Using CBD Hemp oil for pain: What all we know till now!!

Using CBD Hemp oil for pain: What all we know till now!!

While a lot of people make use of cannabidiol for giving relief from pain. There is a requirement of more number of scientific data for making sure it is safe for usage. We have in detail all of the information that we know till now on CBD hemp oil for pain. This will surely help in removing any kind of stigma and misinformation that a lot of people have due to lack of correct knowledge.

Very few people have reported having some kind of side effects due to CBD hemp oil for pain but still, there are some factors that you must consider before you start taking it regularly as pain medicine. In this article, we will observe how CBD hemp oil for pain works!

CBD hemp oil for pain: Effects

CBd oil is extracted generally from the industrially grown hemp. It remain amongst one of the 120 compounds that are called cannabinoids. Several plants consist of cannabinoid but usually, it’s linked to cannabis. Unlike THC ( cannabinoid type) CBD does not give you a feeling of being high or what is called a psychoactive effect on the body. The reason for it is that CBD doesn’t affect the similar receptors that THC does.

Humans have ECS which is short for the endocannabinoid system. This system provides relief and then translates the signals from the cannabinoids. This system also produces some amount of cannabinoid on its own that are called endocannabinoids. ECS is vital to our being and helps in the regulation of a lot of functions like sleeping, responses of the immune system and also pain.

When THC is taken by the human body it gives a feeling of euphoria or being High. This happens as it affects the endocannabinoid receptors of the brain. The rewards system of the brain gets activated and this produces some chemicals of happiness like dopamine.

Will CBD products make you high?

CBD is a completely different compound from THC and the effect it gives is highly complex. As its not a psychoactive compound it will not be producing any feeling of “High” or have an effect on changing the state of mind of a person. THC just impacts the use of the endocannabinoids in the body more effectively.

One of the studies that were published in Neurotherapeutics says that this happens because CBD n its own has a very low impact on the ECS. It activates or inhibits some of the other compounds in the endocannabinoid system.

We can understand this with an example, CBD is able to stop the body from the absorption of anandamide. This is a chemical that has been associated with pain regulation. So when there is an increased level of anandamide present in the bloodstream it will reduce the feeling of pain that a person has.

Cannabidiol also limits the inflammation present in the nervous system and the brain. This can be extremely helpful for people suffering from pain, sleeplessness and some other response related to the immune system.

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What is CBD hemp oil?

There are many different levels of the components that are found in natural hemp plant or cannabis. The CBD levels in the plant are affected by the way people breed the plant. Most of the CBD is extracted from the industrial hemp that has higher CBD amounts that marijuana. Industrial hemp is also the legal manner for extraction of CBD oil as well.

The manufacturers use a variety of method for the extraction of CBD. The extracts are then mixed with a carrier oil which is finally called CBD oil. There are different potencies that CBD oil comes in. Usage also depends from person to person. It is always best to consult your doctor to understand the right dosage for you and as per the condition for which you are using it.

Benefits of CBD hemp oil:

People have been using CBD for centuries and it has been used for the treatment of different kinds of pain. But western medical science has just started with its study on it. Here are some major benefits of CBD oil:

CBD hemp oil for pain of Arthritis:

CBD hemp oil has been famous for being used for arthritis pain relief. One of the studies that were seen in the European Journal had used the animal model for observing if CBD helped manage pain for people suffering from arthritis. The researchers had topically applied a gel that contained CBD on rats having arthritis for 4 days.

It was noticed that there is a significant lowering of inflammation and pain signs and without any side effects. So people that want t use CBD oil for giving relief from arthritis pain can try it, there is still a need for human trials for confirmation of these findings.

CBD hemp oil for pain that is chronic:

CBD was also studied for observing its effects on chronic pain that can be due to any reason. The scientists compiled all of the results that came from systematic reviews that had covered numerous studies and trials. The research had concluded that there are shreds of evidence that said that cannabis was an effective treatment especially for chronic pains that is seen in adults.

Another study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine had also given its support to these results. The study showed that the use of CBD had also reduced inflammation and pain. One of the best observations was that tolerance wants not to build upon the CBD effects. This means that you won’t have to increase the dosage of CBD hemp oil for pain constantly. Therefore it is evident that CBD can be used as an effective and new treatment for people suffering from general chronic pains.

