What Happens to Your Cannabis Tolerance During Your Period?

What Happens to Your Cannabis Tolerance During Your Period?

Hormones are the messengers that trigger specific receptors to carry out specific bodily functions. They keep fluctuating and usually influence the ways that our body reacts to environmental changes. They control pretty much everything; how to eat or when to stop working and how to respond in a particular situation. Similarly, one of the classes of hormones, namely, sex hormones, also plays a vital role in managing cognitive and other bodily functions, particularly in women. That being said, with so many changes in the levels of hormones, the probability of changing cannabis tolerance increases as well.

The Changing Dynamics of Cannabis Tolerance During a Period

Ideally, women are said to have a higher THC tolerance as compared to men using a similar strain. This could be explained with an example of THC being a lipophilic molecule that often attaches itself to fat cells and remains for weeks or even months in the body. And scientifically women have higher percentages of fat. So, automatically, they have higher amounts of THC going into the fat cells. And this often leads to lesser effects as less THC circulates to the brain for the famous euphoria to come into effect.

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This is not all. The increased tolerance is also because of the presence of female sex
hormones. So, both, the potency of cannabis and the duration are all dependent on the
phase of your menstrual cycle. Decoding the two primary phases and understanding the
changes in cannabis tolerance during different stages.

Estrogen Phase

It is the part of a 28-day menstrual cycle that is often referred to as the resting phase. No
acne buildup, no mood swings, or cramps at all. Two weeks of complete bliss. In this phase, the presence of estrogen is high, which makes you sensitive to the cannabinoids of
cannabis. In short, you will feel vulnerable to any kind of stimulant you use during that

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The Progesterone Phase

Estrogen and THC work pretty well together. But, can we say the same for the other sex
hormone? Well, not really!! No one loves progesterone, not even cannabis. All sorts of
wrongdoings are often linked to this hormone, for instance, PMS, mood swings, sore
breasts. And all of this is due to lower levels of progesterone. The higher it is, the happier
women feel during their periods. Studies showed that THC reduces the amounts of
progesterone, precisely why women are turning to cannabis products during their periods
as it helps to cater to their psychological needs as well.

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How Do Periods Impact Cannabis Tolerance in Women?

As we already told you earlier that women are more sensitive cannabis when the levels of
estrogen are higher. But, during periods, the levels of estrogen are at the bottom. So, they
are unable to break the components of cannabis to improve the potency of the product. So,
depending on the levels of estrogen, some might need less cannabis dosage to improve their symptoms, while others would need more amounts to mitigate the adverse effects of

There are chances when cannabis could trigger adverse effects as well, such as heightened
anxiety or mood imbalances. So, medical marijuana doctors suggest taking a break from
THC during periods and shifting to CBD-dominant products more. This is because CBD
mimics estrogen by blocking the FAAH enzyme that usually is responsible for breaking
down the bliss molecule, i.e., anandamide. So, if you feel sensitive to cannabis during
periods, adding CBD more than the recommended amounts will help to reduce the effects
of periods or PMS.

And if you still wish to use THC during periods to trigger the production of bliss hormones.
Or to reduce the presence of stress-releasing hormones, make sure to increase the dosage
of THC during your periods so that you can end those period cramps, fatigue, and other
symptoms effectively. Simply because estrogen levels are lower during this phase, so
cannabis tolerance increases.

Final Thoughts

Hormonal fluctuations are consistent phenomena in women because of their monthly
cycles. So, it is pretty natural that you will feel a difference or change in your total cannabis consumption during periods. So, it becomes essential to explore products that will work best for you. In fact, cannabis can be used as a tool to improve symptoms associated with painful periods. One can use it as an analgesic or an anti-inflammatory agent, depending on the type of complications that you are facing.

But, the primary concern with cannabis in women is that they can’t sustain one constant
dosage because of the ups and lows in the frequency of estrogen available in the body. It
becomes important as an active cannabis user; you must resort to products that have
relatively fewer chances of attaining tolerance. For example, going for the cannabis forms
with higher CBD levels can help you mitigate the harmful effects of both periods and
cannabis simultaneously. That means no more anxiety, mood fluctuations, heightened
tolerance to THC at all. So, instead of increasing your THC dose, the answer could be CBD all the way.

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Fortunately, a lot of products are surfacing the market with incredible pain relief
capabilities such as suppositories or lubricants, where the issue of tolerance does not
interfere with the potency at all. And it is easier to manage the symptoms without any
known negative effects at all. However, if you are still unable to decide if it’s benefiting you
or not, make sure to talk to a healthcare professional and get a medical marijuana card in California before heading out to a dispensary to buy products.


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