Why treating epileptic seizures with CBD oil is a good idea?

Why treating epileptic seizures with CBD oil is a good idea?

With medical marijuana legalization becoming popular across the world, it is time for us to
understand what makes this plant so unique. Panic not, if the only thing you can think about marijuana is the psychoactive high. Cannabis is a plant that has far more health benefits to offer apart from the high. This factor is making it the hottest subject of research and interest over the last couple of years. Legalization has enabled better access to the plant to do further research and clinical trials. It will help bring a cannabis-based treatment option for many ailments to the mainstream medical industry soon.

A first motivating move towards such a revolution came with the approval of Epidiolex, a
cannabidiol drug for treating epileptic seizures. CBD based medication for chronic pain
conditions such as arthritis is also becoming popular across the globe. The scope of betterment in the case of cannabis-based treatments to these ailments is seen to be vast, which enables more patients across the world to approach such an option. Why is CBD oil useful for treating epileptic seizures? What makes cannabis click as the perfect treatment for these patients. Well, let us explore the cannabidiol and its effects on the condition further.

Understanding Epileptic Seizures

Seizures are erratic behavior of the signals in the nervous system that travel through the body for communicating between the various organs. These signals are responsible for movement,consciousness, as well as stimuli, which makes it the most crucial part of the body`s functioning. Patients suffering from conditions causing seizures have abnormal behavior of these signals. The principle way to counter seizures so far has been to reduce the intensity of damage caused by such erratic signals. Most medications offered for conditions such as Epilepsy, Dravet syndrome, and LGS also aim to implement this effect in the patients. These medications aim to control the degree and effect of seizures instead of focusing on reducing the intensity and the frequency.

A cannabis-based treatment aims to implement what is lacking in the current methods. CBD oil treatment for Epileptic Seizures promises to reduce the intensity and frequency of occurrence of seizures, along with easing pain and discomfort associated with the condition. Hence making it an ideal treatment option.

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The complex case of cannabinoids in the cannabis plant

Cannabinoids are the primary constituents of the cannabis plant. They are responsible for
delivering amazing properties that influence the health and wellness of the users. The two
significant cannabinoids of interest are CBD and THC. The variation in the molecular arrangement of these compounds is responsible for the varying properties and benefits that they can create. The cannabinoids hold a structure like that of the chemicals in the endocannabinoid system of the body. When consumed, they reach out to the CB receptors scattered in our body and bind at their active sites. It leads to the release of neurotransmitters and other chemicals in the body that can balance functions such as sleep, pain perception, stress, immune system and health.

THC is a psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. When it interacts with the CB1
receptors, it can trigger a feeling of euphoria, along with psychoactive high in the body. CB1 receptors are most concentrated in the brain. Although there are various health benefits possible from this interaction, it is the psychoactive property that leads to categorizing the plant under Schedule 1 Drug. Another popular cannabinoid of the cannabis plant is CBD, which counters the psychoactive properties of THC and offers pure health benefits, making it more appropriate for all age groups. The compound, apart from having benefits of its own such as reducing pain perception, distressing, countering symptoms of depression and anxiety, also curb down the effect of THC in the body. It balances out the high efficiently, making it more appropriate for the users.

Cannabis laws vary from one country to another in the European region. Except for a few
countries, the European Union permits the consumption of CBD products with less than 0.2% THC content. The laws in the United States permit cultivation, transport, and sale of CBD products with less than 0.3% THC content. In this case, the source of CBD products has to be hemp, as marijuana cultivation is still illegal in various states of the country. Many of these regions sell high-quality CBD oil, which has medicinal benefits.

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How can CBD oil help Epileptic Seizures?

The earliest studies correlating the use of cannabis for the treatment of Epilepsy can date back to the 1970s. Through the various studies conducted, we can understand the anticonvulsant properties of the plant. This discovery has enabled more focussed research work in this sector. A study involving a mixture of THC and CBD oil for mice subjects helped narrow down to this conclusion. The results showed that the treatment was efficient to compensate for the excitotoxic effects that also helped elevate the glutamate activity. It, in turn, helped bring down the seizures significantly. Nowadays, so many people trust getkush for fulfilling there CBD oil demands. It is because they are providing high-quality products at affordable prices.

Studies slowly began to converge towards the use of CBD for epilepsy treatment after various successful research that proved the efficiency of the use of CBD oil over THC. Project CBD puts CBD in a positive light concerning Seizure treatments with multiple success stories of its ability to control symptoms of Dravet`s syndrome. A study from 2015 further proves the efficiency of CBD for the treatment of Epileptic seizures. It opens the scope for arriving at the dosage levels, concertation, and possible side effects.
The hardest evidence so far associating the efficiency of cannabinoids for epileptic seizures
comes from a study published in 2017. It shows CBD has stronger anticonvulsant properties in animal models, extendable to human trails, making CBD oil a powerful way to counter Epileptic seizures.

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At present, the FDA approved a drug for mainstream usage called Epidiolex. A major clinical trial involving the use of this drug consists of a controlled study with 689 users. The users faced a mixture of CBD dosing and placebo. The conclusion indicates the elevated efficiency of the drug in comparison to traditional medication for treating seizures, where the intensity and frequency of seizures were seen to fall sharply in the case of CBD users. Epidiolex is a 99% concentrate of CBD. The current body of research indicates that there is a positive result with improvement in the case of 55% of the treated individuals.

The expanding body of research in this segment promises a detailed treatment plan for Epilepsy using CBD oil that can help deliver the best benefits of the plant to the body along with countering the symptoms of the condition from the source of the problem.


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