Wax Pen Vs Dab Pen

Wax Pen Vs Dab Pen

There are several names by which Dabs are known. This includes rosin, wax, budder, crumble and shatter. These all have been the different kinds of concentrates of cannabis. Then it is processed in the waxy consistency and has been used for what we call as Dabbing. This trend has been around for some time now. But when we talk about the mechanisms of vaporizing it is certainly evolved with time.

Today, a lot of people have been vaporizing the concentrates with the use of dab pen and also wax atomizer. Not similar to vape pens, the dab pens have been made for the main use of dabbing. Therefore there are certain differences when it comes to the devices in spite of them having similar structures. Here we will be discussing dabbing and also the main difference of Wax Pen Vs Dab Pen.

What is meant by Dabbing?

Dabbing can be seen as an activity of inhaling the vapor from a waxy extract from cannabis plants. In the most traditional manner, people do use dab rig which is similar to the bong. Then the concentrate inside is heated. One of the methods also includes a pipe and sometimes a nail for heating of the concentrate for the creation of the vapor. In present times, deb pens have also become the most famous. The reason being the design is compact and also easy for using.

Reasons people dab:

The main reason why dabbing is famous is because of the high potency. Although, CBD dabbing exists the counterpart of THC dabbing is way more famous. Usually, flower marijuana consists of ten to twenty percent of THC in it. But when the concentrate is used there can be easily range 75% to 90% of THC presents in it.
This is a very high potency and a lot of times it has also been the reason for controversy. So, one thing is for sure that dabbing cannot be considered as an option for beginners. Some of the experts and also the government has issued warnings to the consumers of the possible side effects. These can occur with concentrates from oils, flowers, and other cannabis forms. The side effects include hallucination, paranoia and panic attacks. Therefore dabbing must be done with extreme caution and you can also go with alternatives like CBD concentrates.

What does scientific study say?

One of the studies that were carried on more than 4000 participants had found that people that tried dabbing had done this for different reasons. This could include medical symptoms, boredom, depression, and boredom. People that use concentrate use over the flowers can be due to different reasons like:

  1. Any kind of smell is not present.
  2. It is more covert.
  3. One will be feeling greater THC or the CBD effect depending on the kind of concentrate.
  4. This is an affordable option as the one with high concentration offers a few numbers of hits.
  5. The flavor is more distinct.

A lot of these benefits are provided by the vaping wax concentrate, this is done specifically with the use of dab pens.

Wax pens vs Deb pens:

Both of these look similar. The shape looks like a normal pen. Both of these are portable and also have coils that work for heating the concentrates. But in a lot of other features, these are different as well. For understanding the manner in which dab pens work, first, it is vital that one also understands the mechanics for the vape pens.

Mechanics of Vape Pens?

Vape pens are mostly used for the dry herbs, oil and also at times wax in some examples. Oil can be made from CBD and THC are also heated with the use of a vape pen that is mechanically made of different components that are given here:

  1. Battery.
  2. Sensor.
  3. Mouth Piece.
  4. An atomizer is the heating chamber.

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The sensors switch the device on. At times there is a power button also present and other times it’s automatic. Then the vape penis powered by a battery. This allows the coil in the atomizer for heating the material. The atomizer can also be included in the tank in which material is present.
At times, these are separated and the vape pen also includes the coils that can be replaced and refilled tanks.
There are some vape pens available in the market that also allow the user for heating the cannabis herb or the oils at varying temperatures. This mainly provides a different effect or also fastens the heating time as well.
Some of the vaporizers also allow people to adjust the varied voltage and also the temperature controls. This helps in customizing the experience of vaping. Also, most of the vape pens have 510 threaded. Some of the models do need a vape pen battery or can also be recharged with the use of a Micro USB port.

Wax Pens: What are they?

Wax vaporizers have similarities with the design of vape pens. But there is no need for vaporizing liquids or even oils. Instead of that in wax pens, there is a meltdown of the wax concentrate. This can be of cannabis or a different substance. The wax pens also have the battery for powering the devices and a chamber with the heating coils.
This heating coil melts the wax down, and there is a mouthpiece for simple and easy inhalation. Because the wax pens also use a large amount of heat, the steel casing also protects the user from the hands getting burned.

Dab Pens: What are these?

Dab pens have similar composition but just slightly different. And Dab pens are manufactured specifically for dabbing only. At times people do use it in the interchangeable terms and call it a wax pen also. So you might be wondering how do deb pans work? Well, you will require a dab tool for spreading the concentrate with the atomizer. This is not very common for the dab pen for having disposable cartridges or tanks like the oil vape pens.
In the atomizer, there can be a wick present for absorbing the oil from the concentrated when heated. Some of the dab pens also don’t have any coiling or wick. In these cases, the oil is spread over the ceramic plates that generally heat the specific material directly. These pens are usually made for handling specifically the oils that have higher viscosity. And depending on the user’s preference of concentration one must select the dab pen that will work well for that specific kind of wax. For example or thin concentrates, a wicked dab pen will be suitable.

Can dab pen vapors be adjusted?

Some of the dab pens also allow the adjustment of temperatures. This happens with the coil settings that allow the user for having the preferred vapor amounts. In case you are new at dabbing, then it will be perfect for starting at low temperatures. There is only a need for very few hits for the complete effect. Therefore there is not going to be a requirement of using a lot of concentrates.
One of the huge benefits of vaping the concentrates overusing the rig and nail is that you have the capacity of being able to hold the intensity and quality of the dab pens. This is another reason why these pens are gaining high popularity.

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Types of Concentrates:

Earlier in this blog, we had mentioned various kinds of concentrates. But what all the terms exactly mean? Regardless of what you are using be it a THC or CBD concentrate, here we have simplified some of the common concentrates for better understanding for you:

This kind of concentrate is called as shatter as this looks shards of clear glass. It is also very delicate.

This concentrate is softer. It is made from the pressed and heated cannabis flower.

The consistency of budder is similar to that of butter. The concentrate has been whipped while keeping it under heat. This results in the consistency of butter. It is viscous, therefore, the need for heat is less.

The concentrate is just the same as the name says. This has a sticky and a beeswax kind of consistency.

Lastly, comes the crumble. This has a consistency that of dried honeycomb. But its usage usually is slightly messy over the others we mentioned.

Final Verdict for Dabbing CBD:

This cannot get any easier but one always dab the waxy concentrates of cannabidiol or CBD as well. Isolates that have high concentrations of CBD might be providing you with potent relief from some of the symptoms that include anxiety and pain as well. Additionally, you won’t be getting the typical feeling of high.
A lot of people might find CBD dabbing useless as mostly they use dabbing for having all of the benefits of THC. But when the potency of CBD is increased it can also be benefitting those that don’t get the complete effect of different CBD forms. It is recommended that you do use the advice of professionals at the dispensary. Also, your doctor in case you want to move ahead with dabbing CBD so that you are able to find the right dosage or you.

So this was a detailed guide on Wax Pen Vs Dab Pen. Hopefully, all of your doubts must have got cleared by now. In case of any queries make sure that you comment below and we are more than happy to guide you with your questions on Wax Pen VS Dab Pen.


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