What is the right CBD oil dosage for you?

CBD Oil Dosage

So now you have finally decided on joining the ever-growing revolution that has come in the lives of people that use CBD in their lives. But you are not sure about the CBD oil dosage that will work for you. Don’t worry; we are right here to answer all of the questions that you might have in your mind. 

CBD is now known well around the world for giving relief from arthritis, anxiety, menopause and the severe pain that one might be dealing with. The number of options available regarding the CBD products is huge and includes topicals, tinctures, edibles and vaporizers being the popular ones. Again the question is what you should be using and the dosage that one must take.

Confused about CBD products?

If you are completely new to CBD and currently overwhelmed by the wide range of products in the market, please understand that you are not alone. Every kind of CBD product has a different effect on your body and works in a varied manner. This also depends on the reason for using CBD and the frequency of usage as well. 

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Another confusion remains is how the human body responds to CBD. The reason being the effects can vary from person to person. So you can’t say one size fits all as far as CBD goes. This is why we have created a detailed guide for helping you in designing the CBD treatment plan that will work for your specific health goals. Making sure that the CBD product that you choose will be optimizing the present routine that you have.

Clarifying your Goals:

Did you know that there are over 65 varied targets all across our bodies? And as CBD has therapeutic properties it can work on more than one target at once. For finding the right product for you, one must pick one or two of the properties. This will assist you to find the best product and also understanding the dosage must faster. 

One has to ask a question for this, and It is what improvement you need to see through CBD. It can be relief from arthritis pain, emotional health or just maintaining overall health. Most of the people can gain benefits when they track progress.

You can also make use of score for rating the symptoms that you have or maintain a journal on the present experience. This will be creating a record and make it easier for you to judge the CBD effectiveness for your treatment.

The time frame that you want:

The time CBD works inside your body has to be a balance of the way you ingest it and the time that your body takes for eliminating it. Some of the methods will be delivering sharp and peak CBD effect. Then there will be others that are available in steady concentration and provide a slow effect. In case you are looking forward to products that provide short term but instant relief that vaporizers are the right CBD products for you. And if you are looking for maintaining a steady level of the CBD effect throughout going for an oral product can be an appropriate choice.

Finding the right CBD oil dosage: Everyone is just different:

How each of these methods is going to work will be varying from one person to another. This is also influenced by several factors that we shall be covering in detail below. So you need to keep in mind that CBD oil dosage is an individual process.

It is always advised that you begin with the lowest dosage. This makes sure that your body isn’t reacting poorly to ant of the ingredient in the product. So try taking a drop or two of the CBD oil or a small puff from the vaporizer. It is going to be below the recommended per serving size that is mostly mentioned on the product.

Now, wait for some time till the CBD effect has peaked and has started to leave the system. This should be done before you go ahead with a higher dosage. We will say that you should at least wait for an hour for the vaporizer and more than 6 hours when it comes to the oral CBD oil. If you find that it has worked fine you can go ahead with recommended per serving.

CBD Oil Dosage: How to enhance the absorption?

Even if you are aware of the way CBD is present on each of the serving, this specific value just represents the maximum amounts that can be entering one’s body. Most of the times CBD might not be able to reach the specific target or in the bloodstream. 

But there are some tricks and tips that can assist you with increasing the amounts of CBD in the body and its absorption. These include:

  1. Before you increase the vape dosage, try experimenting with the varied techniques of inhalation.
  2. If you had been taking some kind of oral formulations, you can try to hold it under the tongue or maybe just swish it in the mouth before you swallow it.

CBD oil dosage also depends on the source and quality:

Once you can find the right product for your needs. Remember that the same product from the different brands can have varied effects as the quality and source can vary. Some of the manufactures cannot be relied upon as the quality of CBD is not up to the mark.

The best kind of CBD to use for maximum effect:

Scientists have discovered recently that the extracts of broad-spectrum CBD are way more effective than the ones that we know as CBD isolates. Researchers believe that broad spectrum extract is better at working as they have varied molecule variety that can be similar in shape and size of CBD. And all of this needs to work in a synergistic manner.

CBD oil dosage: Can one exceed the amount?

A lot of people are worried about having too much CBD. There are clinical trials that say that CBD dose for about 1200 mg per day for months had no serious side effects. This is way more than each of the bottle contains. 

That being said, we advise you do consult a trusted health professional before you start your journey with CBD oil. It is considered safe in a general manner but it can also lower blood pressure in the body. Also, CBD can interfere with some of the medicines that you are taking. 

CBD does inhibit the activity of cytochrome p450, therefore it’s vital that you do take some precautions if you are on some medicine. This interaction tends to minimize with inhaled and topical products.

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How to take CBD oil?

How CBD oil is consumed shows the manner it should be taken in. For example, let’s first talk about:

  • CBD orals like tinctures, powder, capsules, oils, and edibles. Here when the CBD is ingested it goes in the digestive system. This is where the absorption takes place in the bloodstream after which it travels in the entire body. The time taken to reach the target site in this manner is the slowest. The peak levels are reached from 1 to 6 hours. This is the best option for you in case you are looking for something for long term usage. 
  •  Another method of taking CBD oil and tinctures is sublingual. Here one has to take a few drops of the product and place it under the tongue for a few seconds before swallowing it. This one is the fastest way to experiencing the effect of CBD in your body. The reason being it gets directly absorbed in the body. You seem to feel instant effects, but this effect also doesn’t last a very long time either. 
  • The third method includes topical that is available as creams and lotions in the market. CBD creams are effective for giving relief from pain on the specific target areas. It can be applied to joints where you feel the pain. Then there are skincare creams that contain CBD and are gaining popularity across the globe. These are perfect if you are looking for miler effects of CBD in your body or your issue is specifically related to skin or joint health. These products can be applied twice a day for maximum absorption and effects.

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Consult your doctor for CBD oil dosage:

When you are trying to find out the right dosage in which you should consume CBD, the best bet is to talk to your doctor. As per your state laws, all of the doctors might not be able to offer information for your CBD oil needs. While there can be others that can assist you with helping to understand the right dosage or best brands that are available in the market today. We are asking you to follow this instruction again and again as if you are presently on some medicine the consultation is vital.

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So this was our detailed guide in CBD oil dosage. It is best to start with the lowest dosage and observe how it works for you. Make sure that you are not directly going for the high dosage because honestly, you might not even need it to see the specific result. Also, a good thing about CBD is that if you are alright with a low dosage and it works for you, there might not be any need to ever increase the dose. In case you have any doubts write to us in the comment section below and we are here to offer you all of the information that you need!!





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