice bottles to store the liquid. The bottles will also come in handy because most vape juice brands have standard containers with more liquid than 100ml.

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So, here was a comprehensive guide about travelling with vapes or e-cigarettes. In most cases, if you are considerate and you follow specific policies of the airline, you can carry your vapes easily. You can also opt for using a nicotine patch or gum. We hope you find this post helpful and have a great trip.

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