CBD hemp oil for pain: Dosage

Presently, the FDA is not regulating CBD for most health conditions. Therefore, the dosage is open for your interpretation. But this also means that the treatment using CBD hemp oil should be done with caution. The best way is to consult your doctor for the dosage and also if it will be a good idea for your specific case.

Recently, the FDA had approved pure CBD for the treatment of some kinds of epilepsy. And the brand name is Epidiolex. Regardless, you must consult your doctor before taking it and it is highly recommended that you always begin with the lowest dosage when it comes to CBD oil. It is also a good way as a lot of people feel pain relief with some of the lowest potency CBD oil that is organic and pure.

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Are there any Side effects of CBD hemp oil for pain?

Some of the short term side effects of using CBD hemp oil can be appetite changes and slight fatigue. Most people are able to tolerate CBD oil well, there can be some possible side effects that you should be aware of.

One of the reviews had stated that the common side effects of CBD hemp oil can be:

1. Feeling of tiredness.
2. Appetite changes.
3. Gaining weight or losing weight.

Additionally, the use of CBD oil with some other medicines can lower the effect of those medicines. This also said that there are some studies still needed for certain aspects of using CBD. This included the long term effects that it has on hormones. So over time, we can expect some studies that can be helpful for the determination of the side effects of CBD.

Therefore people that are thinking of CBD use mist discuss the topic with their doctors. This way any changes can be monitored by the doctor and dose adjustments can be done as well. The leaflet of Epidolex also has a caution on the leaflet that says that there is a risk of kidney damage, depression, and lethargy. But this is true for other epilepsy treatments that are done as well.

CBD and also the other cannabinoids might put the risk on the user for lung problems. This might occur as it can affect in lowering the inflammation a little too much. Such sudden reduction might cause diminishing of the defense system of lungs. Hence the risk of some kind of infections increases.

Other considerations related to CBD hemp oil for pain:

All of the researches related to CBD hemp oil for pain has been observed in Adult trials. This means that it is not recommended to give CBD oil to children. There is very little research that shows the effect of CBD on the brain development of the child. Therefore if your child is suffering from seizures you must consult the doctor for the use of CBD oil to control seizures due to epilepsy. CBD oil should also not be taken at the time of breastfeeding or seizures. There are also some other considerations like:

The bodyweight of a person:

The amount of CBD that you need to take often depends on the bodyweight of the person. As a general rule the higher the weight of a person is, higher will be the dosage for the effect on the body. The lighter your weight is, you might experience the same effect even at lowest dosages.

The preferred effect:

For a lot of people, the optimum dose is the one that gives them relief in pain or the discomfort that they are going through. Some of the people that have severe pain and anxiety might need a higher dose for removing the symptoms. Others that are suffering from milder pain can prefer having a low dose that also has a lower pronounced effect.

CBD Oil availability

More and number of states are now legalizing the use of Marijuana in the U.S. Therefore CBD oil is now easily available. There is a range of CBD products that you can buy that includes creams, CBD capsules, cbd vape oils, gummies, and tinctures.

Please keep in mind that numerous companies now sell CBD oil online, but its use is not yet legal in every state. The laws vary immensely when it comes to different cannabis products. You must get information on the CBD hemp oil usage in your specific state.

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What are the precautions that one should take while taking CBD hemp oil for pain:

There are some key points that you should keep in mind while using CBD hemp oil for pain. One of them is obtaining CBD oil or products only through legal channels. It is now being backed up with scientific studies that are constantly coming up. This is especially helpful for people that don’t want to get addicted to the opioids given for chronic pains.
Also, the social acceptance of the use of marijuana plant and the urgency caused due to the opioid crisis has led to funding for medical trials on CBD. The studies have found CBD effective in nerve pain and also a reduction in inflammation.

You must talk to your doctor first, and if possible start with the lowest dosage. Gain as much information and knowledge as you can. This is important for being an informed and wise user.


One of eth common medicinal use of CBD hemp oil is for pain. In case you are suffering from pain condition that is chronic and you are not able to manage it with traditional medication, you can consider having CBD hemp oil for pain relief. This is also going to be beneficial for you in case you have been suffering from the adverse effect of other medication that is related to medicines.

Some of the pre-clinical animal researches have suggested that CBD might be having to provide moderate pain relief for neuropathic pains. The good thing is that you won’t be suffering from any Cannabinoid side effects. However, there is still a need for nicely-designed clinical trials. This will help in confirming the effects of CBD In the manner that we want to see.


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