What CBD Product Will Work Best For You?

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If you plan to use CBD for some reason and you find that there are a variety of available CBD products that can be a bit overwhelming, no worries. This article summarizes the eight (8) most common types of CBD products on the market today.

Whether it is your first time to use a CBD product or you want to try other CBD-based products, it is best to determine first how you want to administer the product. For instance, you can vape CBD, apply it on your skin, or take it orally.

If you want to identify the CBD product that is perfect for you, why not find out more here at CheefBotanicals and see what’s best for you? Meanwhile, here’s a summary of the different types of CBD products.

1. CBD Topicals

There are several ways to use CBD according to the issue that you want to address or the effects that you want to enjoy. There are endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, in the skin, and throughout the nervous system. Skin-based receptors benefit when you apply CBD topical directly to an irritated or sore skin area to provide you with localized relief.

CBD topical products come in a variety of forms including creams, ointments, salves, lotions, and balms. These products are formulated to help in various ways and can be used for muscle and joint pain, inflammation, or soreness. It can also be used to treat some skin conditions such as acne, sun damage, eczema, dehydration, redness, and psoriasis. Note, however, that effectiveness depends on elements such as product source, product quality or potency, and product dosage.

2. CBD Vape Oils

If you enjoy vaping, you might want to consider using CBD vape oil. Made to be vaporized and inhaled, CBD vape oils deliver CBD directly to the lungs from where it’s absorbed throughout the body. A CBD vape oil can be used with your vaporizer, a device that quickly heats oils to their boiling point to produce a clean, pure, and CBD-filled vapor that can be inhaled safely for faster relief.

CBD vape oil may come in different flavors that include natural hemp or fruity flavors for your refillable cartridges for use in a vape mod or vape pen. Among the uses of CBD vape oil, the most popular are for stress relief, anxiety relief, depression relief as well as for relief of joint inflammation including arthritis.

3. CBD Patches

As with CBD topicals, CBD patches are a great way to apply CBD to your skin. For those who deal with chronic skin issues, patches can offer longer-lasting relief compared to traditional salves or balms. These patches are CBD-infused strips that can be placed onto the venous areas of the body such as the wrist, the back of the hands, and the cubital fossa, which is the inside crook of the elbow.
CBD patches are made to provide long-lasting effects for users. They are also effective because they hold cannabinoids against the skin for a longer period of time compared to rub-on topicals.

4. CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are an oil form that is consumed sublingually by putting a few drops under the tongue. Usually, this product comes in a small bottle with a dropper and varies in CBD strength or content. Oftentimes, CBD tinctures are made up of components such as carrier oil, CBD extract, and optional additives for flavoring. Sublingual application of CBD tinctures has an average onset time of 20 to 40 minutes before the user can experience the effects. The duration of effects may last for up to 6 hours.

5. CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are ideal for those who prefer a fun twist of taking CBD. These edibles are made with an extract of CBD. Most CBD edibles are in the form of baked goods such as brownies, cookies, or homemade cakes and muffins, or in the form of candies and gummies. Some edibles include chocolate, coffee, and tea drinks made at home. The primary benefit of CBD edibles is that it easy to try for anyone who wants to test their physical reactions to CBD. However, these products span a range of effectiveness depending on the contents. The low effectiveness of CBD edibles is due to some factors such as low-quality extracts or higher temperatures (higher than 320 degrees Fahrenheit) that can neutralize some of CBD’s active components.

6. CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates are one category of CBD products that contain high-potency CBD extracts in several types, with potency levels depending on the source and method of extraction. Most CBD concentrates are intended to be added to flowers and smoked through a vaporizer. A little amount of CBD concentrate is heated and then inhaled to quickly provide specific effects to the user.

7. CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are formulated with CBD extract and ingested like pills. CBD capsules may come in either 2-piece capsules or soft gels. Most types of CBD capsules are either a capsule that contains powder or an oil capsule that contains liquid.

Taking CBD capsules is one of the least bioavailable ways of taking CBD. In other words, only a small amount of the compound makes it into the bloodstream compared to other ingestion methods. Thus, the dosage recommendation is higher for capsules compared to more effective ways of taking CBD such as the sublingual tincture.

For those who prefer CBD capsules, the benefits make CBD very viable. For instance, capsules are free from odor or taste because they are sealed. The seal also protects the capsule’s contents from oxidation and degradation. Opaque capsules protect the contents from UV radiation, particularly photosensitive fills. Soft gelatin capsules are particularly preferred because they are easy to swallow.

8. CBD Isolates

Although you are new to CBD, odds are you have heard terms such as CBD isolates, full-
spectrum, and broad-spectrum. Such terms are used to describe the primary forms of CBD
The term isolate refers to 99 percent pure cannabinoid compounds in crystalline, powder, or slab (block) form. A number of people find comfort in isolates since these do not contain THC and thus prevent potential drug testing problems.

While a pure form of CBD may be effective for many, CBD isolate is less effective compared to broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD extracts. Still, even with its limited effectiveness profile, a lot of users find CBD isolates to be effective, particularly when used as an additive to boost CBD potency. Repeat users prefer CBD isolates for their low cost, absence of THC, and versatility of application.

Bottom Lines

With the current innovations and technological advances used in formulating CBD products,
there are many options available for consumers including CBD topicals and edibles to CBD oils and isolates. If you are a first-time user, consult with a licensed medical professional before you select a CBD product to identify the best form that is suited to your health needs and preferences.
If you are still confused with the best CBD product for you, it is wise to consult your physician first for suggestions or recommendations. In addition, it is important to note that no matter what type of CBD product you choose, always settle with quality made and organic ones.



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